Monday, October 01, 2007

Weekend Mania

I had this idea in my head of my weekend. A weekend with no hockey-probably the last one til April actually. No taekwondo either. A weekend to relax and do yard work, maybe scrapbook a little.
I was very naive.
Friday was shopping with my sister before she went back to Grande Prairie.
Friday was getting the 10 year old ready for E-Z D-Z Retreat at the church's ranch.
Friday was getting 10 year old to the Church by 6 to get on the bus, get 13 year old there by 6:30 for youth group trip to the Corn Maze, and get to the football game with the preschoolers, in the cool, wet weather by 7.
Friday was finding out that NO our neighbours son was not going to the Corn Maze and therefore, NO they couldn't bring our son home with them and keep him til we got back from the football game.
We gave the football tickets to the neighbours. (it nearly killed dh, but he was very wise. He knew that he would be grumpy with me when we had to leave early cuz the babies would be wet, cold and tired, and we would have to meet our almost teen after youth)
So, Friday ended with dh watching the game on tv and me scrapbooking, picking up the teenybopper from youth, and us cuddled in our bed, instead of a cold football stadium. And that was just fine.

The rest of the weekend wasn't much quieter.

On Sunday we taught Sunday School and then my Monkey Boy and Girly got to go to a birthday party for their little friend at the leisure centre. What fun! Tons of kids 4 and under, cake, pizza, presents, what more could you ask for? The played in the indoor playground for a while and then went up to the party room for food. While waiting the kids made their own fun jumping and throwing balls, it was neat to watch how they could entertain themselves without the aid of toys, electronics or parental interference. No fighting, no injuries, just lots of cooperation and laughs.
All the parents were wonderful, always nice to meet new, interesting people.

Speaking of which, Daddy and Mommy got to do more of that on Saturday night. It was 'Homebuilders' night at the church, a get-together for the youngish couples in the community. What a blast! It was the kick-off for the year and we had a games night. Just like youth group when I was a teen, relays and scavenger hunt and trivia games. We were all split into teams, separate from our spouses and competed for points. It was really good for me to be on my own, because I didn't know anyone and I tend to let dh take the initiative in social situations, I tend towards shyness. We had such fun and got to know some of the personalities behind somewhat familiar faces, dh even made some businessy contacts.
Best part of the night? My team won! And the prize? A GC to my fave coffee place in the neighbourhood! Yahoo! Free Lattes this week:D

Check out what I did with the awesome Weeds and Wildflowers kit, Seeing Stars. Love their groovy style!
The card was for the party on Sunday, I blurred her face and took her name off the card.

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