Monday, March 19, 2007

Gold Medal Champs!

What a weekend! Between our 2 older boys we had 5 hockey games in 2 days. City wide playoffs were happening, actually still are in some divisions. Both of our boys made us so proud, they played their hearts out. So did their teams, they played their best games of the season, really brought it together as teams. So amazing to watch. Neither team had an easy season, so it was the best ending. The nine year old's atom team was in a double loss knock out situation and had 2 wins 2 losses. The second last game they won 9-1! Gramps, Grandma and Grandpa, a very special Aunt, and Grandma's cousin all came to watch this game, making the victory even sweeter! But the final game they played was a complete knuckle biter, final score 7-6. By the end of the 1st period they were down 4-0. But they pulled it together and fought back. It was exciting to the very last second, they scored with a minute or 2 left and came very close to tying it up in the dying seconds. Unfortunately it was the end for them, but all the parents were very satisfied by the end of their season-we saw such incredible growth in our kids, and it was thrilling to watch every second.
Our oldest son's team had a very hard season, their first win didn't come until their Christmas tournament, and were still few and far between for the rest of the season. They were slowly starting to build their confidence, with lots of coaching staff encouragement, as the season was drawing to a close. I have been so impressed with these kids attitudes, they are almost always good sports and encourage one another. We have seen them learn to work together and pull the best from each other.
They played the final game of the playoffs on Sunday. Grandpa, Gramps, and an Auntie came to watch. So did B's youth pastor and another youth leader, such a special thing for all of us-what great guys! It was an awesome game, they came out hard right from the opening minute of the game. Daddy was on the bench cheering and encouraging and yelling encouragements to the boys and girls, he has been on the bench quite a bit since Christmas. He and B both love having him there:)
The opposing team opened the scoring quite early in the first period. All of us parents got a bit nervous, but our goalies were amazing! All the kids played as a team and went full out all game. It ended in a 2-1 victory for our kids! We were all bursting with pride in our bad news bears team! The kids and parents were all so excited, just about in tears-the coaches were more excited than the kids I think. They posed for pictures and received their gold medals, and passed around the trophy.
We would have been just as proud if had been a loss, because of how they played and their indomitable spirits, but the win was super sweet.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Spring is sprung

I have had these photos lying around my hardrive for quite some time. I love them, but hadn't got around to scrapping them yet. Well the other day I was feeling inspired by the beginning of spring, so I pulled them out. I can't believe how much my boys have grown in the last 2 years. That little monkey was only 16+months when these photos were taken, now he is 3! He has been hanging onto to babyhood quite tightly, especially since he is a big brother. He hasn't wanted to move out of his crib even, but he crawls out whenever he wants. He has started not staying in his bed when we put him there. We had been kinda lazy about it, letting him fall asleep in our bed and moving him later. Then daddy had the brainstorm of letting him sleep in our 9 year olds bottom bunk. Big brother was actually pretty excited to have him, it was so cute! We tucked him into that great big bed, he looked terribly tiny and sweet with his thumb in his mouth looking up at us from under the covers. They loved having their 'blond' boy sleepover, lol. The next night Papa was here so all 3 boys were in there together, but the littlest passed out asleep long before the big boys were done fooling around, thankfully.
The last 2 nights we have put him down in the bunk, but he has gotten up and gone back to his crib. My sweet little boy. I am sure baby girl was happy to have him back with her, she kept asking for him at bedtime.
My big boy finally got his birthday celebration tonight. Daddy had told him that in lieu of a party he could go to an Oilers game. But it turned out that tickets were hard to come by, and then business was slow, so it hadn't happened yet. Well tonight Daddy took him to the game, boy was he excited! Just beeming, disappointed that they lost, but excited none-the-less. He brought me his ticket as soon as he got home, for me to scrapbook! Daddy took some photos of him with his phone too. So I better get on that! Maybe I will have to do up some Oilers elements and papers to use.
Speaking of designs,'s own Jane Atwell is celebrating her birthday today! Happy Birthday Jane!!! Be sure to stop by the store and check out her amazing designs.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Beautiful Spring

What a gorgeous sunny day, almost spring. Luxuriating in the sunshine today, the warmth felt wonderful on my face and my back!
Had a Mommy time out today, dh dropped me off to go shopping without the kids. I strolled through all the stores I usually don't get to stop in, at least not for long. Tried on a dozen pairs of jeans, tons of shoes-ah, almost heavenly.;0) Looked at all kinds of breakables without fear of children breaking them, lol. I didn't buy much, just a few kitchen tools, a Jaime Oliver Italian cookbook, and some t-shirts for the little kids at Mexx. But it was nice anyway.
The only thing wrong was that my dh was supposed to pick me up at 2 after his half hour meeting with the accountant. Well I shopped my heart out til around 4, and then headed to Starbucks to sit and drink a coffee while I waited for him to get there-he said he was on his way. He arrived at almost 6. After 2 coffees, one being an Americano (with an espresso shot!) and reading half a big cookbook. I had quite the caffeine buzz by then, lol. And my kids were really missing me by then, and really hungry. He and the accountants were having some major issues with out computer, specifically with Vista, but they got it figured out eventually, lol.
So Daddy took us to Chuck E Cheese, lol. The kids had a blast, we ate terrible pizza and lots of fruit n veg, baby girl made some new friends-it was fun.
Great day on the site, and I missed it all. We got the store up and running yesterday! And today we hired a new designer! Dawn of Dawn's Digital Designs! So excited to have her on board, and her sister Karon is our newest Moderator! Welcome girls!
So come drop on by the site,!
And check out our brand new store, featuring our wonderful Canadian Designers!

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Look at that grin! Full of mischief and fun. We never have a dull moment with this little boy around. He is a real boy boy, but still loves to cuddle with mommy and have his back scratched. 9 1/2 years old already-he was our baby for so long, sometimes it is hard to remember he is such a big boy.

Monday, March 05, 2007


What a fun weekend! On Saturday morning as I was lazing in bed, I got a phone call from my Mom saying that she was at the airport on her way to Hawaii-but couldn't fly through that day. So she came to see us! So nice to visit even for a few minutes. I pampered myself a bit that day, got my nails done and bought a new pair of jeans. 2 sizes smaller than what I bought before Christmas!!!!!
And they are still kinda baggy!!
I have lost around 12 pounds in the last few weeks, 2 inches off my waist, 2+ jean sizes, and unfortunately at least a cup size, lol. Anyways.... I am so excited! I crave exercise now! I want to eat right, lol. Great feeling.
One downside is today I started to get my appetite back, lol and craving sugar a bit again. Because on Saturday I went out with Yvonne and her friend for Yvonne's bday- and had a piece of cake at her house. Then I had a tiny cinnamon bun at hockey yesterday. Then last night my dh bought chocolate bars, grrr. Peanut butter cups. By this afternoon I caved and had 2 cups, lol. Back to no sugar tomorrow....
Saturday night was so fun! We went to a club called The Ivory, a dueling Piano bar. It was so fun, great crowd, and amazing musicians-amazing. Those girls were so fun, we laughed so hard-so needed! Happy Birthday girlfriend!
Happy Birthday to Kimmy too! Luv you guys!

Thursday, March 01, 2007


Well we have been stressing over the site for weeks, sleeping little, working late. A few more bugs to fix in the store and that part will be over, ahhhh. I have been so tense, my back is aching from sitting at my desk so much. So tonight we went to the rec centre, I was supposed to go with a friend to a water fit class, but she wasn't able. So we all went, dh took the kids swimming and I joined them later. So nice, playing with the kids, exercising, especially sitting in the hottub with the jets hitting all those tense back muscles! I feel so much better, finally relaxed. ahhhhh.
I just want to spend some time with my kids tomorrow, enjoying them. Their mother has been so preoccupied, we all need to just be with each other. I have been making myself spend time playing with them each day, as I have been tending to get caught up in my to do lists. Ara has been so clingy, so I know she could use some extra cuddle time! And what is better than cuddling up with your kids?
Dh went with his brother to pick up his first vehicle today, he just got his driver's and bought a truck all in the same week. Dh took a bunch of photos, so I am gonna look for a very guy kit and scrap them for him!
Wow it is late already, back to work!