Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Sorry that post was soooo wordy. Dh just read it and now he feels bad. Sorry honey. Especially cuz now he just put the ladder through the wall. A wall we are keeping. So now he is cutting out more drywall. More mess. More fixing.
I just have to remember that we are doing this so we can sell this house. Then I hope I will have something that works better for our now bigger family.
Deep breath.
Hangin on...

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  1. Must be a guy thing, my hubby put his foot through our dining room ceiling while renovating the bedrooms upstairs. I too couldn't supress the giggles. Renovations are not fun but the end product is so hang in there baby! I liked your solution of working on other areas of the house, that's what I did too and it helps! I also found taking the kids away (we stay at a friends for a couple of days at a time) and hubby gets a TON done then because he doesn't have to put everything away for the little ones and he can go for hours without interuptions. Your welcome to come for a visit :)