Thursday, November 08, 2007

Bedtime. or whatever.

I am cuddled up on the couch with my 3am visitor. I thought I could sneak out of bed and come and work on my novel for a few moments before everyone else got up. I am definitely realizing that trying to concentrate on my story while being climbed upon by 2 preschoolers and chattered at by 2 tweens is not an easy task. It is so not happening. And with my dh not here, by the time I get them all tucked into their beds it is late already.
Remember my brag/rant about bedtime in my home? Well those big boys, who have never given me any trouble about bedtime were givin' me the runaround last night.
Oh but first let me tell you what my almost 4 year old Monkey boy started crying about when I put him to bed last night! He was balling for his crib, absolutely distraught wanting his crib back. He has been in a toddler bed since June, which was very late, but he showed no interest in leaving the security of his crib. Now he wants it back, he was crying about Daddy taking it to the dump and everything. Aw.

~The rest of my evening~
8:50 Go brush your teeth and get in bed
9:00 I said go get in your bed
9:06 Why are you still here, go get in your bed
9:10 Stop fighting in the bathroom, B - brush your teeth, R - sit outside the door and wait
9:14 B, I said to brush your teeth! R, what are you stuffing under the bathroom door?
9:17 R, go brush your teeth, B why are you in the kitchen, go get in bed!
9:19 NO, you can not sleep in the same room! B. go get in your own bed.
You want to have a sleep together? Well, I want you to actually sleep! and I want you to get up in the morning before 10:30! Fine, but if I hear a peep you are going back to your own room
Good night, I love you.
9:21 Why are you up? Hurry up and pee, goodness.
9:23 Why are you up? Get your drink and get in bed.
9:24 Why are you up? GO TO SLEEP!
9:26 Why are you up? You do not have to PEE! Fine, pee and go to sleep.
9:32 WHAT are you both doing in the kitchen? SERIOUSLY! (I say this a lot when I am frustrated) GET IN YOUR OWN FLIPPIN' BEDS NOW! I love you both, goodnight.
9:37 (I have been distracted by being on the phone so I go up to R's room to check on the situation.) R. get up that ladder and get in your own bed! B I told you to go to your own room, I meant it. I want you to get some sleep tonight, you need it.
R,"B, can you pass me my thermos?"
Me, "Thermos? Why, pray tell, do you have a thermos? What is in it? (oh and yes I do actually say things like 'pray tell'-too much reading as a kid I tell you!)
R, " Chocolate milk."
Me, "In your room? Why on earth would you think that was okay? Hand it over mister."
B, "Here I have some milk too, Mom."
Me, "You are almost 13, why on earth do you have a sippy cup of milk in bed?" (in my head I said, W..........T..............!!!!!!!!!??????)
Go get in your own bed, NOW.

10: 03 I go to use the facilities and then go back down to work on my novel. I can't believe I haven't written anything yet, it is so flippin' late.
10:05 I hear the sound of the air mattress refilling slightly and realize that my eldest did not in fact go to his own room as I had requested, but was still up in the 10 year old's room.
10:08 Sound of air mattress refilling, studiously ignored by me.
10:10 Sound of air mattress refilling, I am not going up there, I have to write.
every 3 or 4 minutes I hear that same sound, but I am going to write and then I am going to get those silly boys up at 6 am and put them to work. Maybe tomorrow night they will go to bed.
11:27 I have given up writing, my brain is mush, up I go to bed. As I pass R's room I hear the sound of the stereo playing and I go in to shut it off. As I open the door there is a rustle of blankets on the air mattress and a flash of light.
This little twerp has been reading under the blankets! (now I remember doing that as a child and think it is a right of passage and there are worse things he could be doing I am sure. but tonight it makes me see red.) I say in my best my temper is barely restrained, quiet voice, "Give me the flashlight and go to sleep." I wait as he stares at me with big eyes, trying to look innocent I guess. "Give me that flashlight right now. NOW!" He fumbles around for it while continuing to stare at me with those huge eyes. "That is it young man, I am getting you up at 5 and putting you to work! I love you sweetie, goodnight." I believe in always leaving them to go to sleep on a positive note.
I am positive that this carp will not be going on tonight.


  1.'re living my life..or, i'm living yours!

  2. Oh, this sounds so familiar!!

    (I linked you back)


  3. What a night! Hope tonight goes better.

    Thanks for the link! I need to update mine.

  4. OMG! I feel your pain. You need to get him up early, so that he knows you are serious. Though maybe not at 5? More like...8? :)

    Seriously, it sounds very familiar. My kids push my buttons as well. It is hard, but you are doing a great job from what I can tell.

    PS Linked ya on my blog, too. Thanks :)


  5. A sippy cup of chocolate milk in bed? Now THAT surprised me! I've been in that bedtime scenario more times than I can count, but I've never heard that one before! Are you ever going to tell us what your story is about? Thanks for linking to me and how are your works counts going?

  6. I'm glad to hear we are not the only household who has these bedtime routine issues :)