Saturday, June 30, 2007

Wednesday through Saturday, lol

Juju, my little monkey boy thinks calling Daddy a little sister is a great insult, lol. Daddy and the boys were wrestling in the hall and Spidey got hurt and was crying. This made his little brother very upset and he screamed at Daddy, "You LITTLE SISTER!!!!" I burst out laughing, he just kept yelling at Daddy, and poor baby sister was feeling a bit hurt. She was in there yelling in her bossy little girl way, lol.

Oh, Yuck! Daddy is a mouse murderer. And I couldn't be happier. ew. I was sitting here working on Friday night and I could see something moving out of the corner of my eye. I look over and see a tale and webbed looking feet go under the basement door. I screeched sooo loud! My poor dh thought I was hurt, and I freaked out the toddlers. I thought it was a lizard at first, a mouse didn't even occur to me til dh came down and I told him what I saw. He went out and got some traps, set them with peanut butter and in less than half an hour, SNAP. One dead mouse! I was happy, grossed out, a bit disturbed, but happy.
The worst part is that there was another one in a trap this morning. Yuck Yuck, I am freaked and refuse to go in the basement. Daddy is cleaning it all out, which was part of our summer plan anyway, to get rid of all those toys and clothes that are being stored down there, tame the laundry to one area, and make a gym/taekwondo area for the kids and us. - now there is some urgency to get it done, and I think he is gonna have to pull all the insulation down to make sure there aren't any mice burrowing in there and make sure there are no places for them to get in. We are pretty sure they came in the back door yesterday when the kids were having a neighbourhood water fight and using the back door as a shield. but still, freaking out. did I saw EW!
Pray there aren't any more rodents in my house, wahhhhh.
Oh, my family is using this little incident to work on mama to get her to let them have a pet. Spidey has been asking for a cat since he could talk, and daddy took him to the pet store to cuddle some today-to add the cute guilt factor to the pet quest. nice.
Excited about tomorrow, gonna take the kids to all the Canada Day festivities, even got baby girl a Canada Day outfit, lol. She will be so cute.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007


K, this running thing seemed like a great idea-really great, dh and I take time together, bond, get in shape. Theoretically I love working out... So we go and drop 500 bucks at the running room, dh is really into the 'stuff' We both get some new shoes, that is why we went, the ones I have been using are like 7 years old, and I wore them through 2 pregnancies. 'nuff said.
Dh had to get some running shorts, so of course I wanted some too. I had to get a running corset, lol to tame the sisters and... well there is a lot of stuff and it is all kinda pricey.
So I get my shoes home and wear them around the house. I know within minutes that they are not a good fit, they kinda hurt. But dh is actually asking me to go on our first official running room program run, so I slip on the old shoes and we head out. Now we have been going on walks together a bit, and I have run occasionally over the last couple years. By occasionally I mean maybe once a month, on a good month.... All I can say is ow. My poor aching knees, stairs hurt for 3 days. I have to get new shoes.
So I finally find a minute to take back the ones I bought and try on some others. I find the perfect pair, but not enough toe room and it is gonna take a week to get in the half size I need. So back to walking for me.
Last night though we went down to the whyte ave store and they have my shoes in my size, I buy them and try them out. Too big. Especially on my smaller foot. I now have a blister, even with the special lock lacing the girl showed me. Now what? Who knew buying running shoes was so difficult? wah
But we had a great time with the kids in the river valley, did 5k and our 9 year old left us in the dust. repeatedly.

Our oldest boy, the one my dh calls The Boy (think the simpsons), is a dreamy intellectual sort. You can usually find him with his nose in a book, even while walking or jumping on the trampoline. Yesterday, after a trip to Costco, his father asked him to put the industrial sized box of non organic frozen chicken he purchased into the downstairs deep freezer. My dear son put the box on top of the freezer. On top! needless to say it defrosted and I am currently cooking up 4 kilos of chicken. Guess what's for dinner?

Oh. My. Goodness. I almost forgot to blog this.
I am craving a bit of alone time. Yesterday I went into my ensuite bathroom to see what baby girl was doing. She was teaching Bear to use the potty, didn't even drop him in the toilet, lol. So I let her try to go potty then shooed her out of the bathroom so I could pee. I sit down and her and her 3 year old brother come barging in to chat. Okay, no biggie, annoying but okay. Well baby girl decides to help, she keeps charging at me with a handful of toilet paper to wipe my bum! She is very persistant, I am holding her off and yelling for dh to help me, and he is rolling on the bed laughing as 2 toddlers attack me as I sit with my pants around my ankles and the mad wiper keeps charging! He finally moves her so I can get off the pot, lol. I ask him to take them downstairs so I can have a shower. (and 3 minutes of peace) I get in the shower and what should appear? 2 naked toddlers. Gonna have a shower with mommy. I am sure their Daddy was behind that one, lol. So in they come, fine. I am rinsing my hair and I feel a little poke on my buttock. Baby girl. "Bum," she says. I swallow my screech, cover my bottom and tell her no that is mommy's. She wants to keep poking me and I screech for Dh to come and save me, I can hear the laughter from outside the door.
I need some me time.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Getting somewhere

I rewarded myself last night by taking an hour to scrapbook. I did up this page of my Dad and my baby girl, I just adore this photo of them together the last time he visited. She runs around the house looking for him and calling his name, she just adores him.
Big day for our Monkey Boy on Saturday! He finally decided he was ready for a big boy bed:) We went down to toysrus and picked up this little toddler bed for him. Even though he is 3 1/2, he is so little, we hated the idea of putting him in a twin bed. He was so proud because he helped Daddy put together his bed.
When Grandma and Grandpa came for supper last night he told them how he helped Dad build his new bed-Grandma was so impressed thinking Daddy built it from scratch, lol. I refrained from mentioning that if Daddy built it, the bed would be maybe put together, but definitely not stained and it would be sitting unfinished in the garage til the babies were teenagers. I felt proud of myself for biting my tongue, as I have a tendancy to bring up those imfamous bookcases that have been sitting in the garage waiting for stain for the last 2 years.... You know the ones I said I needed to help organize Spidey's room over 2 years ago. The ones where I suggested a trip to Ikea to buy some bookcases and metal bins to put in his room, to control some of the playmobil and books overrunning his space. The ones where my dh said, "Oh! I can build some bookcases! Out of some beautiful wood, they will cost less and be so much nicer than that Ikea crap!"
And he did build them. We made a few couple hundred dollar runs to home depot, and I will be damned if he didn't put together some beautiful bookcases! He even made them according to the plans I drew up-well except for my very specific shelf spacing. I am a bit anal and I measured Spideys stuff so that the shelves would be spaced optimally for storing his things. I have to say I was very pleasantly surprised by the wonderful job he did. and then he stopped. a couple short steps from finishing and he was bored and just stopped. No staining and sealing. Just beautiful bookcases sitting in the garage. Useless. empty. forgotten. a sliver in my side and a pain in my poor dh's ear! You have to actually feel sorry for those hunks of wood, not living up to their potential.
This weekend I finally got Spidey's room organized. (without the much mourned bookcases, lol) My boy and I spent hours mucking and sorting through all his crap. hours. I reassigned some ikea toy storage units from my family room reorganization, to store his playmobil. Daddy put together one of the Ikea bookshelves I made him buy for the family room (we have an extra because we decided to wrap around another wall in the family room with tall units.)
His room looks terrific! I can see his floor! We are keeping on him and making him tidy everynight. Of course it is only been 2 days, I guess we will see what it is like in a month or 2, lol.
The Boy mucked out his room too! Himself! I am so proud of what a good job he did, we took out all his hand me down furniture so that had to be emptied too. He did great, I was terribly impressed.
I finished up my room, it is finally ready for after pictures:) My new bedding is so comfy I could stay in bed all day long. In fact I am sitting on my bed typing this right now!
I finished up the babies room too. I am still waiting (after 2 years as well) for a final coat of paint so I can hang up all my pictures in there. I had custom pictures painted for in there and they have been sitting in the closet for 2 years! I really should just pull out the paint brush and roller and do these things myself. I did paint the trim and beadboard myself, but I am being stubborn. He said he would do it and I keep waiting for him to make good on that. Ridiculous I know.:) He is a great husband and he does so much for us and with us. I am writing all this with my tongue in my cheek, smiling at him. It is true, and it does bug me, but he is who he is. And he does the stuff that is important to him. And he is the one who got us all organizing and cleaning this weekend because he knew how important it was to me.
I feel really good about the progress we have made in the house. I have taken out tons of toys for goodwill, some bedding and I have 4 or 5 bins of clothing to go out of the house too. Dh and the 3 boys took a load to the dump yesterday too, Yay! There is a lot of stuff to go still, but we are making progress. It is amazing how much stuff you can collect in 13 years and 4 kids.

Oh! I forgot to mention how cute baby girl was about Monkey boy's new bed. She just kept repeating, "New bed! New bed!" After Daddy took apart her brother's crib, she took the screwdriver and wrench and tried to take apart her crib. She asked, "My new bed is? Where my new bed is?" She was very P.O.-ed that her brother was getting a new bed and she wasn't. After it was all built and JuJu got in his bed to try it out, girly tried to get in beside him. He was so not impressed, he got a little loud and pushy actually.
They have had a number of fights about the new bed since then. She gets in it whenever she gets a chance, and if he catches her in there he is so mad. Daddy wanted to run out and buy her one too. But she still takes a nap, because I can lock her in her crib, lol. If she could get out of it that would be the end of naps and she still needs to nap. I need her to nap. What would I do if she didn't nap??? argh! I can't think about that yet... I told Daddy if he felt that guilty he could buy her a nice convertable crib that turns into a bed after. One of the beautiful dark-stained wood ones I have been lusting after through these last 2 pregnacies and the 2 years since. So far he hasn't bitten....

Friday, June 22, 2007

New scraps this week

This 2 page layout made with Hannah Lynn by Laura Corzine, our brand new designer over at Digital Candy.

This layout made with Piper's Garden by Angela Niehaus

Sunday, June 17, 2007


We are in the process of reorganizing and decluttering our home. This weekend we got a good start on our family room. So far we have built 5 new bookcases-with doors to keep preschool fingers from dumping the contents onto the floor. I have taken out 2 bags of garbage, a bag of recycling, and 3 bags of toys to donate! The floor and toy bins are done, now to clean out the desks and existing bookcases. My boys do tidy up when asked, but this consists of shoving everything they find on the floor into the toy bins and shelves, under furniture and basically any nook and cranny they can find. Yuck. I think I found 5 apple cores, eww! No more food down here-even when I am trying to occupy the toddlers with snacks and Dora so I can get something done.
I am happy with our results so far, but when I think of all the things on our to do list it feels a little overwhelming. This past year things have gotten a bit away from me, trying to juggle too many things while also trying to be a good mommy to my 4 little monsters. Housekeeping has kinda slid off the radar, much to my dh's dismay. Dishes and vacuuming, cleaning the bathrooms, that kinda stuff gets done. But keeping on top of paperwork, purging toys and clothing, that kind of stuff has fallen by the wayside. Oh well, I got to play hours of Dora and Diego, build Lego, read books-all the really important stuff!
Guess I better get back at it, my Dad will be here within the hour and I haven't vacuumed or cleaned the bathroom yet-I can see the floor in my family room though.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Rest and renew

My almost 2 year old daughter did something new yesterday. She said, "I yuv you too Mommy!" She has never told me she loves me before, man does that ever do something to my Mother heart. I felt so warm and full of love and joy, she is the sweetest, loveliest, muckiest, mischievous little girl God ever created and I love her to pieces:) She has said, "Luv you, Daddy," before, but never to me, lol.
My weekend away was exactly what I needed. The first night I had dinner (in a restaurant, by myself) and went to my hotel room and just cried. I felt so lonely for my family and just completely burnt out. It took a little while for me to get used to the idea of being by myself, and that I was okay by myself. I thought I was going away to think about things that were happening in my life and what I needed to do and make some important decisions about my future. To pray and seek God's direction. What happened was that I just crashed and vegetated, lol. My mind and body were so burnt out that I drove to the lake and laid on the beach with a 'Shopaholic' novel and just vegetated. I was too tired to think, too tired to cry, my mind and body just wanted to rest. I didn't even read much, too much effort, lol. I walked, I journaled a bit, tried to pray a bit, but mostly I just rested and tried to be quiet and open to anything God might have to say to me.
It was exactly what I needed. Quiet, peace, not being obligated to, or responsible for anyone for a few days. It took a few days once I got home to get back in the swing of life with my family, but I am so thankful to have had the rest. Next time Brent and I are gonna go just the 2 of us, maybe to a spa-get massages, play some golf, just be. Renew and refresh together.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Road Trip

Well I am about to do something I have never done before. I am going to go on a road trip, by myself. I have never gone anywhere by myself, always with a group or with family or to meet up with friends or family. I have never gotten in the car and driven myself anywhere out of the city before. I am nervous but excited. It will be good to do something myself, for myself. Another baby step to adulthood.... at 32, lol. Better late than never I guess. My understanding husband is encouraging me to do this and get some much needed 'head space'. I love my roles as wife and mother and home educator, but every once in a while a breather is in order I think:)
Excited to see where the road takes me!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Butterfly birthday!

Our first butterfly that survived:)

A Chrysalis

Second butterfly, just emerged.

Five very excited boys watching a butterfly emerge.

The actual butterfly fighting it's way out of the chrysalis, sorry about the blurry photo.

Papa's Girl

Our neighbours just got home from Disneyland last night and they didn't go to school today. The boys came over this morning and are with our boys watching our butterflies.
We have had 2 emerge from their chrysalids this morning! One just emerged so they are watching his wings unfurl and dry, and the other is trying to fly around the cage so they are saying encouraging things to it.
My boys are explaining about painted lady butterflies to their friends. Jerritt said, "I think you learn more in homeschool than in regular school, I don't know any of this!" "Hey, even though we aren't at school, we are learning!"
Screams of excitement, had to run upstairs! One of the chrysalids is moving! We all got to watch the butterfly struggle and emerge, wow, so neat all the boys are terribly excited.
Yay! 3 butterflies! We had one caterpillar die, just at the point where it should have been shedding its skin and become a chrysalis. We had a butterfly emerge yesterday, but one of its wings was gimpy and it died a while later, so the boys are so happy that we actually have some living butterflies. I got some pictures so I will have to do a layout later, this has been a pretty fun project!
Dad came in last night on his way home from work, Ara was so excited to see him. She backed right into him on the couch with a book, very soon after he got here. He is one of her very favourite people, lol. She loves having company, and every time she wakes up she asks first for Daddy, then for Papa, and then when I tell her they aren't here, she starts in on the other relatives, lol. Grandma, Nana, 'lizbet', 'annie', Gwamps, it is pretty cute. All in no particular order, except that Nana and lizbet are always next to each other, I think because the last time she saw them they were together.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Digital Candy

The good news is that the host fixed the problem, the bad news is that they lost all our forum posts and members:( So everyone needs to re-register, please use your original user name as we are going to try to sync up many of the pics in the gallery with the original user names-no promises, but we are gonna try:)
On the up side we will have some freebies for you to add to the mega kit that our members will receive as a bonus!!

Monday, June 04, 2007

Big Girl

I found this video on a blog I was reading, I didn't even know I liked Fergie, lol. She sounds and looks beautiful in this video-LOVE it!

Forums down at Digital

Our forums are down right now at The host is fixing some internal errors and we hope to be back up soon. The store is still up and running:)

Sunday, June 03, 2007


The huge lilac outside my bedroom window is finally in full bloom, each blossom opened and rich with wonderful scent. My head cold has abated just enough that I can catch the occasional scent of my flowers. I am hoping that as I lay in bed tonight I will 'unstuff' enough to inhale their heady aroma as I fall into beautiful dreams...
I just realized that I have spent this day almost entirely silent. The house around me has been buzzing, as it always is with children and all their sounds. The stereo in the car was turned way up as is usual. There were people all around me talking and interacting throughout the day, but I have been carrying on dialogue almost exclusively with myself. This, of course, is not entirely unusual for me, I often have quiet days. Days where I have to force myself to speak, even to my children. Of course when they speak to me I wake a little from my reverie, and interact with them, but on these days I do not seek out conversation even with them.
Often on my silent days, I am content in my head, happy to analyze my life and my heart. Figure out where I am and where I am going, pleased to be allowed the opportunity for peace and quiet. But today I feel profoundly alone.
Now I have lots of people I could call on days like today, friends and family who love me and would love the opportunity to minister to my heart. But even lonely as I feel, I need to be where I am at this moment. To feel what I feel, to think what I think, to process and chew on each morsel until I am done. Tomorrow I will reach out, tomorrow I will call a friend or two to chat or visit and remember that I am never truly alone.

Saturday, June 02, 2007


Made this layout using the Angel Kisses collaborative charity kit. I was chasing the toddlers around the yard, trying desperately to get in a few great shots. This one was when she was hiding under the trampoline, lol.

My boys just started taekwondo in April and they absolutely love it.
This was done with the Oscraps O Boy charity collaborative kit. This kit is available at and all the proceeds are being donated to the family of Carla Gibson, who passed away this weekend due to a brain aneurysm . Please keep her family in your prayers.

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