Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Anything he can do...

She can do too!
In yesterday's post, I was talking about the very long walk from the Football game on Saturday to our car, well it was so long that our 3 year old boy had to pee. Now. So we told him to pick a tree. (Check out his green foam finger!)
Well, if her big brother can pee on a tree then so can Girly. I told her, "No, girls don't stand and pee." Well she had to prove me wrong-took her diaper right off even and pushed her hips forward yelling, "I pee!"
My dh said, "She is just like you, dear." Referring to the fact that as a girl I wanted nothing more than to stand and pee, I even had a dream that I had a brother and I wore his underpants and magically I could stand and pee!
hmm, I can't believe I just shared that. Waaay tmi.


  1. So you're where Elizabeth get's it from... lol! I finally got caught up on all the posts I missed while I was gone on holidays. Sounds like your adorable and half grown kids are still keeping you very busy. Don't forget to take some "ME" time.

    Have a fantastic week!

  2. That foam finger made me laugh out loud!

    My daughter tried that too after obeserving her cousin drop trou and pee on my sister's fence. She was wearing a little dress and flip flops, so she just removed her panties and the shoes and achieved some success!