Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween

Well that was an eventful Halloween!
I kept putting off taking my eldest to get his costume, never seems to be any time. The other kids' costumes were picked up while we were out doing other errands, but there were never any in The Boy's size. So my plan was to go this morning and find something. Well dh decided he wanted to come with us, so then we had to get all the kids ready too and it ended up being noon before we left the house. We had to be at a friends at 1pm. Walmart had nothing. We did pick up some pirate weapons for ds2, so we got extras and I found a bandanna. We decided to take him home and find some stuff there to put together a pirate costume for him. I stopped in chapters on the way and picked up one of their adorable pirate dress-up outfits for ds3 so the boys could be The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything. My 3 cutie pirate boys and their sister the princess (who said, "Arrrgh, I am a pirate!" at every house tonight!
We were even gonna decorate the Chariot as a pirate ship!
Well, while we were at the friends house, ds 2 fell off a fence and hurt his foot. He could not put weight on it. So we finished our visit while he iced it and then I took the kids home and put girly to bed. Off we went to the walk-in clinic. We waited. Went for x-rays and then back to the doc. By the time we got back home it was 6pm and time to get out and trick or treat. So the pumpkin did not get carved, the Chariot did not get decorated and my big boys went trick-or-treating with the neighbors. So I took my lone pirate and my pirate princess out myself. They had so much fun! Last year they hated Halloween, hated seeing people dressed up, hated the whole thing. This year they had a blast. They said, "trick or treat, happy Halloween, happy trick or treat and thank you,"enthusiastically at every door. They spoke to all the neighbours (who were so tickled to see them!) and Juju even gave candy from his bag to the neighbours! So cute and so much fun.
I even discovered that a lady I know from church actually lives 2 doors down. I kept meaning to go over and introduce myself to the new neighbours with little kids, but never got around to it. It was really weird, but nice!
Well all the little ghouls are tucked into bed. Dh is gone to his job, and I am gearing up to start on my novel. I had hoped to start at midnight and write a bit before bed, but I am so tired. It has been a long week already. Dh's Aunt, whom he is very close to, had a heart attack yesterday( which is why he didn't leave on his job yesterday) so that was scary, she is doing well but I definitely covet your prayers if you have a minute.
Tomorrow is the big day. I hope to get my writing done first thing in the morning and then start the clean-up from the renovations so far. Dh won't be working on it for a month, so I can get stuff as tidy as possible to keep me sane. I also have about 20 loads of laundry to fold and 20 more to wash. It. Never. Ends.
Oh yeah! Remember my son who needed to go have x-rays this afternoon? The one I carried into the Doctor's office? That cute one in the blue coat?
He trick-or-treated on that foot for 2 hours with the neighbours. He walked the whole time. Not one complaint.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Sorry that post was soooo wordy. Dh just read it and now he feels bad. Sorry honey. Especially cuz now he just put the ladder through the wall. A wall we are keeping. So now he is cutting out more drywall. More mess. More fixing.
I just have to remember that we are doing this so we can sell this house. Then I hope I will have something that works better for our now bigger family.
Deep breath.
Hangin on...

I am quickly going...

I am not cut out for this home renovation thing.
It is like day 4 or 5 and the mess is stressing me out! My chest is all tight and I feel a bit teary. I am trying to be upbeat and positive and haven't nagged a bit.... yet. But OH MY GOODNESS!!!! the MESS!!!
I can't even get to the sink to clean up the dishes from today. The whole house needs to be vacuumed every 5 minutes, right now there are almost invisible bits of insulation on every floor from my dh climbing around in the attic. When he is done for the night I will have hours of vacuuming to do.
This is the demolition stage and therefore messy. But I don't expect it will get much better anytime soon. Like 'til its done.
The worst thing for me is that it is not all planned out/spelled out for me in advance so I can plan. Dh likes to jump right in with both feet, planning is for sissies. It is the bane of my entire existence. For instance, He tells me about 30 seconds in advance that one of the cabinets in the dining room that holds much of my school paperwork is going to be temporarily removed. Therefore, everything within that cabinet needs to be removed. So instead of me getting some bins or boxes and sorting through and putting things away, he has my kids take everything out and pile it in my living room. On the floor. But to them, pile means exactly that. No orderly stacks of books for my boys. Nope, I have a mini mountain of files and books and what-have-you in front of one of my bookshelves. IN. FRONT. OF. not on, or in, IN FRONT OF!
There are matching piles on top of my kitchen table and various other locations around the house.
I have decided to wait until he leaves to clean it all up. He won't be working much on the house for the next month so I will organize and clean while he is gone. After reaching my daily word count of course.
I took the small ones out of the house for the day, my bigger boys were to come too, but they had not finished their schoolwork by the time I left so I left them behind. We spent a few hours at the leisure centre with a friend and her daughter. The preschoolers had a blast in the indoor playground and then we got them ice-cream. Messy goodness!
Dh called and told me not to bring the babies back home, too much demolition mess, so I dropped by to pick up my big boys to go to the book store. Guess what? Still not done school, or their chores. Left them at home again.
The babes and I went to the bookstore and had a snack at Starbucks. Green juice, yogurt, scones and a triple espresso for Mom. Then we wandered the isles looking at all the lovely books.
Dh calls. He has fallen in the attic. Put his leg through the dining room ceiling. He sounds a little grumpy. Maybe cuz I couldn't hold back my laughter.:P
I picked up a gorgeous hardcover The Velveteen Rabbit and Corduroy for the kids, two of my favourites that I have been whining about not having for my kids. I kept forgetting about them! Plus I sell Usborne books and get free paperbacks from my mil, so I don't go to bookstores that often anymore. AND I often pick up gorgeous kids books at Costco or Winners when I am getting other stuff.
I got us some poetry books as well, collections I had been wanting like Tennyson and Whitman. Again, how do I not have these already? I am forever looking up poems on the Internet. And searching through multi-author anthologies that I do have. I love reading poetry to the boys because they love hearing it, they think poetry is cool. How cool are they?
I will have to post a pic of the other things I picked up, so cute!
It was a crazy day, I forgot Taekwondo was at 4:30 on Mondays instead of at 5:30 like the rest of the week. I was still at the bookstore at 4:30. My dh called me from his truck at 4:30 as he was driving them. I felt really bad cuz he and his Dad were working so hard on the house. By the time I got to the Dojang, my preschoolers were fast asleep in the van so I sat in the van in the parking lot and worked on my scrapbooking for a half hour til the boys were done. Afterward I picked up Tim Hortons for the men, went home and threw together a nutritious meal of frozen pizza and veggies. Yum. Eaten in front of the TV, even better. Oh well. Tomorrow night I get to start cleaning up and make a real meal.
By the way, I so needed to make some headway on the mess that I went down and organized my laundry room, did laundry and cleaned the bathroom. With lots of bleach. ahhh... much better.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Countdown to November

A lot going on in our home right now. I am madly preparing for November, trying to knock things off my to do list so that I will have a lot of writing time next month. November is National Novel Writing Month or Nanowrimo. It is a contest (really against yourself) to finish a 50 000 word novel in 30 days. I signed myself and my 2 oldest boys up to write novels, thought it would be a fun school project for us to do together. The 13 year old will write 30 000 words and the 10 year old will write 12 000 words, at least those are our goals.
So I am trying to organize a bit, clean, catch up on my laundry, and make my family Christmas presents. I am scrapbooking like crazy!
My dh has a few projects on the go as well before he leaves for a job on Tuesday.

This is the beginning of our main floor renovation. As you can see he is removing walls and moving some electrical right now. We will be gutting the kitchen and replacing the flooring and lights on the whole main floor. Right now we are walking on plywood, cuz the first thing I got him to do was remove the carpet. I hate carpet, ick.
We will also be reno-ing the 2 bathrooms upstairs.
In the mean time we will be putting up with the mess while dh goes out of town for a month. It won't be too bad, because all the stuff will be put away while he is gone-I hope.
I am asking all of you for your help next month. I want you all to bug me daily about my novel word count. To stay on track I need to write 1667 words per day, shouldn't be a problem as long as I stay on track. I can't fall behind, cuz I only actually have 29 days, I won't be around to write on the 30th, I will be on a shopping trip with friends!

So please, please, pretty please bug me daily about my word count! Keep me on track beautiful bloggers, I beg of you!

Please see Yesterday's post for pics of our trip to the Pumpkin Festival!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Haunted Pumpkin Festival

Our Saturday in pictures.

At the Entrance to the Huge Pirate Ship Corn Maze

Girly told daddy to be the wench;)

OH MY Cuteness!

Playing in the hay bales.

Very scary haunted house!

Oops! I knocked over a hay bale in the maze!

Posing for mommy, sorta.

Making a scarecrow.

"Alas poor Yurick..."

My Princess riding on her Pumpkin Carriage.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Party day

The moon was appropriately spooky for a hauntingly good party.

It was the Taekwondo Halloween potluck party tonight. Dozens of cutie ghoulies running around and masses of yummy treats to eat. I swear, all I have eaten today is salt and sugar. ick.

My 10 year old Pirate!

Here are my tiny ghouls checking out the party. They were both pretty intimidated by the scarier costumes and even a bit by the friendlier ones. Juju is doing better though, last year he would burst into screams and tears and a glimpse of a mask. He spent most of this evening with that thumb firmly planted in his mouth.

So much for rescueing the princess sister tonight. (oh she says she is a 'rina, 'rina, sorry)

Here is my Monkey joined by another tiny hero, cute!

My tiny ballerina danced the night away to the groovy, spooky tunes.

Mmm. Cupcakes!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


The other day when dh and I were at the grocery store we went a little crazy in the produce department. We picked up a ton of fall veg, squash, potatoes, yam, turnip etc. My dh begged me to make him some yummy soups to warm his cockles on these cool fall evenings. I am not so great at following a recipe, I like to read them for inspiration and then come up with my own concoctions. I cook by sight, feel, taste, but most of all smell. I NEVER use a timer, my nose always knows when the food is done. I do occasionally burn garlic toast or what-have-you when I have a cold, but other than that I trust my sniffer.
Here are a couple of yummy recipes I came up with.

Butternut Squash Bisque?
2 medium Butternut Squash ( I am sure acorn would be great too, although it is a bit sweeter)
1 onion chopped
1/2 bulb(about 5 cloves) garlic, minced (I used a whole bulb, it was VERY garlicky)
2.5 to 3 c. broth (i used chicken)
2 tsp. curry powder or to taste
pepper to taste
1 can lite coconut milk

1. Roast Butternut Squash in oven: cut in half, place on cookie sheet, add a bit of water to pan and put in 350 degree oven for about an hour
2. Saute onion and garlic in butter or oil
3. Add cooked squash, broth, pepper, curry powder, 1 can lite coconut milk and stir together
4. Run soup through blender in small batches on puree
5. Put back in pot and heat through.

So tasty!

Potato Leek Soup
most of the recipes I found for this were full of fat, using 1/2 c butter and full fat cream! I trimmed it down quite a bit.

2 slices of bacon, diced (bacon can easily be skipped, but then you need to add at least a tbsp of fat to fry leeks and onions in)
2 good sized leeks, white bulb only, sliced
1 onion, diced
2 tbsp white flour or cornstarch
5 medium potatoes, diced
4 cups of broth (I used chicken)
2 cups of milk (I use skim, but any will do)
pepper to taste, a dash of celery salt if you like
chopped chives or green onions or parsley for garnish

1. Start to fry up the bacon in your pot.
2. Add the leeks and onions, fry til softened. (you may need to add a bit of fat here)
3. Stir in flour to make a roux.
4. Stir in broth, bring to a boil
5. Add potatoes, cover and simmer til cooked, approx 13 minutes
6. Stir in milk and seasoning, heat
7. a)Optional step: run through blender for a few seconds on puree, in small batches
b) if you do not blend, then let simmer til the broth thickens a bit, stirring lots, but do not let it come to a hard boil.
8. After pureeing, put the soup back in the pot and reheat.
9. Garnish and serve.

This recipe for Potato Leek soup can easily become Corn chowder by skipping the leeks, adding a couple cups of frozen corn with the potatoes and skipping the blender. Traditionally we use a bit more bacon in our corn chowder and remove it while the potatoes are cooking. Then we put it back in at the very end. Very yummy with some fresh biscuits.

I hope these recipes make sense! If you have any questions, feel free to ask and I will try to clarify. I really cook intuitively so it is not easy for me to spell it all out in a technical manner:p
Happy slurping!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Bad Mother

My little monkey boy has had a rough couple months. He has more scars on his face right now than any of the others have had in their lifetimes. In September he fell into the radiator at the Science centre and cut open his eyebrow, the scar from his cut and stitches is still an angry red gash above his eye. A couple weeks later his brothers set up a little ramp and were rolling croquet balls up it. Little brother was peeking over the top of it and watching as they rolled that heavy ball right into his face. I think his brothers were missing their brains that day, or their eyeballs. argh. Black eye with a cut under the eye. Poor thing!
On Friday, Juju and girly were fighting over some toys. She picked up a 3 lb weight plate for my dumbbells and hit him right in the mouth. He put 3 teeth through his lips, chipped the corner off of one of his front teeth, and bent one tooth backward a bit. My poor little guy, he was balling so hard, bleeding everywhere and his little monster of a sister was p.o.'ed that I was cuddling him.
I took him up to my bed with a cold cloth and some stories and she was so jealous that I was paying attention to him and was upset with her. She was climbing up on the bed so I reached to help her, but she yelled, "NO!" at me and got down. Then she tried to climb up again and when I asked her if she wanted me to help her she yelled, "I HATE YOU!" and ran away.
She is 2!!! She hates me already?! What is that?!
She did come and cuddle with us then, but my word, what am I gonna do with her? The attitude! The utter brattiness! The brother abuse!
My little Monkey boy seems to have recovered, but his smile is forever changed. He definitely looks all 'rough and tumble' boy. Scars and broken teeth, little bruised shins, and running full out every moment of the day. His big brothers were watching Transformers with him the other day while we were still in bed. Not really appropriate viewing for 3, I know. Anyway, now he has the run, slide, and shoot toy gun move down pat. Josh Duhamel does this move in the movie and slides under one of the transformers. My Juju has been practicing this all weekend. I was both horrified and amazed at this new skill as he ran around with his brothers and their friend playing battle games for the last 2 days. Boys really will be boys. ugh.
Man, as I read this over I realize that I sound like a terrible mother. Daughters running amok, being complete brats, sons playing war and watching inappropriate TV, injuries galore. Yikes!
But I do discipline this bratty daughter and pray she will turn out okay;) I do cuddle my poor injured son and make his booboos feel better. I do teach them all how to play safely. My sons do understand about real war, have studied them in-depth, and understand the difference between play and violence. I do severely restrict what they watch on tv and play in their video games.
But I also let them play and explore, I have learned to step back and let them go. I used to be so worried about everything, I used to hang on so tightly. I was so afraid they would get hurt or lost or stolen. I didn't want them to ever play with weapons or be exposed to anything that could be remotely construed as inappropriate. I didn't really know how to let them be kids and let them be boys.
I am learning to give them wings and let them fly. They have to fall if we want them to walk. They have to be allowed to make mistakes and fail if we want them to be successful adults. I want them to go into the world with the confidence to try and the knowledge that a failure is just another step on the way to success. That you can learn from your mistakes and move on.
A full life is worth a few scars along the way.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Anything he can do...

She can do too!
In yesterday's post, I was talking about the very long walk from the Football game on Saturday to our car, well it was so long that our 3 year old boy had to pee. Now. So we told him to pick a tree. (Check out his green foam finger!)
Well, if her big brother can pee on a tree then so can Girly. I told her, "No, girls don't stand and pee." Well she had to prove me wrong-took her diaper right off even and pushed her hips forward yelling, "I pee!"
My dh said, "She is just like you, dear." Referring to the fact that as a girl I wanted nothing more than to stand and pee, I even had a dream that I had a brother and I wore his underpants and magically I could stand and pee!
hmm, I can't believe I just shared that. Waaay tmi.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Another Weeks Begun

Today I started a Exercise/weight loss blog, and then after writing some stuff down, I made it private-so embarrassed to see where I am that I don't want to share. Maybe in a few weeks, when I have had some success I will feel like sharing.:) I actually think it will be good to keep track of my progress in a public way, as then I have some accountability.

My crazy busy weekend is over and now my crazy busy week has begun. I quite enjoyed my weekend. I went with dh and the kids, and the neighbour's kid to the football game on Saturday. What an utterly gorgeous day for a football game. The sun was shining and made it quite warm, none of us needed more than a light jacket. Our team played awesome, it was an exciting game right to the end. They ended up losing, so my dh was kinda disappointed, but we had a lovely, looonnngg walk back to the car after, where the kids ran through the leaves and played cute games and we got to just enjoy the day. Dh is still working this 90hours/week, night-shift job, so it was nice to take a few hours together. He ended up not going in to work that night, thankfully.

Oh! I almost forgot! I took the Boy to hockey practice at 9:30 Saturday night and I got to meet his coaches for the first time. They are awesome! I was just gushing about them all night to anyone who would listen. They are four young men, who all played junior hockey and still play rec hockey all the time. The LOVE hockey and that is why they are coaching, to share their love of the game with some kids who also just love hockey. Usually you get a bunch of Dads, who may or may not know anything about coaching or hockey. We have had good and bad experiences with that. These guys are terrific though. The kids are ages 13 and 14, my Boy is only 12 for another 6 weeks, and small for his age. 3 kids on their team have never played hockey before. Most of them can not skate backwards even. They require a lot of coaching.

As I watched the coaches working with the kids, I actually had a tear in my eye at one point. These young men showed such patience, taking the time to demonstrate exactly what was wanted, if one of the kids wasn't getting it, the coach would work with him til he did. They were teaching these boys things that no one else has even thought to teach them. Like how to accept a pass. My son can skate quite well, but stick handling has never been his forte. When the puck comes to him, he braces his stick so the puck slaps it hard and bounces off, Lots of the kids were doing the same thing. Hard to then get the puck under control and take it down the ice. So the coaches stopped and taught them all how to let their stick come back a bit to accept the pass. Brilliant! Why did no one else think of this before, lol?
I think God really heard my prayers for the right coaching and teams for my kids this year, looking forward to watching them succeed.

Put my babes to bed not long ago, what a beautiful cacophony lullaby time has become. They both sing along and all of us are singing just a bit off of each other, and my 2 year old Girly sings her versions of the words and tune, her lines are often mixed up as she knows the words but not always their order. What a beautiful noise unto God we make. The two songs they love to sing with me are Jesus loves me, and the Fruit song, complete with actions. The bigger boys have always loved Away in a Manger, it is the one Daddy sang to all of them in the womb and when they were babies. We even sang it to Kalila when we said our goodbyes to her. I still get to sing it to my almost 13 and 10 year old boys sometimes. Like tonight. I have the sweetest kids ever, what a blessing it is to be able to sing to my children, even my almost teenager.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Pumas and Bears

How cute is toddler-speak?
Girly wanted me to come and play Diego 123 with her, she said, "Yet's pway it ughether!" over and over and over again. So I played with her, which meant she got to take all the cards out of the bag and match them to everyone's gameboard, instead of each of us taking a turn. The game consists of 4 'bingo' cards one with flying animals, one with walkers, climbers and swimmers. There are for example 1 vulture, 2 eagles, 3 grey hawks etc. There is a bag of cards to match each number.
My fave part is how she pronounces some of the animals. She adores the spectacled bears. 'peckled' bewrs, in A speak. She often subs in an H for P, so Pumas are HOOOmas! Another fave. The Hooma card is missing today, so she kept whining, "Where my HOOOmas!?!"
None of her brothers like to play with her, since she doesn't follow the rules, or play fair. She has quite a forceful little personality, so no one likes to fight her too hard on anything either.
One thing she has no problem pronouncing is pinguino. She does not know that penguin is the english word for penguin. She only knows those tux-sportin' animals in Spanish. Gotta love Dora!

I can't wait for Monday. Weekends in winter are so crazy for us. I was up by 5:30 to get my 10 year old to hockey for 6, after hockey we went for breakfast with some teammates.
Next up is Taekwondo at 10:30 for both big boys. Then my men are going to the Football game at one. Hockey for the oldest starts at 9:30 tonight, not sure how that is gonna work when his Dad goes to work at 6, and he has 3 younger siblings that should be sleeping by then. Maybe Grandma will come and babysit or Gramps will come and take the Boy to hockey.
Tomorrow we start all over again, but throw Church into the mix. It is so fun to watch the kids play a sport they love, but the schedule gets a little crazy.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Coffee talk

Well the sun may not be shining, but I let a little sun in my heart today.
This morning was hectic craziness. It was a complete madhouse around here. I made the mistake of talking to a girlfriend on the phone. My bestest ole mommy friend who now lives in Langley. We haven't talked in ages, barely at all since our shared week at the lake this summer. It is always so nice to catch up with her, we have pretty similar lives actually. They also have 4 kids in a similar age range-which is terribly unusual, they are about our age, homeschoolers, churchgoers. We have been so thankful for their friendship over the past 9 years.
Anyways. Apparently Mom on phone = kids burn down house while screaming at the top of their lungs.(figuratively people, figuratively) Just utter chaos. Poor dh sleeping upstairs!
After I was done on the phone I got everyone quieted down, school going, house tidied, children fed.
This aft my girlfriend came and got Juju for their playschool and I took my little diva girly out for coffee. She was a little mini-me, dressed in her jeans, blazer and boots, so CUTE! She picked the fanciest Italian cookie and hot chocolate, while I had my VB latte and we sat and chatted for a while. What a perfect afternoon. She was just so sweet, entertaining one and all with her chatter. It is so fun to take her out, she garners a lot of positive attention that I get to bask in as her mother. Of course there is the occasional tantrum, or fight with one of her brothers when I have to scoop her up and remove her from the situation, but I no longer cringe with embarrassment at these. After 4 kids, I am kinda immune to it.
She also made a little friend at the cafe and they practiced their baby talk. not so cute. well, it kinda is;)
So it was a pretty good day overall, and all poo was contained within' appropriate receptacles. Woohoo! so far.
Time to go pull the lasagna out of the oven, yummy!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Warning, this post contains graphic grossness.

What can you say about a day where the highlights had to do with poo.
I woke up with the blahs again and I have to admit I didn't have high expectations. But our school day turned out much better than anticipated. I managed to mark math and the boys finished all I had for them by lunch-pretty good considering we didn't really start our day til 10.
Poor dh didn't get to sleep past lunch, he must be wiped by now. He had to go to the laundromat to wash his coveralls for work, so I went with him and we went for a coffee-decompressed a bit, that was nice.
Discovered that neither my son who cleaned up after dinner last night nor I remembered to put the super-yummy turkey soup I made in the fridge. I found it still on the stove this morn. I actually cried. It was to be our quick dinner before tkd and night shift this evening.
While I was trying to get the back up dinner made and the boys out of the house to tkd, the Monkey boy discovered some poo with his foot, and then wiped it on the carpet. Daddy had been changing the Girly's diaper and she escaped with a bare bum, and apparently left a deposit in the living room. ICKY!
When I was trying to get the toddlers out the door to pick up the boys from tkd, my sweet little monkey boy comes crying up the stairs with his pants off and a poo escaping his body! So I grab him, carry him up to the toilet and try to not yell. WHY!?! Why can't he #1 keep his pants on for more than an hour. #2 Why can't he just come up and use the toilet. So we were a minute or 2 late to pick up the boys, but they were fine.
Finally got my little poo-machines into bed and DS#1 yelps from the family room. Turns out that DS#3 did more than have a almost accident. And poor DS#1 found that lovely turd with his foot. And then he proceeds to wipe it on the carpet before coming upstairs to wash his foot. and again, WHY!?! So my entertainment this evening? Cleaning poo from carpet. I am not really sure what the recommended process for removing poo from carpet is, but I managed to get it out and then I poured boiling water on the carpet and soaked it up a few times. I now want to rip all my carpet up. I did already, but now I really do. I will live with plywood floors til I get some hardwood in here. I HATE carpet. especially with potty learning kids.
And now I am fighting another horrid migraine. I am willing it away, I will not allow it to take root.
Friday will be a wonderful, joy-filled, clean-house, poo-free, yelling-free, headache-free, sunny, warm day. It better be!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Bad wifey.

My house is a bit of a shambles, the kids are all sick, I feel completely blah. I am actually watching television tonight-haven't in ages. After having a bunch of company like this past weekend, all the preparing and even the stress of the event itself, I find myself exhausted and drained. I work to make the house look right, have everything just so, and then after there is such a mess. I hate dealing with that. I always need a day to de-stress, do nothing before I can face getting back into my schedule. So today should have been my day to get back on track. I didn't.
My children were just miserable today, sniffly, whiny, testy with each other. My dh was supposed to be off today, so we stayed up late last night and I was looking forward to his help getting everything back on track. He woke up with the blinding headache I had on Tuesday. Complete with the overwhelming nausea and vomiting. I am the worst wife, I was so angry with him. I just wanted him to be well, to get up and give me a hand. So selfish am I. All I could think is that the day before I felt exactly the same way. I got up, fed the kids, taught school, made lunch, nursed sickies, fed them all supper, etc., etc. I did not get to stay in bed, in the dark, completely left alone by all. Even if I had stayed in bed, I would have had at least 2 little ones climbing on me. anyway.
I was not a gracious, kind wife this morning. I was a bit of a biotch. I felt a lot of guilt and quickly got over my disappointment, apologized and let him get some rest. He did get up and come with us to the Science centre field trip this afternoon, even helped get the little ones dressed, so I was thankful for that. He is a good, patient and giving man:) It is good that he slept, cuz he had to go to work tonight. Dh just started a new contract that will require very long hours at off-times, meaning I am completely on my own for a bit.
So my house is still a mess. I still haven't marked the kids schoolwork. I am sitting on my widening arse watching tv instead of exercising or marking or cleaning or even scrapbooking. Tomorrow I will get my but in gear and my house in order. Right now, I am thinking I want a piece of chocolate.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Thanksgiving Weekend

We had an amazing Thanksgiving weekend. Many reminders of all we have to be thankful for.
Saturday we visited with our good friends Yvonne and V., I met Yvonne through an Internet Mom's group and her youngest is the same age as my Monkey boy. Here they are playing Thomas. These 2 used to fight like siblings, if we went to V's house then she didn't want to share her toys, and if they came to our house then my Monkey would be whining and pulling his 'stuff' from her. ah fun.

They get along much better now, thankfully.

Spent part of Sunday at the dog park with my Brother-in-law, his 2 gorgeous labs and the family. Walked by the water and let all the little cousins romp and play. The sun was shining, the leaves have turned, it was a gorgeous 20 degrees (70 Fahrenheit). We haven't seen Uncle Ryan or the furry cousins in a while so it was great to catch up, hear about their trip to NY, and bask in the sun.

After leaving the dog park we headed downtown to the River Valley to take more photos and meet up with Gramps. The boys played a bit of man tracker with their Gramps as the tracker and I tried valiantly to get a family shot along with all my random photos. The scenery down there was breathtaking, I am so glad there were still some leaves on the trees along with the mountains to crunch through.

This shot is my girly having another pout, this was about number 3 or 4 I captured on film this day. Gramps was teasing her this time, so she kept giggling.

We finished off our weekend with our big turkey pig-out. My Dad was in for his 2 day stay on his way to work, Grandma and Grandpa came and brought a Ukrainian dish to share, Uncle Darren and Gramps also came to give thanks with us all. Dinner was so yummy, I can't wait to dig into the leftovers!

I was a bit thoughtful as we sat down to eat last night. Looking around at all these faces I adore, my beautiful children smiling and chatting with our parents-how blessed we are. 4 healthy, brilliant kids! All kinds of Grandparents who are a huge part of our kids lives. I lived far from my Grandparents and saw them once a year, I barely knew them. My husband knew his, but they all passed away while he was still a boy. I hope my kids will appreciate how fortunate they are to have close relationships with their grandparents, to know them and love them and have them as friends.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

sicky mommy

Well hockey season is in full swing, 2 simultaneous practices this morning at different arenas, both ending around the same time as Church starts. Thankfully dh was able to handle the hockey today, as I am still sick and exhausted. I am getting a little fed up with the needing to sleep to get better, but not being able to sleep cuz I can't breathe.
The other night I was so stuffed up that I just couldn't fall asleep. I decided the time had come to get over my aversion to medicating and just take some night-time Tylenol cold. Dh was nice enough to get up and dig in the medicine chest in the closet to find me some. I choked it back with my lukewarm water and closed my eyes expecting oblivion to come quickly. It did not. My nose was clear, I could breathe, but my mind was whirling. I felt restless, rolling around in the bed, legs kicking, arms in the covers, on top of the covers, in the covers. I actually felt kind of hyper.
It was a horrid night, I could only drift for a few moments before being wide awake again. Thankfully dh sleeps like a rock, because he slept on, uninterrupted, but I was a flippin' jack-in-the-box.
Now I tend to be sensitive to medication, and it doesn't always have the desired effect on me. Gravol gives me that dizzy-I drank too much-the world is spinning-afraid to close my eyes feeling. It makes me more nauseous than the car-sickness or flu that I took it for. ick. And apparently some cold medications make me restless and hyper. Especially when the night-time cold medication is actually the day-time formula. oops.
So today I slept in a bit, it was pretty perfect especially when my 2 preschoolers came to cuddle, they are so warm and smooshy and give the best wet, noisy kisses on earth. Even Bear, Monkey and Puppy came to snuggle.
Today we are finally going to go and take some fall family photos, at least that is the plan. The sun is shining and warm, there are a few leaves left on the trees, and tons of the ground to crunch and jump in. Pictures tomorrow!

Thursday, October 04, 2007

My TKD cutie

This is little Miss Attitude waiting in the lobby of the Dojang where her big brothers practice Taekwondo. After picking them up the other day and listening to them talk about their new Poomsae, she piped up in the back seat, "I wish... I wish... I had a HOOOOOOM-say. I wish... I wish..."

Oh my Gosh, we just thought that was the cutest thing ever! She pronounced it ever so carefully. The 'I wish' thing is something she has been doing for a week or two, and she always says something really cute, usually that her brothers like or have. fyi, the poomsai is a memorized series of steps/moves that they have to perform for each belt.

Today I was telling my Spideyboy to take his Dobok down to the wash, and my Girly says to me, "I gonna get Doooobok, and go at Doooojang and do my HOOOOOM-say." Awww!!!! Man, she is so flippin' smart!

Now the only thing I have to worry about is affording tuition for 4 at the Dojang! Yikes!

oh, I apologize for this ( and the past few) horrifically boring/lame to everyone but me, post(s). I am so not feeling creative or even remotely intelligent right now. Not quite myself right now. Hope to have something witty to say in the near future. stay tuned? ;)

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

hormones much?!#@!

Sorry if this post is tmi, but ugh. I used to hear women talking about pms and think, 'Oh, yeah, I know about that, feel a bit tired and out of sorts for a day or so, a bit crampy...' Yeah, I knew nothing. For at least the last year, I have been learning what p.m.s. is really like. Right now I can barely stand myself, never mind anyone else in my home. Just looking at anyone annoys me, and heaven forbid they touch me or speak to me or whine at me, or as my dh is fond of doing-push my buttons. Apparently my extreme bitchiness is of great amusement to him. Today he was really poking at me and I was in tears because I hated myself and how awful I felt towards him and how unable to cope I was.
He always knows the exact day I am going to menstruate, almost to the hour, that is how predictable the moods and physical symptoms have become. It always takes him pointing it out to me to realize why I feel so insanely out of sorts. I honestly feel like I am on the verge of losing my mind, that I have no coping skills for the day to day that is my life.
I could drop off to sleep at any second during the day, but at night I get a bit of insomnia. I am uncomfortable in my own skin, and often get blinding headaches, and even cold sore outbreaks.
I need to be able to cope better, I have four kids at home everyday that need their mother to be calm and reasonable and take care of them. Not be on the verge of a crying, screaming fit at any second. I often have to give them something to do and disappear into my room for a while or take a long shower, because I would hate to blow up at them for something small simply because I feel out of sorts.
How do other people cope with this? It is not something I really feel comfortable talking about very often, so I would love to have some insight from some of you. Some practical advice. I think the first thing I am gonna do is make an appointment to see my Doctor, I am sure she will have something to say on the subject. Oh and remember to take my calcium, that is supposed to help.
I think I shall go take some right now. and take a nap.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Autumn moments

It was another beautiful fall day today and so for preschool exchange day we took a little nature walk to collect leaves and came home and made a cute craft. I have to share some of the adorable photos I took as I tried to keep up with 3 year old legs.
The backyard.

Our neighbourhood jackrabbit.

Mommy yelling, "Wait up!"

Little sister trying to keep up.

Monday, October 01, 2007

Weekend Mania

I had this idea in my head of my weekend. A weekend with no hockey-probably the last one til April actually. No taekwondo either. A weekend to relax and do yard work, maybe scrapbook a little.
I was very naive.
Friday was shopping with my sister before she went back to Grande Prairie.
Friday was getting the 10 year old ready for E-Z D-Z Retreat at the church's ranch.
Friday was getting 10 year old to the Church by 6 to get on the bus, get 13 year old there by 6:30 for youth group trip to the Corn Maze, and get to the football game with the preschoolers, in the cool, wet weather by 7.
Friday was finding out that NO our neighbours son was not going to the Corn Maze and therefore, NO they couldn't bring our son home with them and keep him til we got back from the football game.
We gave the football tickets to the neighbours. (it nearly killed dh, but he was very wise. He knew that he would be grumpy with me when we had to leave early cuz the babies would be wet, cold and tired, and we would have to meet our almost teen after youth)
So, Friday ended with dh watching the game on tv and me scrapbooking, picking up the teenybopper from youth, and us cuddled in our bed, instead of a cold football stadium. And that was just fine.

The rest of the weekend wasn't much quieter.

On Sunday we taught Sunday School and then my Monkey Boy and Girly got to go to a birthday party for their little friend at the leisure centre. What fun! Tons of kids 4 and under, cake, pizza, presents, what more could you ask for? The played in the indoor playground for a while and then went up to the party room for food. While waiting the kids made their own fun jumping and throwing balls, it was neat to watch how they could entertain themselves without the aid of toys, electronics or parental interference. No fighting, no injuries, just lots of cooperation and laughs.
All the parents were wonderful, always nice to meet new, interesting people.

Speaking of which, Daddy and Mommy got to do more of that on Saturday night. It was 'Homebuilders' night at the church, a get-together for the youngish couples in the community. What a blast! It was the kick-off for the year and we had a games night. Just like youth group when I was a teen, relays and scavenger hunt and trivia games. We were all split into teams, separate from our spouses and competed for points. It was really good for me to be on my own, because I didn't know anyone and I tend to let dh take the initiative in social situations, I tend towards shyness. We had such fun and got to know some of the personalities behind somewhat familiar faces, dh even made some businessy contacts.
Best part of the night? My team won! And the prize? A GC to my fave coffee place in the neighbourhood! Yahoo! Free Lattes this week:D

Check out what I did with the awesome Weeds and Wildflowers kit, Seeing Stars. Love their groovy style!
The card was for the party on Sunday, I blurred her face and took her name off the card.