Friday, June 27, 2008

On Vacation

We are off to the lake in the morning and won't be back online for just over a week. I plan to soak up tons of sun, eat whatever I like, and enjoy the company of our best friends.
Have a wonderful week and Happy Canada Day! Happy Independence Day too.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Buried under the mountain.

Did no one but me find it odd that I wrote a whole post about laundry yesterday, and I was freaking excited about it? Seriously. What is my life coming to?
To be honest, that post had very little to do with laundry. It had to do with me overcoming a monster that lives in my basement. One that rides my back daily and that I never feel like I am getting on top of. Lately my whole life has felt like that. Out of control.
I thought I was getting to a better, more settled place within myself. And in a lot of ways I am. But the externals are constantly weighing on me. Threatening to disturb my inner peace.
Am I the only one who, when completely overwhelmed by circumstances beyond my control, is tempted to just let the water flow over my head and sink? Who gets tired of fighting the same demons over and over again, especially when they are not even my own demons?
I have no problem dealing with the stuff I can do something about. The stuff that I can change. The issues within my own heart are, for the most part, manageable. Especially with a little prayer and soul searching. Other people's crap? The stuff that affects my life daily, but that I have no power to change? Makes me insane. I have done my best, but I am tired. I don't really want to fight anymore, it seems pointless.
All I can do is give it to God. Pray. Hard. And hope for the best. But hope can hurt me. It has in the past and I am tired of being hurt.
You know what I am realizing as I write this? That I have more power than I think. I can affect change. Change in my attitude can make a difference in all these situations. I can't really give up and give in. That is not within me, I am too strong. I am a fighter. I may give in for a day, or a very short season. Sometimes there is nothing left to fight with, no desire. But not forever. I love too much. I care too much.
If I continue to risk my heart and it is hurt, can I survive? Absolutely. I have survived the death of a child. I have survived heartaches in my marriage and my parent's divorce. I have survived depression and financial struggles that seemed insurmountable. Survived my own inner battles with the darkness I found in my soul. Survived, conquered and thrived. God held my hand and sometimes carried me through all those things. He will continue to do so. I can risk it all because He is holding me up and will carry me through. He can change my heart so that I can affect outward change without falling into bitterness and despair. I can't see the path to the result that I want. I have no idea what that will look like. But my God can, and that is enough.
I can't allow myself the indulgence of sinking under my burden, even when that seems the easiest thing. I must fight and God will give me victory. I have to believe that to be true.

This is in no way the post I set out to write this morning. I thought I was writing a slightly sarcastic view of mommyhood in the trenches and how funny it is that I now get excited about household chores and peeing in the toilet. But this has been weighing on my heart, these things that I never think I could possibly share here and whether I want them to or not, they come out. Whatever we keep in our hearts, shows its fruit in our lives. I guess I just needed to put it down in some form or another to work my way through it. I am just thankful for a supportive place to do that.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Laundry day. (is every day)

Did anyone notice my baby ticker today???? I am 30 weeks!!! Wow, that has gone quickly.
I am celebrating by enjoying the sun and the company of my children in between loads of laundry. So much laundry. So much that while visiting last week, my mother offered to bundle it all up and take it to the laundromat for me, just to get to the bottom of the pile. I didn't let her, but I am so proud of myself because I am finally seeing the floor down there.
There were things on the bottom of the pile that I am sure have been down there for months. literally. We just kept skimming off the top and some items were just getting missed. So yesterday I went through the whole pile, throwing things into my colour-coded bins that I have for that purpose, and eventually hit the floor. After about 7 hot water loads of damp towels, socks and undies etc. I now only have one hot water load left and less than 10 loads (I hope!) of clothes to do by tomorrow evening.
The best part is that I have been folding as I go and making use of my labeled baskets for clean laundry. One per person, plus one for sheets and towels and one for socks. This makes it easy to get the laundry put away, especially since the littles are super keen and every time there is anything in their bins, they take them up to their room and put them away. This means, of course that their drawers and shelves are an utter disaster. But full of clean laundry that had been sorted and folded at some point.
Tomorrow night I need to pack all of our stuff for our holiday so that Brent can load the van Friday morning. Friday evening is already filled with activities, so it needs to be done early. Then Saturday we are off! I won't be taking my computer so I won't be blogging at all until I get back, I shall miss all my blogging friends! Except Shay, because we will be together, basking in the sun and making enough food to feed an army. 12 people go through obscene amounts of food at the lake, especially those teenage boys!

Wordless Wednesday

These are a few shots of our visit with my niece last week.
and my pooped out girly.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Simplify. Simplify. Simplify.

So I have totally taken the low road. I still have not mentioned to my son that we missed his computer animation course yesterday. I figure if he can't even remember that he was supposed to go, he doesn't need me to remind him that I suck.
None of the kids even mentioned that we missed taekwondo last night either. I was napping when it was time to leave and no one came to ask to go, so....
Honestly, I think we are all just burnt out. We are taking the summer off of taekwondo and everything else. I can't wait til this week is over, because then we are done all of our commitments. Well there is youth group for the eldest and their volunteer work, but I am done.
My hubby mentioned that maybe we should completely simplify this year. No hockey or taekwondo this winter. I am ecstatic! Last winter I begged my husband to have the boys choose one or the other. Taekwondo is 3 to 4 nights a week and hockey is 2 to 3 ice times at least per child per week. I knew it was going to be crazy trying to keep up with all of that. Especially because my husband's work often takes him away from home in the fall, and his hours are usually insane. So that means me running around like a crazy person taking them to stuff.
So I am all for simplifying our life. With 4 kids wanting to do activities, and a brand new baby, life could easily get out of hand. Brent suggested that maybe we just get ski passes and he and the boys can go skiing on a regular basis. I think that would be amazing. Of course I was thinking to myself that maybe each kid could do something that is only one day a week. You know, cuz I am crazy like that. My hubby gives me an out and I am still looking for ways to make my life nutty.
But Girly is begging to take dance. begging. And I think the boys should keep their skating skills up...
We will see. I am not going to commit myself to anything right now. I am going to enjoy my summer off and I guess we will see what happens.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Oops. I forgot. Again.

So there was this girl. And she had some serious issues with getting distracted and therefore forgetting important things. (Like the fact that she hasn't been a 'girl' for many, many years...) She liked to blame her forgetfulness on pregnancy hormones or some other convenient excuse. But really, she just didn't take the time to slow down and plan properly. A couple weeks ago, it was 11 am when she realized she had forgotten to take the kids to Kindermusic. Now to be fair, her husband had been home and he was usually at work on those days. It distracted her. Made her think it was Saturday...
Then, she had meant to give the teacher a call and apologize, but she kept getting busy and forgetting and before she knew it, Friday had come along again and she was going to class anyway, so she would just apologize there. ugh.
So this girl, I mean woman, got through her crazy week and weekend full of visitors and activities and tasks. She kept thinking about Monday and the class her son was to attend at the University. She was nervous about taking him there because she was unfamiliar with the campus and hated not knowing where she was going. Her hubby said they could take a dry run on the weekend and figure out where to go. He was a pretty smart guy!
Well Sunday came, her company left and she went to bed for a nap. Her body and mind needed a little time out. It was pouring rain outside and the sound lulled her into peace. By the time she came back downstairs, her mind was cloudy like the sky outside. It stayed that way all day. She was quiet and still and distracted. The family went through their Sunday that way. Everyone quiet and keeping to themselves. They did not remember to take that dry run to the U. In fact they all forgot completely about the university class.
So Monday morning came. The 'young' woman awoke groggily to the sound of her Girly chattering to herself in her crib. She then sat up quickly remembering that Girly was not wearing a pull-up and probably really needed to pee! (Both preschoolers had been dry overnight all weekend.) By the time she got them up and fed, she had completely forgotten any plans she may have had for the day. Her kids were kind of grumpy and she was starting to feel that way too.
Then it hit her. Once again she had forgotten something important. The class. The one she should have left hours ago for. The one her son had been excited about for weeks. The one she promised to attend and had now bailed on. ugh. She was afraid to admit to her son her forgetfulness. She didn't want to see that look of disappointment in her on his face. The one that she knew to be inevitable...

Friday, June 20, 2008


What a week! My mom and sister A and my niece E are visiting for a few days. Yesterday was E.'s 6th birthday. We went to Charles E. Fromage for lunch, huge highlight for the kids. She even posed with Charles himself for a birthday photo. After lunch we all went to the Cirque du Soleil's performance of Saltimbanco. Oh my goodness, I have never experienced anything like it. The artistry and the incredible physical feats performed. The joy and light and laughter of the show. I sat in awe for the whole 2.5 hours, most of the time my mouth was hanging open! All of the kids, from 2 to 14 were completely enthralled, I admit to spending many moments just watching the reactions on their faces.
Even my husband, who wasn't nearly as keen to go as I was, says he can't wait to see another Cirque show. For me, I was inspired to spend more time taking my family to some of the wonderful cultural events that our city has to offer. Our next stop will be Shakespeare in the Park, one of our very favourite shows of the year. I think my boy's most loved play was Romeo and Juliet, all kinds of sword fighting!
Today the whole gang is a bit sleepy, all of the littles had a sleepover last night and they were up until almost 11 and up again at 6 this morning when Daddy went to work. We have had a few tears, but they are holding up alright. I think we may head over to the splash park before soccer and taekwondo tonight. Another full day, but we are feeling pretty blessed to be spending it with people we adore.
Have a wonderful weekend! We will, I am sure.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Cross-post from My Daughter Lives

This song really touches me every time I hear it. I can't even sing along because by the time I get to the line, "...How it feels when the sacred is torn from your life and you survive," I start to ball.
God never promised us a life without sorrow or pain. He didn't tell us that if we followed him that we would be immune from the horrors of this world, like losing a child. He did promise to hold us up, to carry us when we needed to be carried, to comfort our souls, to give us the strength to keep on going on, when we just can't do it anymore.
Thank you God for holding me in your arms.
I know many of you are going through really difficult times, and I want you to know that I am thinking of you and praying for you. I truly believe that God is holding us in his arms and waiting for us to call on him for comfort. We may still have to walk through the awful stuff, but we are not alone.

by Natalie Grant

Two months is too little.
They let him go.
They had no sudden healing.
To think that providence would
Take a child from his mother while she prays
Is appalling.

Who told us we’d be rescued?
What has changed and why should we be saved from nightmares?
We’re asking why this happens
To us who have died to live?
It’s unfair.

This is what it means to be held.
How it feels when the sacred is torn from your life
And you survive.
This is what it is to be loved.
And to know that the promise was
When everything fell we’d be held.

This hand is bitterness.
We want to taste it, let the hatred numb our sorrow.
The wise hands open slowly to Lily's of the Valley and tomorrow.

This is what it means to be held.
How it feels when the sacred is torn from your life
And you survive.
This is what it is to be loved.
And to know that the promise was
When everything fell we’d be held.

If hope is born of suffering.
If this is only the beginning.
Can we not wait for one hour watching for our Savior?

This is what it means to be held.
How it feels when the sacred is torn from your life
And you survive.
This is what it is to be loved.
And to know that the promise was
When everything fell we’d be held.

Monday, June 16, 2008


*** edited to add: I just put out a fire. Literally. Yesterday I was baking bread and I left the big rack on my stove with the bagged buns etc. on it. And my silicone oven mitts. Well, girly just came upstairs to tell me that Swiper`s gloves were on fire. huh??? I then sniffed the air and thought, hmm it does smell like something is burning. So downstairs I ran. Sure enough, she had dragged a chair over to the stove and turned on a burner. My oven mitts were in flames! I got them immediately into the sink and got some baking soda on the burner and put out the flames. Unfortunately my entire main floor is now covered in ashes from those stupid gloves. Stupid me, I know better than to leave stuff on the stove. And than to leave girly unsupervised for five minutes. I am also pretty disturbed that my smoke detectors didn't go off. I am going to buy all new ones this afternoon and more batteries. ****
I am really starting to miss having to take it easy. The placenta praevia was a blessing in disguise. It forced me to really listen to my body and rest when I needed to rest, take a nap, not over exert myself. And I had time to be on my computer most days! Since my ultrasound I don't think I have sat down much at all.
I have taken the kids on long walks to go visit friends. I have gone grocery shopping by myself, since I can push the heavy cart now:) I have spent 3 very long days cleaning and organizing and cooking so we could have company for Father's day. And I have fallen into bed each night exhausted, only to awaken 5 or 6 times to pee and then lay awake thinking of all the stuff I still need to do.
I do realize that I can still take it easy, or lay down for a nap when needed. But there are so many things that have been left undone for months on end that I just want to get them all done right now. I really need to get ready for our trip in less than 2 weeks, I haven't done anything in that regard really. I still haven't even bought a bathing suit to fit my burgeoning body.
We are also in the middle of moving all the kids' bedrooms around, so there is cleaning and purging and painting being done. (I am not doing the painting though)
Today, I am thinking I shall take a few hours off. I am going to eat one of the cinnamon buns I made yesterday, have tea and visit some of my blog friends. I may even scrapbook a bit, I have a bunch of ideas running around in my head, begging to be put to use. Then I will take the kids for a walk/bike ride before getting ready for my Dad's arrival this afternoon.
This is probably going to be my slowest day this week, so I had better take advantage of it. I have doctor's appointments, sporting events, more out of town company coming. I am taking my sister and niece to Cirque du Soleil on Thursday night, I can't wait.
I hope you all have an amazing week, one in which you find quiet pockets of time to indulge your passions and rest your mind. I am going to make sure that I do.

Friday, June 13, 2008

More bouncing blessings

So my hubby is the only one of his brothers and first cousins to have children. Of course, we have enough kids to make up for everyone else. But we got some very exciting news yesterday, his brother and his wife are pregnant with their first child! They are good at keeping secrets apparently, because she is already 3 months along. I can't imagine keeping a pregnancy to myself that long, I am a blabber.

I am very excited for them, I wonder if they might have a little boy too, two little cousins to grow up together. I pray that she has an easy, healthy, problem free pregnancy. I am looking forward to meeting my new little niece or nephew.


Conversation with Girly
"When we get home it is time for bed," Mommy said
Dismayed Girly responds, "But the lights are still on!"
We have black out blinds up in their room, so I guess she still hasn't figured out that the sun is still up when she gooes to bed each night.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Ultrasound # 3, baby #6

So the ultrasound went really well. Baby was totally uncooperative, ornery and wiggly-obviously one of mine. The tech said he was lying flat on his back, across my abdomen, with his feet up around his ears again. No wonder I have had little feet up in my ribs all week!
He is apparently a thumb sucker, had those hands in or around his mouth most of the time. At one point he was pulling his toes into his mouth with his teensy hand. We were totally giggling at my little contortionist.
She spent the time to show me all his baby parts, including his very obvious penis. (I still don't have a great boy name, anyone have any suggestions? I like uncommon, but fairly traditional and not weird names. And nothing androgynous for my boys.) She got some neat views of both hands and feet all at once, and then she let me gaze upon his 3-D visage for a number of minutes, getting terrific shots of all his features. The shot she gave me kind of cuts off the tip of his nose I think, because in other shots it looked just like Monkey boys adorable little button snoz.
I really enjoyed this ultrasound, the tech was super friendly, sharing with me the joys of a 13 year old daughter, swapping parenting stories.
And. And. and. My uterus has stretched and grown and my placenta is no longer covering my cervix! So that is the news we were hoping for. Yay! I may just get a vaginal, full term delivery yet! And a vacation with my bestest friend!
Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers, I am starting to feel quite optimistic about this baby.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

My Girly

At dinner Girly told us that she wants to be a 'fire-fire' (fire-fighter) and an airplane. When asked to clarify her desire to be an airplane, she answered our question, "Do you mean you want to fly an airplane?" with a mischievous gleam in her eye and a mouthful of food.
"No, BE an airplane."
Okay then.
She also wants to fly in a hot air balloon and see our house. She has a pretty cool imagination for a not quite 3 year old.

So in the morning I have my ultrasound, say a little prayer for me if you think of it. We will find out the verdict for my holiday, if the placenta has moved then I just may get to go! I will post pictures when I get home.

Monday, June 09, 2008

Ridin' the ponies

Do you know what the worst part about getting up at six am is? Not getting home til almost 8:30. We are down to just one vehicle since we got rid of the super-sized truck, so I have been driving hubby to work at least 3 days a week. I do not do 6 am unless I have to, so I am really dragging. Last night we at least went to bed before 11, so that helps. But it is almost an hour's drive each way, so by the time I get home it is time to dive right into our day and what I really want is another nap!
The best part of these early mornings is the drive home. I have 45 minutes of uninterrupted quiet time. I crank up some inspirational music and sing my way home, it is wondrous and peaceful, between that and the time alone with my husband each day, it is well worth the 6 am wake-up!

Yesterday we went to the church bbq at the church's ranch. The kids all had a ride on the horses, it was Monkey boy and Girly's first ride. They were ecstatic. All Girly has talked about all day was the horses. Of course the horse highlight was when Monkey Boy's horse pooped right in front of her.
During the summer, the ranch is a summer camp and during the year it is a retreat centre. There are tons of things to do out there, wall climbing, 3 huge zip-lines, obstacle courses, trail rides, wagon/sleigh rides, fun for all. My little adrenaline junky, Superboy can be kept occupied for days.
I took tons of photos, here are a few of my kids having fun. I was playing with some photoshop actions from the Pioneer Woman, I like 'em!

Saturday, June 07, 2008

I have tons of new layouts up, I was feeling creative today.

If you would like to see my photo blog, Immortality Art, and you can't please email me for an invitation:)
mightymorphinmama [at] gmail [dot] com

Friday, June 06, 2008

Success! and sleep.

So those kids I was complaining about yesterday morning? Well, those kids are smarter than the average bear. Yesterday they really applied themselves and got most of the rest of their week's assignments done, so today, they had very little book work to do. Yay!!! Superboy even said that he thought he should get as much done on Thursday as possible, because Friday was a taekwondo day and he didn't want to miss another class. Hallelujah!! I have been trying to get them to make connections like that for years.
I took the littles to Kindermusik this morning which was fun, except for Monkey boy's traditional pout about some thing or other. He kept it going for almost 2o minutes before he realized that class was almost over and he was missing out on all the fun.
When we got home, the boys had pretty much finished school, Superboy finished Math and then they did their Latin recitation while I made lunch. After lunch I laid down for about 15 minutes while The Boy cleaned up. I drove hubby to work this morning, so I was a bit sleepy.
We just got back from our bike-ride/walk and now the kids are eating freezies and reading outside. Ahh homeschool...
I am still dragging a bit, only supper, taekwondo and soccer to get through... oh wait, and youth group, then I can sleep! Have I mentioned how much I love my bed? It is a glorious, downy nest and lately I miss it every moment that I am not in it. Only 6 more hours, I think I can make it...

Oh! Check out the Monkey Boy's hair! He was styling it with blue goo while I was in the shower. I helped him a bit when I got out, but he did a pretty good job, without too much blue stuff everywhere.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

I am slowly going crazy... 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 switch

You know how we are kind of freaks? You know, those people with the 5 kids and the homeschooling thing? Believe me, all the other hockey parents think we are freaks. I guess they talk about us behind our backs. Not in a mean way, just in a why would anyone want to do that kind of way. I remember a couple years ago, my husband overheard some of the other hockey parents talking about this other family. About how strange they were. They were another Christian family with 5 kids who homeschooled. And sometimes, heaven forbid, they would miss hockey for a church activity! I mean, what kind of weirdos would dare to miss one out of the dozens of games in the season to do something like spend time with God and other Christians?
My husband thought it prudent to inform these much more normal parents that we too were part of that cult. We, gasp, educate our children at home, but of course we only had 4 kids at home then. You should have seen the normal parents falling all over themselves to apologize. They didn't mean us, we were still cool...
Anyway, I am just having a bit of fun with this, we totally don't take offense when people think that we are a bit strange. We are! We have made choices for our family that most people haven't. We have more babies than most, we school our kids at home. We do go to church and try to follow Christ. We know that we are on the path that God has set before us and therefore we are totally okay with a little bit of criticism or incredulity.( which is far more common and very understandable)
That family the other hockey parents were talking about, have become our very good friends, partially because of that conversation. We were so excited to know there were other Christian home educators nearby! With more kids than us!
But today I am feeling that all those other people may just be onto something. Maybe the choices we have made are just crazy. Maybe I am completely and utterly insane to think that I could successfully parent 5 kids and home educate.
I am feeling a bit like I am at the end of my rope. The noise alone is enough to send me over some days. And the school thing? Yesterday, Superboy was still working on his first subject, math, at 8pm. I had them start school about 10 am yesterday, after I made them pancakes. At about 1:30, once we were done lunch, I really needed a nap. I had Superboy bring his math up to his room, so I could keep an eye on him (and so he would stop bickering with his big brother) and I laid down for a nap. I didn't really expect him to do it without me sitting on him, but I had a sliver of hope. He knew he wouldn't be going to taekwondo if he wasn't done his schoolwork.
When I got up, it was time to get everyone into the van and take The Boy to taekwondo. Superboy missed out. I had him bring his books in the van and off we went.
After we dropped The Boy off, we drove to my favourite coffee place to wait for my husband's ride to drop him off after work. I had my book to read and Superboy had his math. Or so I thought. I was doing a great job of shutting the kids out, so I didn't realize until Daddy got in the van, that Superboy did not have a pencil. Convenient.
When we all got home, Daddy had Superboy sit at the table and finish his school. Which he did. Argh! I was almost as mad at the fact that he finally did it for Dad as I was that he didn't for me all day long.
I seriously spent the entire day, alternately speaking very controlled and calmly with Superboy and yelling across the house for him to get his arse back to the table.
I have tried everything I can think of to change this behavior. Usually I will switch subjects and work one on one with him to try to finish up. Often things go fine. But then there are weeks like this where I wish I could just hop on a plane and disappear for a while. The day before, both kids pulled that B.S. and I was fighting with my husband til 2 in the morning. That was a good day.
All I could think about is how much more difficult this is all going to be in the fall. With one more baby in the house. Innumerable sleepless nights, and dealing with all these kids. The fact that my house is a freaking shambles, 24-7 and I can't do anything about it.
I keep dreaming about having a nanny or domestic come in and help for the next year or so. But if I want my hubby to work near home and have normal hours (less than 90 a week!), then we can't afford that kind of help. I am going to work a couple hours of housekeeping service in though. I have to.
I love having my kids home. I think that the upsides far outweigh the bad days. I am really not sure how I would manage if I had to get them all up for school and ready and take them there too. I love how they are learning about what it is to be a family, that everyone has to work together to make it work. That life has seasons. Like when a new baby comes, most of the other stuff takes a back burner for a bit as we get to know this new little person.
Of course that is part of why I have been stressing about school. My idea was to keep schooling right through July, so that we could take August and September off with the baby. I am starting to think that maybe that isn't feasible. I need a break. They need a break. We need a break from each other! I think that the sun on their faces and the wind in their hair may just be a far superior teacher right now.
I think I shall stock up on a bunch of books relating to our topics right now and the ones I hope to cover in the fall. Honestly, my kids learn so much more from reading than I could ever teach them. I dare anyone to ask them anything about history or the bible or nature and I bet they could give you a way more information than you would ever want to know. They continually amaze me.
And if the fall comes and we are too busy and tired because of the new baby, then we will just postpone academics until it is feasible to start again. It isn't going to ruin their lives if they miss a month or two of math. Right?

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Reminder: get better insurance!

It was only a couple weeks ago that I was talking about my reforming shy boy. Yesterday I was pleasantly surprised by him. We had to take The Boy to the Orthodontist for a consultation and I had to take all four kids with me. I was a little nervous, but they were remarkably well behaved. Superboy surprised me by keeping the littles occupied in the waiting room by reading stories to them. He is turning into a pretty wonderful young man.
Anyhoo, we all had to go into the ortho's office and they all sat quite nicely. When the Dr. came in, he talked to each of my children, reached his hand out and shook their hands and said hello. Even my little Monkey boy, my shy boy, looked up at the Dr., shook his hand, said hello and introduced himself. Yay! He can be polite!
The doctor and his assistant both seemed quite enamored with my crew of apparently amazing children. He even got into a biblical history discussion with The Boy about the origins of Monkey boy's name.
Of course, as my husband pointed out to me later, it was in the doc's best interests to be very friendly with me and my brood. He could probably see the dollar signs dancing above their heads. "Now let's see, $7 grand, multiplied by 5 children, plus inflation, equals... cha-CHING!"

Monday, June 02, 2008

Potty talk

So, I can trust you guys, right? You won't think I am awful if I make a little confession?
'K. Here it is. I have a potty mouth sometimes. There it is. I know, I know, I am a good girl. I shouldn't even know any bad words, never mind speak them aloud. Well, I do.
Tonight at dinner, in the context of the conversation, I laughingly said, "Here comes the bitch slap!" (I swear, it was the perfect smart arse comment for the moment-seemed completely appropriate. for about 30 seconds.)
Well, my ten year old's jaw dropped to the table and then I realized that I may have had a slight error in judgment.
My second clue came in the form of my sweet little Monkey Boy's voice piping up, "Bitch slap, bitch slap, bitch slap," in a lovely singsong voice.
Yeah, nice, teaching the preschooler some lovely Sunday school language.
Needless to say, my hubby is a bit disappointed in me. Even if he did teach me those naughty words.
I miss the days when my potty mouth made him hot for me...

Sunday, June 01, 2008

They keep right on growing up, I wish they would slow down!

The other morning, my husband and I were startled awake by a loud crash. Knowing my 4 year old is often up first, and hungry, I was instantly afraid that he might have fallen off of something in the kitchen. We jumped out of bed and hit the floor running to see what was wrong. As we passed the nursery, my husband noticed that Monkey boy's little mattress was leaning up against his sister's crib. Brent ran in there and started looking under the mattress for her, since she wasn't in her crib.
I heard the little ones and continued down the hall to the bathroom. There they were, cleaning up the bath toys. I found out later that they had been playing boat and the whole bin of toys had fallen into the tub. Hence the crash.
We were instantly relieved, but perplexed by the mess in the nursery, and the fact that our daughter was no longer in her crib.
We sat on the bed with our littles and asked them about it.
Monkey boy told us that he had put his mattress up to Girly's crib so that he could crawl in and cuddle with his sister. Aw!! Girly kept interrupting him to talk about sliding. When they were tired of cuddling, they used the propped up mattress as a slide to get out of the crib.
I guess it is time to move Girly to a bed. I have been dreading this day. For all my children, it has meant the end of the glorious nap. Gosh I love naps.

On Friday night, we had sent our thirteen year old, The Boy, to brush his teeth before driving him to Youth group. (Does it seem right that a child that is old enough to go to youth, still needs him mom to remind him to brush his teeth? And to put on a clean shirt?)
When he came downstairs, he looked a bit different and it took us a minute to figure out what he had done. He had shaved his eyebrow. Or at least part of it.
When we asked him, what on earth would possess him to do such a thing, he said, "I wanted to shave, but I don't have any other hair on my face." At that instant, my mommy heart melted for my little boy who so wants to be a man. And then I had to break his bubble.
"I am so sorry son, but you probably won't have much to shave even when you are twenty. Your Dad only shaved for special occasions when I met him, and he was over 19 already. You may be waiting a long time."
This is the only time I have ever felt remotely sad that we are not hairy people. Poor kid! I think my husband had quite a bit of gray hair before he needed to shave daily.
His dad did tell him that any time he wanted to try shaving, to just come and ask Dad and he would show him how. Even without facial hair.

Speaking of facial hair, Girly is always telling daddy that he needs to shave. Every time she kisses him, she pats his face and says, "Dad-dy, you need to take off your spikes! I don't like spikes."

We went for lunch with Grandma and Grandpa after church today, and during our very long wait for the Grandparents to arrive we had a little issue with our 10 year old, Superboy. Now dinner time has always been a time of conflict for Superboy. Being the younger brother to The Boy, who was always soooo big , sooo brilliant, soooo beautiful, soooo outgoing and personable, sooooo everything, Superboy has often chosen the road less traveled in order to stand out. I think it may have become even more pronounced when he became the 'middle' child.
Part of the way he has chosen to express his individuality has been by being a picky eater, hence the meal time issues. Today it was a slightly different issue though. Daddy told him to pick something to eat off of the children's menu, just like usual. His big brother ate off of it until his 13th birthday, and considering that what he wanted to eat was 2 dollars cheaper on the kid's menu, and it included drinks and dessert, we really wanted Superboy to eat off of it until his 13th as well.
He, of course, wanted nothing to do with any of the items on the kids menu. He was sure that he would starve to death if he had to eat off of it. He was giving us death looks, pouting and eventually getting tears in his eyes about it. And, Monkey boy, who idolizes Superboy, was starting to fuss and saying he wanted to eat something from the big menu too. So Daddy took Superboy out to the car for a chat.
It turns out that he felt like we were grouping him with the littles by making him eat off of the kid's menu. We were treating him like a baby, instead of a big kid like The Boy. I could totally understand that, I felt kind of bad for him. Of course he doesn't want to be grouped with the 'babies'! He is one of our big boys.
Dad still made him eat off of the kids menu.