Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Hump Day

9:56 am

K, I'll admit it, I suck. I yelled already today. It is only 10am. ugh. My now 10 year old son is dawdling and wasting my time, my almost 13 year old is giving me huge attitude as I try to help him with his math corrections. I didn't even tell him that he was wrong, just that I wanted to work with him on writing out his math equations correctly and the answers in the correct form, since that was the problem he had. My 2 and 3 year olds are fighting and whining.

So I lost it on my 10 year old. All I could see is another year of days where I tell him to do his math 400 times a day-I am so not going there again. I refuse. but here I was, second day of the year saying, "R, do your math, get it done, do you need help?"

10:49 am

I went upstairs to my bathroom. all. my. stuff. on the FLOOR! My girly decided she needed some makeup. Baskets and bags full of makeup etc. strewn on my floor. Girly is wearing mascara. She is 2.


stepped on my tweezers. ow. gotta pick all my crap up.


kid finished all school except science and spelling! Woohoo!! think they did more today than on any single day last year!


stepped on the beard trimmer. flippin ow. picked up my crap. stripped my bed and put sheets and towels in the washer. YAY! only my first load today:( wah.

waiting for lunchtime chores to be done so we can do our science experiment!!


finally done the science experiment. should have taken 10minutes tops. But I got distracted looking at digital scrapbooking sites while waiting for the boys to finish cleaning up from lunch. And they decided to start the experiment without me. and without the requisite lab sheet filled out and therefore missing crucial information. Plus I am anal and want that lab sheet filled out and all the data properly collected. So now we are done and I am heading for the showers:) the boys are gonna play computer games for an hour and then I think I may take them all to the rec centre. Or I may take a nap with a book. Or maybe digi-scrap!


K, didn't nap or scrap, but I do have rice in the microwave, veggies roasting and salmon ready for the barbie. My dh just arrived at the door early with a latte in hand.
I think this is my best day evah as a home educator/housewife! teehee, I am sure my dh would agree. (at least in the last 3 years, since I added 2 babies to the job description) Okay, I will admit my house isn't spotless, but I did load my Rosetta stone french on my laptop so I will actually do it, and I did some prep for my latin course. And I actually taught today! And I cooked! It is a good day for the mighty mama.
We are gonna have a quick din-din and take the kids to the pool. ahhh... domestic bliss is mine. for one day only, I am sure


  1. We ditched Abeka Books this year and with it all the countless hours of hard core, high-stress work. We've replaced it with an all computer curriculum that grades and keeps records for us.

    I still yell and scream......just not as much.

  2. Ooh! ooh! which one? I am looking for one for this year! The only one I have seen is switched on school house, or the public school online correspondence.
    How is yours working so far?

  3. Awwww, my baby girl is using mascara. I am so happy that she learned something from me while I was there last week! Oh by the way, you rock...yeah for succesful domestic goddess! Love ya

  4. Cue sappy music..."...did I ever tell you you're my hero? You're everything, everything I ever thought I could be..."
    Okay enough of that lol. I'm so happy for you and a teeny bit jealous. We officially start Monday cuz I'm scared about adding Maddy to the school schedule - yikes.

    I got distracted by ebay, should I admit that?
    Love ya,