Monday, June 16, 2008


*** edited to add: I just put out a fire. Literally. Yesterday I was baking bread and I left the big rack on my stove with the bagged buns etc. on it. And my silicone oven mitts. Well, girly just came upstairs to tell me that Swiper`s gloves were on fire. huh??? I then sniffed the air and thought, hmm it does smell like something is burning. So downstairs I ran. Sure enough, she had dragged a chair over to the stove and turned on a burner. My oven mitts were in flames! I got them immediately into the sink and got some baking soda on the burner and put out the flames. Unfortunately my entire main floor is now covered in ashes from those stupid gloves. Stupid me, I know better than to leave stuff on the stove. And than to leave girly unsupervised for five minutes. I am also pretty disturbed that my smoke detectors didn't go off. I am going to buy all new ones this afternoon and more batteries. ****
I am really starting to miss having to take it easy. The placenta praevia was a blessing in disguise. It forced me to really listen to my body and rest when I needed to rest, take a nap, not over exert myself. And I had time to be on my computer most days! Since my ultrasound I don't think I have sat down much at all.
I have taken the kids on long walks to go visit friends. I have gone grocery shopping by myself, since I can push the heavy cart now:) I have spent 3 very long days cleaning and organizing and cooking so we could have company for Father's day. And I have fallen into bed each night exhausted, only to awaken 5 or 6 times to pee and then lay awake thinking of all the stuff I still need to do.
I do realize that I can still take it easy, or lay down for a nap when needed. But there are so many things that have been left undone for months on end that I just want to get them all done right now. I really need to get ready for our trip in less than 2 weeks, I haven't done anything in that regard really. I still haven't even bought a bathing suit to fit my burgeoning body.
We are also in the middle of moving all the kids' bedrooms around, so there is cleaning and purging and painting being done. (I am not doing the painting though)
Today, I am thinking I shall take a few hours off. I am going to eat one of the cinnamon buns I made yesterday, have tea and visit some of my blog friends. I may even scrapbook a bit, I have a bunch of ideas running around in my head, begging to be put to use. Then I will take the kids for a walk/bike ride before getting ready for my Dad's arrival this afternoon.
This is probably going to be my slowest day this week, so I had better take advantage of it. I have doctor's appointments, sporting events, more out of town company coming. I am taking my sister and niece to Cirque du Soleil on Thursday night, I can't wait.
I hope you all have an amazing week, one in which you find quiet pockets of time to indulge your passions and rest your mind. I am going to make sure that I do.


  1. Glad you are able to get things done. Make sure and take time for yourself too!

  2. Enjoy your 'slow' day - and your cinnamon bun!!! :)

  3. That's scary about the fire. Good thing she came and told you about it! Things could have been a lot worse!

    Make sure you still take it easy a little. Even though you're "problem" fixed itself, doesn't mean you have to do everything yourself again.

  4. Good. You take it easy for a bit and take some time off. Lord knows when that sweet baby makes it's debut, you won't have time for that ;)

  5. Your slow day makes me tired. :) Oh wait, looks like girlie had other plans for your slow day! That is scary!! Glad everyone is ok!!!

  6. OMG - thank goodness the fire did not spread.

    It is so hard to take it easy...but remember, the more you rest, the better for baby and you...take care of yourself.

    Cannot wait to hear all about your trip!

  7. Gestating is hard work so no matter what you still need to rest when you can!

    Sounds like you have a busy week - have fun but take care!

  8. Rest now! You know you won't have any time once the baby comes!

  9. My 3 yr old used to toss the dish rag up on the stove. I had to explain to her several times why she shouldnt do that.

    Take it easy and eat a cinnamon bun for me!

  10. Rest rest rest!!! Hope you have a great day!

  11. Whew!!

    I'm exhausted just hearing about it all--

    And I'm not even pregnant!

    Try and find some time to relax (if there is such a thing) :)

  12. It sounds like (or, "reads" like) you're trying to accomplish a lifetime's worth of events in a few days. This is where I struggle the most. I have some time and then I knock myself out by thinking of way too many things that need to be done. Lately, I've been telling myself to focus on one thing at a time and it's been very therapeutic. Of course, nothing is getting done and everything is going to fall apart and the entire family will go crazy...but I feel good. So, it's all good.

    Take it easy. Your body is busy getting that baby ready.

    Sorry I haven't been around in a while.

  13. Whew eh?!
    I think it gets harder and harder to "take it easy" the more kids you have.

    I still think you should though:)

    Don't worry about the food. I got it covered!
    See you in less than 2 weeks!

  14. You should still be taking it easy! Make sure you are getting enough sit down and put your feet up time.

    Have fun at Cirque!

  15. Swiper's gloves, huh? She's so darned cute even if she started the fire. I'm so glad everything is okay though. And thank goodness she came to tell you!

    Cirque de Soleil sounds wonderful. I've always wanted to go. Enjoy!

    And you take it easy a little more. *shakes finger*

  16. You sound so busy! I hope you are able to take it slowly, but I think I remember getting kind of jazzed up and really wanting to organize things and get them ready before Little Elvis was born. I understand that need.
    I'm sorry about the Swiper's gloves. Sounds like a huge mess, and that is disturbing about the fire detectors!
    Hope you had a great weekend!

  17. Catching up...and I read the note about your placenta moving away. That is GREAT news, Kristen! I am so happy for you. But...even though you are no longer worried about baby, you should continue to take it easy. You know how hard it'll be once baby is here. Take some time out for yourself. Make the time!!



  18. Wow. That fire sounds a little scary. I'm so glad no one was hurt! Those "near misses" are always a wake up call, aren't they?

    Please take it easy! I know it is easier said than done, but I do hope you were able to put your feet up a bit yesterday (and today too!)

    I'm so glad you are getting to proceed with your vacation plans!

  19. Hi Kristen - Hope you are having a good week. Thanks for coming by tonight and the nice supportive comment. You are and have always been a good friend. I'm glad to have found you. Take care - hope you are well. Kellan

  20. Man you must have been going CRAZY, not being able to DO around the house with your darling one coming soon. Good for you, catching up. I understand completely. Don't go TOO hard though. Glad everyone's okay.