Monday, November 19, 2007

THIRTEEN! The photographic evidence.

Pictures from yesterday, see this post for all the details:)
Paster T's first baptism, my boy telling the world about his faith.

Grandma and B. The Boy and Auntie M and C.
Grandpa D and the Boy

The Boy figuring out chopsticks while Gramps laughs.
The Monkey Boy kisses the birthday boy.
Uncle D and B.
B. showing off how tall he is next to Auntie H.


  1. Happy Birthday B. We love you too! and miss you tons.
    We're very proud of you!
    The Speilclan

  2. You figured out how to get the pics to show up! This is so neat and meaningful and a great testament to your son. Our turns 14 on Saturday. It's weird, huh?