Tuesday, June 26, 2007


K, this running thing seemed like a great idea-really great, dh and I take time together, bond, get in shape. Theoretically I love working out... So we go and drop 500 bucks at the running room, dh is really into the 'stuff' We both get some new shoes, that is why we went, the ones I have been using are like 7 years old, and I wore them through 2 pregnancies. 'nuff said.
Dh had to get some running shorts, so of course I wanted some too. I had to get a running corset, lol to tame the sisters and... well there is a lot of stuff and it is all kinda pricey.
So I get my shoes home and wear them around the house. I know within minutes that they are not a good fit, they kinda hurt. But dh is actually asking me to go on our first official running room program run, so I slip on the old shoes and we head out. Now we have been going on walks together a bit, and I have run occasionally over the last couple years. By occasionally I mean maybe once a month, on a good month.... All I can say is ow. My poor aching knees, stairs hurt for 3 days. I have to get new shoes.
So I finally find a minute to take back the ones I bought and try on some others. I find the perfect pair, but not enough toe room and it is gonna take a week to get in the half size I need. So back to walking for me.
Last night though we went down to the whyte ave store and they have my shoes in my size, I buy them and try them out. Too big. Especially on my smaller foot. I now have a blister, even with the special lock lacing the girl showed me. Now what? Who knew buying running shoes was so difficult? wah
But we had a great time with the kids in the river valley, did 5k and our 9 year old left us in the dust. repeatedly.

Our oldest boy, the one my dh calls The Boy (think the simpsons), is a dreamy intellectual sort. You can usually find him with his nose in a book, even while walking or jumping on the trampoline. Yesterday, after a trip to Costco, his father asked him to put the industrial sized box of non organic frozen chicken he purchased into the downstairs deep freezer. My dear son put the box on top of the freezer. On top! needless to say it defrosted and I am currently cooking up 4 kilos of chicken. Guess what's for dinner?

Oh. My. Goodness. I almost forgot to blog this.
I am craving a bit of alone time. Yesterday I went into my ensuite bathroom to see what baby girl was doing. She was teaching Bear to use the potty, didn't even drop him in the toilet, lol. So I let her try to go potty then shooed her out of the bathroom so I could pee. I sit down and her and her 3 year old brother come barging in to chat. Okay, no biggie, annoying but okay. Well baby girl decides to help, she keeps charging at me with a handful of toilet paper to wipe my bum! She is very persistant, I am holding her off and yelling for dh to help me, and he is rolling on the bed laughing as 2 toddlers attack me as I sit with my pants around my ankles and the mad wiper keeps charging! He finally moves her so I can get off the pot, lol. I ask him to take them downstairs so I can have a shower. (and 3 minutes of peace) I get in the shower and what should appear? 2 naked toddlers. Gonna have a shower with mommy. I am sure their Daddy was behind that one, lol. So in they come, fine. I am rinsing my hair and I feel a little poke on my buttock. Baby girl. "Bum," she says. I swallow my screech, cover my bottom and tell her no that is mommy's. She wants to keep poking me and I screech for Dh to come and save me, I can hear the laughter from outside the door.
I need some me time.


  1. Heeee Heee too funny, a story for your Book of Me no doubt!

  2. OMG I am laughing my a$$ off!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA That was great! Tell DH I said Hi!

  3. ROFL!!! Hilarious! I can totally relate to your shoes shpping, it takes me forever to find new shoes, a new purse, and new bras, UGH...why don't they make them perfectly fitted to you to begin with lol!

  4. Feeling your pain...feeling it deep! I haven't peed alone in years!
    Bummer about the shoes. If it makes ya feel better, my ankles hurt almost every time I run. It is better on the mill but outside...not good.
    I think it's just hard to find ones that don't hurt a tiny bit.
    Good for you running etc! GO GIRL! Oh and find a girlfriend to run and then have coffee with. Way better than hubby and kids. you get alone time and workout time. Two birds! YAY!

  5. Heeeeee! That's too funny! And, I can sooo relate! We moms so TOTALLY need alone time. I know I'm way overdue myself!!!