Thursday, September 20, 2007

Summer is Over

It may not officially be Autumn yet, but it sure feels like it. Last night when I crawled into bed I shut the window. It was so blinkin' cold! Those that know me, know that I love to sleep with the window open, no matter the weather outside. When we lived in Chinook-ville, I would get to sleep with the window open almost every month of the year! Not every night of course, but it could go from -20 degrees to +20 degrees Celsius overnight-even in January.
Anyway, I hate to close my window, hate being hot and stuffy when I sleep. I love lots of blankets and cool air-perfection! I was so chilled last night when I got into bed, that even with the furnace running, my duvet and quilt on, the window shut, I still couldn't get warm. It took my dh being in the bed for an hour before I got warm enough to fall asleep.
It is so chilly out this week that my furnace runs every morning and evening. The rest of the time I have it set at 65 F and really hope it doesn't kick in! I was so chilled last night because we went for our run at about 9 and when we were done we were still aways from home, so we had an extended cool down. By the time I got home I was quite chilled-being sweaty and not dressed for how chilly/windy it was. Maybe tonight we will go run on the indoor track. Or I will get a windbreaker jacket and a toque. Definitely a toque, won't I look cute?!
Speaking of fall, our fall schedule has kicked into high gear. I feel a little ragged already today. Yesterday we had our bi-weekly get together with other homeschooling families, so we got our school done in the morn, baked brownies to take and spent the afternoon with friends, new and old. That was fabulous, we had a wonderful time and I really liked the new ladies I met. After we left there, I took the kids to Dollarama to get things for a science experiment. We ended up with a whole basket of stuff, of course. I then took them for dinner and we headed to the hockey arena for a practice.
My toddlers were at the melting point. No naps, and they had been on their best behavior for hours already. They weren't necessarily bad, but loud and running around and a bit whiny. My 10 year old was giving me some attitude about getting ready for hockey, and I was tired and fed up. I was trying really hard to not loose it, I just felt totally overwhelmed and unable to control the situation, my kids or my temper.
I made it through, even got my son on the ice and the kids up in the stands. By the time Daddy showed up, Girly had fallen off the bottom seat of the bleachers and hit her head into the boards, her and Juju had eaten all their smarties (do you think it is okay to buy your kids smarties at the dollarama?)and were now running around at the top of the bleachers. I was so glad when Daddy showed up. Within minutes he was tired of the way they were acting and helped me load them all into the van. He stayed with our hockey player and I took the rest of them home.
I was not looking forward to putting them all to bed myself, I was kinda at the end of my coping ability. So I made a stop on my way home. I left my 13 year old in the van with the preschoolers all buckled in. ( I don't do this very often, in fact I am very anti leaving kids in the vehicle. I had two scary experiences with that as a kid. But I parked just outside the store, took the keys with me and I know my 13 year old is capable of watching them.) I went into HomeSense. I love that place, it is my stress therapy. All the sparkly vases, fringey throw pillows, interesting rugs, funky lamps. What is not to love? I bought 2 Eloise books and came out ready to face the bedtime routine. ahhh....
Thankfully Daddy got home right after us and he put the toddlers to bed so we could go for our run. Well actually our running fight. but anyways... at least I got some exercise. And we made up in time to cuddle in bed. Thank goodness, since I needed his body heat-I was freezing!


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I love fall and cool air too! I wish I could open our windows but my dh has bad allergies and his sinuses go crazy if I do. Such a bummer, but oh well. I love it being cold in the house when I sleep too, curling up under my warm covers! :)

  2. Ahhh girl. I am nodding and smiling and grimacing right along with you.
    I think it's all part of having two such different age groups to deal with. gotta love the daddy save! I love me some homesence too.
    Bless you!