Monday, July 21, 2008

Just another manic Monday...

Things are happening around here. My kids bedrooms are finally getting painted in preparation for the kid shuffle. The 2 bigger boys will be sharing the big bedroom downstairs, Girly is going to have her own (pink) room and the little boys are going to be sharing eventually. I have been recruited to do some artwork for their bedrooms. My husband seems to think that I can do that. I guess we shall see.
I am also finishing our kitchen/main floor reno plans and have to choose flooring, cabinets and tiles. I am feeling utterly indecisive. So not helpful.
While this other stuff is happening, I am trying to keep decluttering and get rid of stuff we don't need. 'Stuff' makes me a little crazy. Okay, a lot crazy. I need it gone. But I can only do a bit at a time. My body is now rebelling. My whole pelvis is revolting against my pregnant state. My tailbone feels bruised, my hips ache and my pubic bone is HURTING! All of this is throwing my poor back into spasms of displeasure. Time for a chiropractor or something, I shall ask the OB for a referral tomorrow.
I spent most of the last week working on a scrapbook album for Girly's birthday, I am almost done, but feel stuck. I am no longer inspired, just want it done. Anyone want to come and finish it for me?? I did hit on a terrific idea though. I am making a book about her third year, so I have been going back through my blog and cutting and pasting cute anecdotes from here to my pages. I love blogging! If I didn't record that stuff, it would be forever lost.
There are so many things on my to do list. I have nothing ready for the baby's arrival. Nothing. This time I need to buy things, quite a number of things. A carseat. A baby bed of some sort. Important things. I am just not into it though. If I had tons of cash I would so be out shopping, but we are now living on a budget. ugh. Not nearly as much fun!

Whine, whine, whine. Sorry for inflicting my rotten state of mind on all of you. My hubby is tired of my whining, I am sure. So. You get it by default. I am a bit overwhelmed by the thought of all that needs to happen in a few short months (or weeks as the case may be) and I need to write it all down so that I can ease my mind and concentrate on what I can do today. Phew.
Today? More laundry? and just maybe I will get a little something extra done. Maybe.

By the way, have I told you all how much I love you? Thanks feeding my ego with all your lovely complements. Just what every woman who is feeling whale-like needs. Some love from you gorgeous ladies! Thanks and Mmmwah!


  1. It sounds like the nesting instinct has kicked into overdrive!

  2. I so feel your pain! In our house we only do major renovations when I'm due in about two months, just the way it has always worked out.
    yeah my nesting instinct always seems to come down to sorting baby clothes, and resorting baby know stuff i have some control over.

  3. what if I don't have to excuse of being hugely preggo but I still feel the same way?!?!
    How to get everything done in the time/money alotted to it? hmmmm....?

    no idea. Sorry I can't help;-) but whine on girl. Mykes me not so bad about my own whineing:)

    Glad to hear you're making headway!

  4. What a hard worker you are! Not only is pregnancy super tiring- you are taking on some many other hard tasks! You are super momma! P.S.- the stages of the baby is precious!

  5. I'll be doing the same thing in December or so. Should be fun. And by fun, I mean NOT fun.

  6. Get some rest!!! And you can do the whole artwork thing. Just don't stress yourself out about it. I drew and painted on my kids walls when they were little, surprising myself and everyone else. It's fun!

  7. How cute, you're nesting. Stuff drives me crazy too but you make sure to get some rest. *hugs*

  8. Oh yeah, nesting big time. Mondays make me crazy, especially when I don't get anything done on the weekend, like last weekend.
    Take a break, slow down and go see a chiropractor already, girl you gotta take care of yourself.

  9. Uh-oh! Looks like the nesting is kicking in full-effect!

    I remember being like that with both pregnancies--I wanted all clutter GONE!!

    Like, let's get rid of everything, really. (lol)

  10. You are a nesting fool!! Great job though, I wish I could get that nesting feeling and motivation without being 8-9 months pregnant! :)
    You look great btw!!

  11. So busy! I completely agree with how blogging helps you remember the cute little things that happen.

  12. catching up on my blog reading. Sounds like you are busy busy- hope you can get in to see a chiropractor.