Thursday, July 31, 2008

I have big plans...

So I am finding my energy burst flagging now, my to do list is still long, but my motivation is short. Thankfully I am managing to keep my house tidy, which may not seem like a big thing, but it is for me. It is not something my family is good at consistently, but we are all working on it.

Our home is bursting with creativity. I had mentioned a little bookshelf I had wanted to make for the Girly's room, a 1 hour project. My hubby's brain started whirring and he came up with plans for a huge, built in bookcase/window seat project that would take a week. Or months depending on how long he stays motivated! I always get swept up in his ideas, for a while. And then my super practical side comes out, the side that knows there are many other more important things on his to do list. And, the side who knows that he has a tendency to get bored with a project and then leave it unfinished for indefinite periods of time. And that? That makes me crazy. And then I become insane, nagging wife and he digs in his heels and we get nowhere. So. No huge built in bookshelf.

My creative juices are flowing as well, I have tons of ideas for artwork for the kid's rooms. Tons! I bought some more canvasses yesterday and plan on sketching out the watercolour I want to do for Girly today. A wonderful relative of Brent's was decluttering a while back and she had tons of art supplies to give away. Since we have all the kids in the family she decided to pass them along to us. Acrylics, watercolours, enamels, fabric paints, pastels, glass paints, paper of every description and size-anything you could imagine, she brought boxes of it. I think I am gonna go to the dollar store for some cheap canvasses and let the kids do some acrylic painting as well. Might as well put these supplies to use and keep the kids busy at the same time. The littles have to stick to watercolours though. Washable.

Maybe if I put some of this creative energy to use, my organizing/cleaning mojo will come back! One can only hope.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Bedtime Story

My Monkey boy is getting so very big, at 4.5 he is now reading me bedtime stories! It takes quite a bit longer for him to read it than to do it myself. But watching my little boy silently sound out the words and conquer each page is so worth the extra moments. I am continually amazed at his brilliance, I marvel at this incredible child who brings sunlight into my everyday.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Weekend Update

It was a lovely weekend. The weather was sweltering, but punctuated by a couple of good thunderstorms. We continued working in our house, making some headway in our horrid basement. Brent even got some underbed boxes made for under the big boy's bunk bed. Big huge ones. I am going to pick up some handles at ikea tomorrow for them.

My mom thoroughly enjoyed her volunteering at the IndyCar race, she got to interview people about their race experience. My mom is extremely personable and lovely, people are attracted to her like a moth to a flame and she can make anyone she speaks to feel like a million bucks. Both days she was there, she got invited up to the luxury boxes by people to come and watch the races. She said it was a pretty awesome experience, even for someone who is not into car racing.

Before she left, my Mom took Girly on a little shopping trip for her birthday. Nana asked Girly if Mommy could come along. Nope, no way, this was her time with her Nana! My Girly felt like the most special Girl in the whole world. Nana took her for ice cream and then let her pick out some things for herself at the store. When they got back, Girly couldn't wait to show me her haul. A couple outfits, a fairy book and a stuffed hippo. She was beaming from ear to ear, lucky girl.

My Ultrasound on Friday was fine, she didn't actually let me see much of the baby or say much at all, which I find disconcerting. I hate that the docs keep sending me to different ultrasound places, there is one place I adore and the rest are blah. Oh well, I will soon hold this babe in my arms, right?
Here is my teensy boy, who is already around 5 lbs they estimate.

Oh and I have to share this photo of my friends who came and shared a bbq with us on Friday. I got to see another side of my girlfriend's hubby, it was fun! We were so thankful for their company and are continually thankful for their friendship. They also have 1 daughter and 4 boys, share our faith and home educate. It is amazing to have people to share this journey with.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Uh... Nesting Much?

Well, you who were teasing about me nesting, must be right. I spent Wednesday and Thursday in a whirlwind. I thought that my girlfriend's kids were coming on Wednesday afternoon and that inspired me to start cleaning up this hole I call a house.

I have to admit that this pregnancy has not been kind to my housekeeping. I spent the first 3 months sick. Like stuck in bed, unable to breathe or move kinda sick. I had a few weeks reprieve and then the ultrasound that told me I had placenta praevia and needed to take it easy. So I did. I enjoyed taking it easy, a lot. I am sure that no one else in my house enjoyed my break as much as I did though. I confess that I let a lot of things slide, and eventually I got very frustrated with my inability to do much about it, even though I was so flippin' tired that I barely wanted to.

So now I have a clean bill of health and scant weeks until this baby is to arrive. I have the bug. I completely mucked out all of the bedrooms, the worst one being the 10 year old's. I just mucked it out a few months ago and last night when daddy pulled out the bed to take it downstairs, I couldn't believe my eyes. I swear there were only 2 square feet of floor space that weren't completely overtaken by crap.

But I got it clean. Took until 1 am, but I did it. And we moved him down to the big bedroom with his big brother. And got the double bed moved upstairs for Monkey boy. Well actually for my Mom who is here for Indy weekend. That bedroom and the nursery still need to be painted, but they are clean and clutter free so it shouldn't be to difficult to get that done.

I also mucked out the family room again and got all the toys organized. My boys think tidying up means to pick stuff up off the floor and stuff it in corners, under furniture, behind books in the shelves and in random storage bins. I have a place for each thing and their random 'tidies' make me crazy! Especially since I have to spend 5 hours fixing it like I did yesterday. I didn't even make it to the desk and shelves above it yet. Argh!

So I still have that to do. And my bedroom closet, linen closet, back entry closet, kitchen and school shelves. Oh, and the basement. (but Brent is supposed to do most of that!) But it isn't so overwhelming to me anymore. I have accomplished a lot this week, things I felt were too big to get done, so now I feel hopeful about finishing the rest. Even if I just do one small job at a time, instead of 16 hours days like yesterday. Yeehaw! Have I told you how much I like clean and organized? I am too tired right now to enjoy it, but I will after a nap I am sure.

I have a biophysical profile ultrasound scheduled this afternoon, so I will get to see and hear my baby for an hour or so. So looking forward to that, but the full bladder? Not so much. I hope they let me pee! Gosh, I am running out of time, I really need to come up with a name for this teeny monkey. Maybe I will get an inspiration today, maybe a name will fall from the heavens.

Hope you all have an amazing weekend and I will visit over the next 2 days. After I nap.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

We are fine.

K, here is a sign of our booming economy here in Alberta. First we drove around for an hour looking for a place to drop off our used clothing and bedding. The Goodwill had closed and all we could find were some drop boxes for charities I had never heard of. Today we drove over to the Salvation Army store and they told us that they have no staff to sort and price their donations. They have a warehouse full of stuff and can't even sell it. The woman kindly suggested giving our things directly to shelters, so that is what we will do from now on. Because the thrift stores can not hire staff.
I know that tons of the fast food joints in the area have closed their drive-thrus in the past 2 years because they can not hire enough people and all customer service has greatly suffered.
But. But, as we drove home there were still young guys standing on the meridian panhandling. One wearing designer jeans??? anyway.

So I had my OB appointment this morning. Remember how I said that I had lost 5 pounds last time? Well this week they were back. With 2 friends. oops.
I had a little scare while there. My blood pressure has been high for me for the last couple months. I am usually a 90's over 60's gal while pregnant. Well I have been 120's over 80's and 90's. So not officially high, but borderline. This doesn't seem to be of concern to my doctor, but has been worrying me off and on. So before I went, I prayed that if there was any issues that they would make themselves apparent to my doctor while I was there. Thinking that maybe my blood pressure is higher sometimes, but not showing that while at the doctor.
So they do my blood pressure, it is 'fine', 120 over 80. Then the doctor comes in and listens to babe. I know within seconds that she is concerned because she keeps the doppler there for a very long time. Like a minute or two. Which seems like a long time when you are worried.
She then tells me to just hop on over to the hospital for a non-stress test. Right now. Baby's heart rate is elevated, probably nothing, just an active phase, but go anyway.
I get all the way to the bathroom before I cry.
See, when you have had a previous baby die in your womb, there is a moment of panic every time that doppler gets near your tummy. What if this is the time she can't find his heartbeat? Every time you are busily engrossed in your day and you stop and realize you haven't felt any movements for a while, you freak out for a second. Usually I then have a piece of chocolate and try to sit quietly until I feel baby again.
Part of the reason I haven't done any shopping for this baby yet, is that I can hardly believe that I will get to hold a living child at the end. This seems ridiculous, because my body has managed to produce 4 living babies and only 1 dead baby. But that is just my truth right now.
I received a lovely little onesie the other day from a friend. The first thing that anyone has give me for baby 'Ra. My first thought was, 'Ack!' Then I told myself that it was okay, if baby died maybe I could dress him in it still.
So, I cried for a second and then I pulled it together and walked down to pay for more parking and hike over to the hospital. I got lost. I found my way and made it to perinatal and sat to wait my turn. And I cried again. Just a teensy bit. And then baby started to move around a lot and I just prayed for him and wiped away the tears.
The results of the test were perfect. Baby is fine. He has a high baseline heart rate (150's to 160's), so the accelerations are relatively high as well. Into the 180's while on monitor. That is what my doctor was hearing, thankfully.
So I left there a little worse for wear, but relieved. And I didn't even get a ticket, though my parking had expired!
A nice bonus-my hubby had gotten my upset message about going for the test and decided to come home and make sure we were okay, so I got to melt into his arms and be comforted when I got home. Perfect.

Monday, July 21, 2008

I did it, I did it (Dora music in background...)

Went through 21 bins of clothing
now I am less:
1 bag of garbage
12 big bags to the Salvation Army
4 bins of baby girly clothes to a friend

Now I have:
4 empty bins
2 more bins of girly clothes to be finished filling and give away
2 bins of post pregnancy clothing
1 bin of baby toys
1 huge bin of winter gear for this winter
1 enormous bin of bedding we still need
5 sorted bins of baby boy (0-3 years) clothes, some mostly empty waiting to be filled
1 basket of baby things to wash (plus at least 1 of the bins)

There is still plenty of crap to go through, but mostly toys, paperwork and junk to get rid of.
But getting this much accomplished feels so good I can't begin to tell you. I GOT RID OF STUFF!!! YAY!
My hubby even said he would go through his own clothes, purge and put away the rest. Woot, woot!

On the downside, it is stinkin' hot today. I am pouring sweat and I have no air conditioning. ugh.
I am gonna go lay down and have some water. Brent is bbq-ing for dinner!

Just another manic Monday...

Things are happening around here. My kids bedrooms are finally getting painted in preparation for the kid shuffle. The 2 bigger boys will be sharing the big bedroom downstairs, Girly is going to have her own (pink) room and the little boys are going to be sharing eventually. I have been recruited to do some artwork for their bedrooms. My husband seems to think that I can do that. I guess we shall see.
I am also finishing our kitchen/main floor reno plans and have to choose flooring, cabinets and tiles. I am feeling utterly indecisive. So not helpful.
While this other stuff is happening, I am trying to keep decluttering and get rid of stuff we don't need. 'Stuff' makes me a little crazy. Okay, a lot crazy. I need it gone. But I can only do a bit at a time. My body is now rebelling. My whole pelvis is revolting against my pregnant state. My tailbone feels bruised, my hips ache and my pubic bone is HURTING! All of this is throwing my poor back into spasms of displeasure. Time for a chiropractor or something, I shall ask the OB for a referral tomorrow.
I spent most of the last week working on a scrapbook album for Girly's birthday, I am almost done, but feel stuck. I am no longer inspired, just want it done. Anyone want to come and finish it for me?? I did hit on a terrific idea though. I am making a book about her third year, so I have been going back through my blog and cutting and pasting cute anecdotes from here to my pages. I love blogging! If I didn't record that stuff, it would be forever lost.
There are so many things on my to do list. I have nothing ready for the baby's arrival. Nothing. This time I need to buy things, quite a number of things. A carseat. A baby bed of some sort. Important things. I am just not into it though. If I had tons of cash I would so be out shopping, but we are now living on a budget. ugh. Not nearly as much fun!

Whine, whine, whine. Sorry for inflicting my rotten state of mind on all of you. My hubby is tired of my whining, I am sure. So. You get it by default. I am a bit overwhelmed by the thought of all that needs to happen in a few short months (or weeks as the case may be) and I need to write it all down so that I can ease my mind and concentrate on what I can do today. Phew.
Today? More laundry? and just maybe I will get a little something extra done. Maybe.

By the way, have I told you all how much I love you? Thanks feeding my ego with all your lovely complements. Just what every woman who is feeling whale-like needs. Some love from you gorgeous ladies! Thanks and Mmmwah!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

33 weeks.

I am in complete denial over how close I am to the end of this pregnancy. But the belly tells the tale.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Happy Birthday Girly!

Happy 3rd Birthday to my darling, sweet Girly. I can hardly believe she is such a big girl - she is my baby!
Look how sweet she is on her new bike.

And in her fairy costume from Grandma.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Giant step for Boy-kind.

A big news day in the Mighty House. My own little Monkey Boy achieved an amazing milestone last night.
The littles were jonesing for some outdoor time after dinner. It had rained most of the day and we were all a little stir crazy by evening. Daddy fired up the grill and we ate our burgers out on the deck in spite of a brisk breeze and an insistent killer wasp. As soon as they had enough in their belly's to fuel an escape, Monkey and Girly were strapping on their helmets and heading for their bikes.
We decided to take them out front into the cul-de-sac to give them some space to motor. Monkey followed Superboy who was on his skateboard and Papa helped Girly get her tricycle to the front yard. We laughed at their antics and 'tricks', cries of, "Look Mom, no hands," echoed down the street. They splashed through puddles and tried to not crash into one another. At one point Daddy mentioned to Monkey Boy that one of these days he could try to ride without training wheels.
Well that was it. "Yeah Dad, take them off now!"
"Keep practicing Monkey and I will go find my wrench." We watched for a bit longer and then Monkey was calling Daddy again, "Go get your wrench Dad, come on!"
I was a little unsure of this venture, I had just watched how crazy my little kamikaze was on his bike. Weaving all over the place. Not even a hint of balance showing there. Yikes.
So Daddy took off those security wheels. Monkey Boy immediately got up on that bike to try, didn't even wait for someone to show him or help him. Dad jumped over to help balance him, held on two steps and off my little boy went.... for about 3 rotations of the pedals before losing balance. Daddy thought it prudent to start off on the grass so that is what they were doing, but after 3 or 4 fairly successful attempts it was apparent to my Boy that the grass was more hindrance then help so he headed for the road.
Daddy steadied him once again and then he and Superboy ran beside my Monkey while he took off down the road. Immediate success once again. The look on his face saying, "Woohoo, I did it, I am riding a TWO-WHEELER!" Within 10 minutes he was taking off on his own with no help at all. He rode all around the cul-de-sac for at least an hour, practicing his stopping and starting, pure joy etched across his features.
The looks on our faces surely echoed his, proud Mommy, Daddy and Papa watching our little boy transform before our eyes. Making the transition from little boy, one of my babies, to big boy, in a matter of seconds. When I fell into bed last night, I was still so elated with his accomplishment that I could hardly sleep. Brent and I whispered of Monkey's biking prowess until the wee hours. None of this parenting stuff ever gets old, let me tell you.
Taking off the training wheels.

First try.

Momentary success.

My big boy is now a two-wheeler rider!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Back from vacation.

Well we are home and it is taking me some time get back in the swing of things. I think I spent all of Tuesday sleeping!
We had a wonderful time with Shay and her family, as well as our family who visited. The week leading up to our leaving to travel to the lake, I was just dreading it. So many things to think about and do, packing and shopping and cleaning etc. Two days of traveling with small children...
But as soon as we arrived, that all melted away. Even though we still had to cook and clean, we were doing it together and it was all truly relaxing. We had lots of lazy time, just soaking up the sun and enjoying the children's laughter. We ate tons of yummy food, including our weight in potato chips and I still lost 5 pounds (oops). Must be that point in pregnancy I guess. One of my favourite things was lying on my tummy on an inflatable in the water. Haven't laid on that basketball in months!
We all truly enjoyed each other's company, even when we were just laying side by side in the sun, reading. The men had a blast on the boat, pulling the kids along on the tube and wakeboard. It was a great vacation and we are looking forward to doing it again next year. Though I am sure it will be far from relaxing for me then with an 11 month old. yikes!
Lunch on the beach.

Going tubing!

My hottie sister who was also at the lake.

My littles, my niece and Shay's youngest wading.

Shay's and my big boys, their friends and my nephew taking a break from pushing each other off the dock. fun.

Our littles dancing in the crazy lake house.

Our big boys ambushing Dad.

Girly playing in the sand.

Eating s'mores by the fire.

And no, I have no photos of either Shay or I in here. Isn't that the way it alway is? Actually there is one of me and Girly that I will put up on Immortality art, along with a bunch more shots from our holiday. Check it out!
And check out Shay's blog for more on our trip.