Thursday, September 27, 2007

Scrapping maniac

Dh is home this week so he has been helping with the kids a lot. It has been really nice for me, I have found a number of pockets of time to scrapbook! I have done eight pages this week! I often fuss over a layout for days, so the fact that I am churning out 2 or 3 or 4 in a day is pretty amazing for me. Of course I am doing them in a more straightforward style, with less painting and photo manipulation, but still happy with the results. I think part of the reason I am so inspired has to do with having my camera working again. I have been without a digital camera since July, I have to say I have missed it each and every day.
Credits for Day in the Sun
frames: miss mint twinkle toes
kit reverie by scrapartist
fonts: rosewood std and french script

My Mom gets home from her European vacation today! My sister and niece will be here in a few hours to pick up Nana. I can't wait to see everyone, and definitely can't wait to see Mom's photos. Yay, more scrapping inspiration!

paper and flags: Reverie by scrapartistAlpha: Tracy Collins/retrodiva Naturally
frame: Miss Mint Craft Jar
paint and balloons: Two Sister's Designs Beauty Marks
font: boopee
p2 Paper: Reverie by scrapartist
paint and balloons: Two Sister's Designs Beauty Marks
Alpha: Tracy Collins/retrodiva Naturally
Frame: Tracy Collins/retrodiva All I Need
font: boopee

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Monkey boy's new do

Well I am a bit sad today, but my little Monkey boy looks so cute and he is so pleased with himself, it is hard to be too sad. He finally got all those lovely blond curls cut off. I adore his blond curls, I especially love gazing into his soulful, big green eyes peeking out of the angelic locks. But he is growing up. He wants to be big and 'tool' (cool, with a lisp), he wants to be like the big boys.

And the desire of his little 3 year old heart was a mohawk. Honestly what could be cuter than a little boy with a mohawk.

I had a talk with Dad and requested a faux-hawk, because I was well aware that there is no way that he would let me style his mohawk everyday. (learned that lesson with boy #2, who at six had a full-on mohawk, 4 inches high, and let me style it twice in twice as many months)

Daddy took him to Game Day Hair Care, which looks like a sports bar, complete with big screen tv's, a 'bar', video games and a flat screen at each station. The nice stylist put treehouse on for my sweetheart and he was perfectly behaved. Didn't move a muscle, just gazed into the tv.

The pile of blond curls on the floor was a bit much for mommy to take, but my boy was so very excited with his cool 'mohawk' that I had to grin.

The best part for him was not only that he now had cool big boy hair, but he got a pack of hockey cards, just like his big brothers have!

Baby girl was disappointed that she didn't get a hair cut too. In fact when it was time to leave, she stood by the door, folded her arms across her chest and refused to leave. She wanted to have pretty hair like Mommy she said and her hockey cards too.

look at her cute pout!

No More Crazy Hair
kit: K. Schmidt Crazy freebie
paint and frame:Two sisters designs, La vie en paint and Beauty Marks
alpha: Tracy Collins wallflower, recolored

Judah's haircut

kit: paper K. Schmidt Crazy freebie

frames: Jeannie Papai, Buddy boy

paint:Two sisters designs, Beauty Marks vol 4 & La Vie en Paint

fonts:Amienne,boopee,freestyle script

Tuesday, September 25, 2007


My cutie son and 'Meme' on our playdate/preschool day on Monday. They were so sweet yesterday, they made playdough with Mommy, created with it for almost an hour, and then we went outside to play in the Autumn sun. They kicked the soccer ball for a while, but Juju was very bossy. Meme didn't seem to mind, she kind of ignored him and did what she wanted. The only major disagreement came when Meme wanted to ride one of the tricycles in the back yard. Ju was riding his training wheeled bike, but there was no way he wanted to let Meme anywhere near any of the bikes. When I went out to see what was happening Juju said, "I need 3 bikes, Meme can't ride one." Okay then. He was so not impressed when I let Meme on one of the bikes, and then told him to let her ride on the sidewalk too. He went in the house to pout. Hmm... I guess we need to work on the sharing.
Credits: Paper, frames, elements both pages Eva Kipler's Carolina Haven; Alpha Retrodiva's All I need @ retrodiva . net; Frame template by Retrodiva
Sparkle paint: Angela and Emily Powers of Two Sisters Designs @ scrapartist . com

Sunday, September 23, 2007

New Layout

"Check it Mom! Check me out! Check me!" This is Girly asking me to watch her dancing. She's got moves! Doing this shoulder roll thing, while doing some crossover foot work, teehee. Bouncing, hip wiggling, strutting, she is all over the place. Juju and R are dancing too, some strange mix of break dance/hiphop/flailing wildly that R loves to do. I am trying really hard to keep a staight face, but they are way too cute.
Speaking of cute...
Kit is Mommie and Me by Retrodiva

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Hair cut

It really must have been time to go to the salon, the stylist told me that she had never worked with hair as long as mine before. Yikes! I wish that I had thought to take a picture first, it was past my bra strap-almost to my waist. Icky. I can't believe I let it get so long. It had been 1o months since I last had a cut and color. Seriously! What was I thinking? I let everything else take precedent over spending a few hours on myself. "My hair doesn't look that bad," I kept telling myself. "If I blow it out it looks nice." Yeah. I couldn't even do that anymore, it was too long and took too much time.
My hair was so long that it kept getting caught under my arm as I was driving. When I sat up in bed it was often caught under me, ouch! Juju loved it, he kept trying to hold it under his nose while he sucked his thumb. He has always wanted to do that since he was a tiny baby, and with it being so long, he could often get away with it for a while before I would notice.
So I finally went and took the big plunge. I got it coloured dark again, I am kinda picky about colour, I know exactly what I want. Right now what I want is brown. Not golden brown. Not reddish brown. Brown. I LOVE it! Not sure why, but I do! The colour is perfect, of course now I am thinking that I may want some highlights when I go back in for a touch-up. hmm. maybe caramel.
My favorite part was after the colour. The washing! The girl who rinsed me out and washed my hair was amazing. I wanted to tell her that I loved her by the time she finished. WOWZA! I thought she did a great job of massaging my head while shampooing, I had told her how much I loved the shampooing part of the cut. Well that was nothing compared to when she put in the conditioner. She gave me a whole head, super-d-duper massage. I had goosebumps from my hair roots to my toes, she did such a good job. She massaged right into the edges of my face and down into my neck, I didn't realize how tense I was until my body started to relax under her fingers. Then she brought the hot towels to put on my head and pushed the heat right into my scalp. It was so amazing, I wish I could go and have a wash every week!
Then the scissors came out. I think I ended up taking 6-8 inches off. I wish I had thought ahead and had her take it in a chunk rather than bit by bit, so I could have donated the hair. I honestly didn't realize how long it was or how much I was gonna have taken off. So now it is just past my shoulders, with lots of great layering. I really like it, I have had it like this before, but the sides are shorter than usual. There is one piece that barely fits behind my ear. I am thinking of going and getting bangs instead of the cheekbone length layers. hmm.
I did make another appointment for next month for a colour touch-up! And I booked a facial at the same time, I can't wait for that. I read about Haley-O's birthday facial the other day and I can't stop thinking that I really want to go for one. I almost can't stand the decadence of not waiting a whole year to go back to the salon! It will be really nice to go to the same girl twice in a row, cuz I am thinking she should still be there in a month. Usually the girl I love has moved by the time my next appointment comes around.
Hmmm... my dh may not like the new 'taking care of me' Kristen. I am thinking she will be a wee bit more costly to maintain. Oh well, I am sure he won't mind, he loves it when I am gorg and happy.
Oh goodness, my 10 year old caught me bloggin' and he ran downstairs to laugh at me with his brother. "B! Mom is writing a whole blog post about her HAIR! mwahahahaha! Can you believe that?" I said nothing about the fact that his blogging for the last 2 weeks has consisted of nothing but video games. I mean really, who would rather read about that than my gorg hair?

Friday, September 21, 2007

Out of the mouths of babes...

Said by girly while she watches ju drink the last dregs of the water bottle, "Whoa! Monkey is drinkin' so much!" She is so articulate it is amazing to me! When he gave her the empty bottle, she was quite upset and less articulate. "You dwink it all, waaaahhh!"

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Summer is Over

It may not officially be Autumn yet, but it sure feels like it. Last night when I crawled into bed I shut the window. It was so blinkin' cold! Those that know me, know that I love to sleep with the window open, no matter the weather outside. When we lived in Chinook-ville, I would get to sleep with the window open almost every month of the year! Not every night of course, but it could go from -20 degrees to +20 degrees Celsius overnight-even in January.
Anyway, I hate to close my window, hate being hot and stuffy when I sleep. I love lots of blankets and cool air-perfection! I was so chilled last night when I got into bed, that even with the furnace running, my duvet and quilt on, the window shut, I still couldn't get warm. It took my dh being in the bed for an hour before I got warm enough to fall asleep.
It is so chilly out this week that my furnace runs every morning and evening. The rest of the time I have it set at 65 F and really hope it doesn't kick in! I was so chilled last night because we went for our run at about 9 and when we were done we were still aways from home, so we had an extended cool down. By the time I got home I was quite chilled-being sweaty and not dressed for how chilly/windy it was. Maybe tonight we will go run on the indoor track. Or I will get a windbreaker jacket and a toque. Definitely a toque, won't I look cute?!
Speaking of fall, our fall schedule has kicked into high gear. I feel a little ragged already today. Yesterday we had our bi-weekly get together with other homeschooling families, so we got our school done in the morn, baked brownies to take and spent the afternoon with friends, new and old. That was fabulous, we had a wonderful time and I really liked the new ladies I met. After we left there, I took the kids to Dollarama to get things for a science experiment. We ended up with a whole basket of stuff, of course. I then took them for dinner and we headed to the hockey arena for a practice.
My toddlers were at the melting point. No naps, and they had been on their best behavior for hours already. They weren't necessarily bad, but loud and running around and a bit whiny. My 10 year old was giving me some attitude about getting ready for hockey, and I was tired and fed up. I was trying really hard to not loose it, I just felt totally overwhelmed and unable to control the situation, my kids or my temper.
I made it through, even got my son on the ice and the kids up in the stands. By the time Daddy showed up, Girly had fallen off the bottom seat of the bleachers and hit her head into the boards, her and Juju had eaten all their smarties (do you think it is okay to buy your kids smarties at the dollarama?)and were now running around at the top of the bleachers. I was so glad when Daddy showed up. Within minutes he was tired of the way they were acting and helped me load them all into the van. He stayed with our hockey player and I took the rest of them home.
I was not looking forward to putting them all to bed myself, I was kinda at the end of my coping ability. So I made a stop on my way home. I left my 13 year old in the van with the preschoolers all buckled in. ( I don't do this very often, in fact I am very anti leaving kids in the vehicle. I had two scary experiences with that as a kid. But I parked just outside the store, took the keys with me and I know my 13 year old is capable of watching them.) I went into HomeSense. I love that place, it is my stress therapy. All the sparkly vases, fringey throw pillows, interesting rugs, funky lamps. What is not to love? I bought 2 Eloise books and came out ready to face the bedtime routine. ahhh....
Thankfully Daddy got home right after us and he put the toddlers to bed so we could go for our run. Well actually our running fight. but anyways... at least I got some exercise. And we made up in time to cuddle in bed. Thank goodness, since I needed his body heat-I was freezing!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Good bye Butter!

So... not quite so great a start to the week. School was a lesson in frustration yesterday, but today is a new day. My friend brought her little girl for our first preschool exchange yesterday, and that was pretty fun. Took the kids to the park, played some educational games. Juju and Meme(girlfriend's 3 year old) held hands as they ran to the park together, sooo cute! On the way home Meme let Girly hold her hand for a bit, but then Juju and Meme played red light, green light with me and Girly wouldn't stop for the red lights.
Poor Meme was completely harassed by Girly. Meme is sweet and quiet and Girly is loud and aggressive, she kept grabbing poor Meme and trying to pull her around to do what she wanted. It was much nicer when Girly went to bed and we had a few minutes of peace. I guess they will all get used to each other as the months go by, I think we will have a lot of fun. The biggest bonus is that I get to see my girlfriend a couple times a week, even if it is only for a few minutes. We met in college and I am so thankful that we were able to reestablish a connection all these years later.
Oh! Dh and I went for a run last night! Finally! We have been planning on starting running together since June, but we have been allowing life to get in the way. And been getting fatter all summer. ugh. It was awesome! My knees hurt like beotches, but they will get used to it. The best part is that I left dh in the dust! Usually he is way out in front when we run, walking I am the leader, but he runs way faster than me. Of course he has a cold, so I won't gloat too much. Especially since the point is to be doing it together. Our next run is supposed to be Wednesday, but I think I will try to get him to go tonight while I am still excited about it. Get into a good rhythm together. Now to get our diet back on track, mmm I am gonna miss butter. and icing. oh well, it is well worth it.

I almost forgot! I found out at Costco last night that a girlfriend is preggo! Can't wait till she gets a big baby bump! She will be so gorgeous, she is gorgeous, so... Already said lots of prayers for her and her beautiful little baby.

And in other news, I got notice today that one of my car seats fell under the recent recall. Makes me so frustrated. We have used it for 3 years! They are gonna send us a repair kit, in the mean time I have been using my built in. I think I may just buy the one I wanted in the first place. No recalls on it-so far.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

She talks

Girly comes out of her room yelling, "I can't find Beya's PANTS!" "Mom, I can't find Beya's PA-ANTS!"

Now it was after dinner and she wanted to go and play in the back yard with her brothers. She was wearing a dress, but it was much cooler than it was earlier in the day so she wanted pants. She is such a smartie! We got a bit confused though about what she wanted because she then proudly told us she was poopy. So I thought maybe she wanted a diaper, but she really did ask for pants. In actuality, she was just starting to poo, as I could tell by the expression on her face, so I asked her if she wanted to go on the potty, she kinda grunted at me so I left it. She communicates so clearly, we had a total conversation about her pooping and changing her diaper. We asked her if she was done and she said, "I poopy, I done peeing." She could totally potty train at this point, but I am so lazy! I don't want the hassle right now!

So after the diaper changing, she yelled at me again about pants and needing her crocs, so I found her some and off she went to play with her big brothers and their friends. What great kids to let their 2 year old little sis come and play.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

No Nap!

I don't much feel like blogging today, my brain is kinda numb, no real thinking going on. We didn't end up going to Calgary today, it was cold and gloomy this morning and my dh reminded me that my eldest had hockey tonight. We did take the kids and their friends to the rec centre and spent the afternoon in the pool. Girly got grumpy by the end, too many days with no nap. She will NOT sleep in the car or stroller, so frustrating. I have stuff to do, I can't be home every afternoon so she can nap. All my other children would sleep in a moving vehicle. My ten year old still gets sleepy in the car. Juju falls asleep within minutes of getting in the car seat many afternoons. Not my girly. She can almost fall asleep standing up, but not in the car.
She is just to busy looking at stuff and talking. "Cwouds Mommy! I see cwouds in the sky," she said yesterday. So cute! If I corner quickly or we go down a hill, her and Juju squeal with delight and yell, "whee!" She plays games with her slightly bigger brother, and teases him and fights with him. She screams for the park, I can not drive by a playground unless I plan on stopping. She points out things she sees, yells for her dropped bear, whines for snacks, but she does not sleep.
Life is way too exciting and there are way too many things to see and do to waste time sleeping. She also wants to get out and see things and do things. No staying at home for her. She gets really grumpy if we spend too long at home, especially if we are in the house. She wants to go OUT! She begs to go in the van, or in her 'New Pink Stroller', or out to ride her bike. She want to go shopping or visiting or to the pool or just something. So much fun, and so good for me. I can be a homebody if I don't watch out, so the daily reminders to get out and do are awesome. Oh, if anyone goes out without her, there is heck to pay for the parent left at home with her. And that is usually me. It is actually pretty heartbreaking listening to her scream for Daddy not to leave her. Poor little baby.
I guess we should stay home tomorrow afternoon, let her get a nap. Have to go for a walk in the morning so she gets OUT. Daddy says we are pulling out the carpet on our main floor and taking out a wall tomorrow, I think it is gonna be pretty crazy here for the next while-she is gonna need her sleep.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

On a happier note...

We took my dad to the airport this morning to go to work in the NWT, Juju came into my bed before the alarm even went off, so he came too. He was so happy and sweet this morning, just chattering away the whole time. Love it! After we dropped him off at just after 7, we went to Denny's for breakfast. My fave meal to eat out! I forgot that I am not a big Denny's fan though, hate the shredded hashbrowns! Speaking of which, I mostly finished when I uncovered a hair in my hashbrowns. YUCK! The waitress was super nice though, I think she was as grossed out as I was that I had eaten most of it before I found it. They comped my meal, so that was awesome of them. But I can still feel hair in my throat, ack!

The sun is shining and the air is fairly warm, so I dragged our books out onto the deck so we can do our book work in the fresh air while the little ones play in the yard. They are riding their bikes and look adorable. Daddy just put training wheels on one of our little 2 wheelers for Juju last weekend, and he is now a pro. Last week he was riding his tricycle and Girly was screaming for a turn, so we thought he was probably big enough to move up. Girly is LOVING being pushed around on the tricycle, and motoring on the little pooh bear bike Nana brought last summer. They look adorable in their tiny helmets.

Apparently there is snow in the short term forecast, so I want to take every advantage of any nice weather we have left. We are going to go for a walk in the River Valley this afternoon. And we just might head to Calgary for a field trip. The baby elephant was finally born last month and is now 'on display' at the zoo, Daddy thinks it would be so fun to go and say hello! If we do go, I want to stop and pick up some curriculum and maybe spend the night so we can go to Drumheller on Thursday. Dinosaurs! The boys would be terribly excited, they are still crazy for dinosaurs, even talk of being paleontologists. I'll have to do some research tonight and see if there is anything happening 'in the field' there that they could take part in.

Tonight we are going for birthday dinner with all dh's family, a joint party for my 10 year old, his uncle and his great uncle, should be noisy and fun. Cake! Bonus!
k, time to get off the computer and get outside. Plus, my wrists and hand are killing me!


I actually had no intention of writing about 9.11 when I hit new post today. As the window opened, my son mentioned that it is his uncle's birthday today and it moved to the forefront of my mind. Actually I have thought about it a few times lately. My daughter often cuddles in my bed with me in the morning and my window is always open. When she hears a bird or a plane, she gets really excited and yells about it. It always reminds me of those months after 9.11 when I would cry and have extreme anxiety every time I heard a plane fly over. Especially when I was in bed. I remember my dh holding me as I shook, and trying to calm me so I could breathe.
That morning I was waiting to start work at the Fitness centre I was employed at. I had come in early to work out and had just finished getting dressed when someone came running out of the cardio room to tell us a plane had hit the World Trade centre. We stood around the tv's watching the coverage for a bit, my shift started at 9 so I couldn't keep watching. I called my dh at work to tell him, he said that everyone's phone's started ringing at the same time. I missed all the live tv coverage, but it was all anyone talked about. It was days before I could make myself turn on the tv at home and watch any of the coverage. I did listen to the radio, but kept turning it off, it was just so sad.
I still think about all the families of the victims, how horrendous the whole thing was and is.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Oh!Oh! In cute hockey news, Juju, my 3 year old wants to play hockey now too! It is only $75 and includes skating instruction, so we may just let him. I can`t wait to scrap preschooler hockey pictures!!!!!
My poor 12 year old, he was totally bag-skated today, they were on the ice for almost 3 hours today and another couple in the morning. I think he will sleep hard tonight.
Pray that my 10 year old gets good, encouraging coaching this year. The last few years have been really discouraging for him, as he had coaching that allowed little hotshots with no sportsmanship or team mentality to run around with the puck and did not encourage the rest of the children to develop. He ended up feeling left out and a bit disillusioned. I really want him to have a good experience this year as an individual and as a team.

Had to make a matching page, same credits, no template, but the frames are Retrodiva.

Hockey Redux

Check this out! I whipped this up in 2 minutes flat, my first try at using a template. I love it! This is all from Scrapartist Reverie kit, the template and beauty mark are by Two Sisters Designs.
In non scrappy news, I am once again a hockey mom. Remember when I said I was not gonna be a hockey mom this year and I was kinda sad? Well I am eating my words now. Daddy helped them change their minds, and just like that I am Hockey Mom. But this year is a bit worse cuz I am driving so I will be expected to get them to their ice times when daddy can't. uck. Plus, the taekwondo school changed their schedule so that now instead of Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, they only have class on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday. Hockey is played on weekends and therefore they will miss many Saturday classes, and the Master wants them to be on his leadership team for the junior classes. So that kinda sucks that they will miss so much.
What really sucks about the hockey thing is that Daddy let them choose last night, so we are totally not prepared. They have not been on the ice since April and their equipment, well at least their skates don't fit. They didn't even try them on til this morning cuz Dad and the boys went to the football game last night. I am kinda frustrated by the irresponsibility of it all, I wish they were better prepared for their tryouts. I feel bad for them. We suck as hockey parents.
On the bright side, Daddy will probably help coach both kids, so that should be good for them all.
Well got to go prepare for tomorrow, maybe go skate shopping, and go to the church carnival with the kids. Busy weekend fun. Oh! I should maybe do some housework too. Dad comes tomorrow, and the house is a disaster!

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Caffeine makes it all okay

I have an admission to make. I have not seen High School Musical. What is even worse is that my boys have seen both movies, and I did not even preview them first! I didn't even know they had watched them til my ten year old was raving about it and singing songs from it! So funny, he is such a cutie. I so have to watch those movies!

Speaking of cute, have I mentioned how cute little Girly and my little Monkey Boy are? Well try super cute. Today in the van, after a very long day, we are driving home and the two of them are yelling. I thought they were fighting over Juju's sweater so I take it from Girly and give it back to him. Well he throws the arm back to her and yells, "Bite fight!" They were each putting an arm in their teeth and playing tug-of-war across the van. Yeah.

A little while later they are both screaming in awful voices, "LOVE YOU TOO MOMMY!!!!" I mean awful, ear-splitting screams. Now it is kinda cute when Girly says that lovingly, in her beautiful little girl voice, but....

Daddy had the great idea of having a 'let's see who can be quiet the longest' contest. So she is quiet for exactly 15 seconds before she yells, "I win!"

On the bright side, school went swimmingly today again, and I had a really hot latte this afternoon, so it was a near perfect day.

I even made this: this is a revamp now:)

A picked out her own clothes one day and Daddy helped her get into them-he even did her hair. Isn't she just a vision?

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Hump Day

9:56 am

K, I'll admit it, I suck. I yelled already today. It is only 10am. ugh. My now 10 year old son is dawdling and wasting my time, my almost 13 year old is giving me huge attitude as I try to help him with his math corrections. I didn't even tell him that he was wrong, just that I wanted to work with him on writing out his math equations correctly and the answers in the correct form, since that was the problem he had. My 2 and 3 year olds are fighting and whining.

So I lost it on my 10 year old. All I could see is another year of days where I tell him to do his math 400 times a day-I am so not going there again. I refuse. but here I was, second day of the year saying, "R, do your math, get it done, do you need help?"

10:49 am

I went upstairs to my bathroom. all. my. stuff. on the FLOOR! My girly decided she needed some makeup. Baskets and bags full of makeup etc. strewn on my floor. Girly is wearing mascara. She is 2.


stepped on my tweezers. ow. gotta pick all my crap up.


kid finished all school except science and spelling! Woohoo!! think they did more today than on any single day last year!


stepped on the beard trimmer. flippin ow. picked up my crap. stripped my bed and put sheets and towels in the washer. YAY! only my first load today:( wah.

waiting for lunchtime chores to be done so we can do our science experiment!!


finally done the science experiment. should have taken 10minutes tops. But I got distracted looking at digital scrapbooking sites while waiting for the boys to finish cleaning up from lunch. And they decided to start the experiment without me. and without the requisite lab sheet filled out and therefore missing crucial information. Plus I am anal and want that lab sheet filled out and all the data properly collected. So now we are done and I am heading for the showers:) the boys are gonna play computer games for an hour and then I think I may take them all to the rec centre. Or I may take a nap with a book. Or maybe digi-scrap!


K, didn't nap or scrap, but I do have rice in the microwave, veggies roasting and salmon ready for the barbie. My dh just arrived at the door early with a latte in hand.
I think this is my best day evah as a home educator/housewife! teehee, I am sure my dh would agree. (at least in the last 3 years, since I added 2 babies to the job description) Okay, I will admit my house isn't spotless, but I did load my Rosetta stone french on my laptop so I will actually do it, and I did some prep for my latin course. And I actually taught today! And I cooked! It is a good day for the mighty mama.
We are gonna have a quick din-din and take the kids to the pool. ahhh... domestic bliss is mine. for one day only, I am sure

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Recess is .... hilarious.

First day of school! We had a pretty good day here of not going to school:) We actually did quite a bit of school work and chores, I felt like it was a good start ot the year. I am looking forward to many more like it and being really present with them and involved. Juju really wants to learn stuff too, so I am sure he will know all his letters and even writing quite a bit by the end of the year. I am gonna have to have lots of interesting stuff on hand for him and Girly to do while I am teaching the boys, they both want to get right in there.

We had some entertainment today during a school break.

My little monkey boy is extremely proud of his genitalia. He talks about them quite often, especially when we are out and about. He has been known to say in a very loud voice, "When I grow up I will have a Daddy sized penis!" Man, even at three they are comparing their stuff with other guys.
Today he had to hop in the bath to wash off the vast amounts of mud he accumulated in 20 minutes in our backyard. When he got out he didn't want to put his clothes on, instead he enjoyed running around yelling, "Look at my penis!" Now he know that this is not acceptable behavior, as is evidenced by the mischievous grin he sports while yelling. We have told him that his penis is just for him and he is to keep it in his pants, so to speak, when he is not in the privacy of the bathroom or bedroom. but anyways... he still loves to streak.
Today baby girl got in the action. She was fully clothed, but as Judah was yelling she sticks out her pelvis and yells, "Look at my China!!" Oh my gosh, we were laughing so hard. I didn't even bother to explain that her china was not for public display or that the her outside girly bits are not her china but her vulva or any of those other teacher/mommy things I always feel the need to say. We just had a good giggle and tried to wrangle the monkey boy into some pants.

Saturday, September 01, 2007


Wow, what had been an incredible day with my kids, sister and niece came to a screeching halt Friday night. We were getting ready to leave the science centre and the kids were playing in the blocks. My husband called me to ask what I was making for dinner, my very favourite question from him. grr. I told him I thought I might pick up a rotisserie chicken and we would have salad and stuff. He was really not impressed and was whining a bit, then my girly fell down and starts screaming. I was that good mother talking on her cell as her kids gets hurt-nice. I told dh I had crying kid and hung up the phone. As she was just calming down, dh calls again, thinking I hung up on him and my Juju-bear trips over his big brother. His fall was broken by his head hitting the radiator cover. He cried out so loud, I put down my girly and picked him up as he just sobbed. Then I looked at him. Blood everywhere. He kept putting his hands up to his face and of course they were covered in blood. He kept looking at them and crying even harder, because the blood was so scary to him.

I told my sister that I was taking him to first aid and I would meet her after. I carried my little guy in my arms like a baby, calmly over the bridge that is above the lobby. I kept looking down at the girls manning the desk, knowing they could hear my screaming boy and hoping they would take some sort of helpful action. They studiously ignored me til I had come down the stairs and came and stood directly in front of one of them at the desk. After a second she looked up and her face instantly looked panicked and disgusted as she got the first aid lady. The two women who took me to the first aid room seemed pretty flustered and not sure exactly what they should be doing, but I was talking to my boy all this time and telling him that these ladies were gonna help mommy clean off some of the blood and put a bandage on so that I could take him to the hospital where the doctor would suture his wound. And that is exactly what happened. They were a bit shocked when they looked at his cut and saw how large it was, an inch long and gaping a good half centimeter.

I got everyone buckled in the van and headed for home, by now my Juju had calmed down and by the time I dropped everyone off at home he was sleeping. He really didn't want me to take him to the doctor, kept telling me he was fine. I felt terrible because I knew he needed stitches and how awful that was gonna be.

I actually got lost on my way to the hospital. By now the adrenaline had worn off and I felt really tired and slow. I made a wrong turn and kept going for like 10 minutes the wrong way, ugh. By the time we finally reached the hospital, my little sweetie was his happy little self, chatting away with the nurses at triage and the people in the waiting room. We coloured and read stories and they took us in quite quickly, cleaned him and put on the freezing gunk that had to sit for 20 minutes. When it was time for the suturing the doc came in, but the suture kit wasn't set out yet so she told us that she would be right back to sew up his cut. Well, my poor little guy got scared then. He didn't quite realize that suturing meant they were going to sew his already very ouchie cut. He now wanted to escape, "I am ready to go home now Mommy." He got a bit panicky and then here comes the doctor and she is cleaning up the goop and he is trying to get away. So the nurse and I are holding him. Then the doctor, who is very unsure of herself and keeps asking the nurse for advice, starts the first stitch. Juju starts screaming and the crying makes his eyebrow move and I can see inside his flesh, watch it all moving around-ew. The nurse assures me and the doctor that he is crying cuz he can feel the pulling as his skin is grabbed and pulled. I have to lay on him and hold his hands tightly in mine while he cries for me to let go. The first stitch takes forever cuz JuJu is crying and moving and the doc keeps stopping to wait for us to calm him a bit. After all that the stitch ends up kinda loose. The nurse talks to Ju and the 2 of us calm him down a bit while the doctor gets another needle, cuz she dropped the first one.
He is a bit calmer now and I don't have to hold so tightly. The doctor starts the second stitch and it becomes apparent that yes, he can feel that needle going in. My poor, poor baby. The doc now stops mid-stitch as the nurse explains to me that they can give him the lidocaine needle, but it burns like an S.O.B. and is sometimes actually worse, and it is of course another needle going in. I don't know what to do, but decide to let them finish. The doctor ends up doing only 3 stitches, I think she is a bit afraid to do anymore-he probably needed at least 4, but the wound is closed so we leave it. As soon as the nurse is done putting on the steri-strips, my Juju is fine and ready to go home.
He chatters away to me the whole way home, and we are almost there when my tears start. I just sob quietly to myself, he was such a brave little guy and now he says he is fine-doesn't hurt anymore. The hardest part for me was letting them hurt him to help him. I hate that. I have such respect and empathy for parents of sick children, children who have to go through sometimes terrible treatments in the hopes of being well. I am so thankful for healthy kids who can run around and even get small injuries.
I ended my Friday by going out with my sis and her friend to a pub and visiting and having a bit of liquid stress relief, just letting off some steam. It was just what I needed.