Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Butterfly birthday!

Our first butterfly that survived:)

A Chrysalis

Second butterfly, just emerged.

Five very excited boys watching a butterfly emerge.

The actual butterfly fighting it's way out of the chrysalis, sorry about the blurry photo.

Papa's Girl

Our neighbours just got home from Disneyland last night and they didn't go to school today. The boys came over this morning and are with our boys watching our butterflies.
We have had 2 emerge from their chrysalids this morning! One just emerged so they are watching his wings unfurl and dry, and the other is trying to fly around the cage so they are saying encouraging things to it.
My boys are explaining about painted lady butterflies to their friends. Jerritt said, "I think you learn more in homeschool than in regular school, I don't know any of this!" "Hey, even though we aren't at school, we are learning!"
Screams of excitement, had to run upstairs! One of the chrysalids is moving! We all got to watch the butterfly struggle and emerge, wow, so neat all the boys are terribly excited.
Yay! 3 butterflies! We had one caterpillar die, just at the point where it should have been shedding its skin and become a chrysalis. We had a butterfly emerge yesterday, but one of its wings was gimpy and it died a while later, so the boys are so happy that we actually have some living butterflies. I got some pictures so I will have to do a layout later, this has been a pretty fun project!
Dad came in last night on his way home from work, Ara was so excited to see him. She backed right into him on the couch with a book, very soon after he got here. He is one of her very favourite people, lol. She loves having company, and every time she wakes up she asks first for Daddy, then for Papa, and then when I tell her they aren't here, she starts in on the other relatives, lol. Grandma, Nana, 'lizbet', 'annie', Gwamps, it is pretty cute. All in no particular order, except that Nana and lizbet are always next to each other, I think because the last time she saw them they were together.


  1. Such a cutie little Ara!!!! Congrats on your butterflies! That is our project for Grade 6 :)

  2. So neat about the butterflies! Glad you had some healthy ones. :)

    Love that your boys were teaching their friends!

  3. How cool the butterflies are. My nephew is home schooled we took him to a place called The Butterfly Place, now he is fascinated by ALL Bugs and has to bring them inside.(ick). Hope your not that lucky lol

  4. "Hey, even though we aren't at school, we are learning!"
    Priceless!!! We so missed doing this this year. I'll show the kids, they'll be thrilled!
    Oh and I love Ara's ponies. Totally cute!
    Say "hi" to hubby for me:)