Saturday, October 13, 2007

Pumas and Bears

How cute is toddler-speak?
Girly wanted me to come and play Diego 123 with her, she said, "Yet's pway it ughether!" over and over and over again. So I played with her, which meant she got to take all the cards out of the bag and match them to everyone's gameboard, instead of each of us taking a turn. The game consists of 4 'bingo' cards one with flying animals, one with walkers, climbers and swimmers. There are for example 1 vulture, 2 eagles, 3 grey hawks etc. There is a bag of cards to match each number.
My fave part is how she pronounces some of the animals. She adores the spectacled bears. 'peckled' bewrs, in A speak. She often subs in an H for P, so Pumas are HOOOmas! Another fave. The Hooma card is missing today, so she kept whining, "Where my HOOOmas!?!"
None of her brothers like to play with her, since she doesn't follow the rules, or play fair. She has quite a forceful little personality, so no one likes to fight her too hard on anything either.
One thing she has no problem pronouncing is pinguino. She does not know that penguin is the english word for penguin. She only knows those tux-sportin' animals in Spanish. Gotta love Dora!

I can't wait for Monday. Weekends in winter are so crazy for us. I was up by 5:30 to get my 10 year old to hockey for 6, after hockey we went for breakfast with some teammates.
Next up is Taekwondo at 10:30 for both big boys. Then my men are going to the Football game at one. Hockey for the oldest starts at 9:30 tonight, not sure how that is gonna work when his Dad goes to work at 6, and he has 3 younger siblings that should be sleeping by then. Maybe Grandma will come and babysit or Gramps will come and take the Boy to hockey.
Tomorrow we start all over again, but throw Church into the mix. It is so fun to watch the kids play a sport they love, but the schedule gets a little crazy.


  1. just wanted to stop by and thank you for your comment! will makes me laugh daily with how he pronounces things, he says he has 'gups in his tum-my when he has hiccups, he says "i yike it" when he likes something...the list goes on and on! i'm gonna be a little disappointed when he starts talking like a big boy!

  2. I have a hard time correcting my now 4-year-old's speech delays/errors... they're so cute! The funniest is that his name is Luke, but he can't say his L's, so he says it "Wuke".

    I was about to start Luke in hockey this year, but when I talked to some hockey moms about crazy-early practices in cold arenas, I decided he could wait another year (or two...) We have him playing floor hockey, in a gym, at 10:30 AM - so much more civilized!

  3. YMCA is all the commitment we can handle for a sports schedule because its in nice little 6 week intervals and not anything high stress.

  4. Cute on the toddler speak and the game madness. We can't seem to keep games together. All the pieces get used for other things:(

    I hear you on the craziness of the sports schedules! I actually just posted about that lol. Great minds.