Tuesday, January 30, 2007

uh... gross

Kids can be gross, but I have to laugh. Our little monkey boy is still in the beginning of potty training had a pee accident this morning. He took his underwear down to the basement stairs. Well baby girl found them, put them on her head and says, "h..hat, h.. hat!" So funny, but really gross. I grabbed them and took them downstairs. But I am hoping that she will do it with some clean ones so I can take a pic-to scrapbook of course.

Monday, January 29, 2007


I got a preview of Jane's gorgeous New Valentine's kit that will be for sale at CDSU on February 14! This is my first layout using this kit, I can't wait to do some more. These are pictures from a few minutes after our baby girl was born, meeting her daddy for the first time. Man time sure does fly, now she grabs her shoes and follows him to the door saying, "Shoes! Out. Go. DAD!" She is definitely her Daddy's girl, and she has all those girlish wiles down pat. She can make her Dad or her Grandpa's do whatever she wants, and she adores them for it.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

18 days

Well my Website building partner, Heidi, keeps giving me a 'number of days left til opening' reminder. Today it is just 18 days!!!! Yikes! I am so excited about our new Canadian Digital Scrapbooking website, I think it will be so fun to have a place to celebrate all the wonderful Canadian scrap artists. And a place to introduce this art form to thousands of others. I cannot wait until we are open and people are sharing their layouts with us, and we are making new friends and chatting. Yay! 18 days! Lots more work to do, but fun and lots of payoff-I hope.
Our in-house designer, Jane Atwell was just published in For Keeps magazine, so we are all very excited for her. She is so talented, with amazing style. Yay Jane!

Friday, January 26, 2007

Okay, I know all parents think their children are genius', but mine really are! ROFL!
The kids were arguing and the 9yob told the 3yob that he was a baby, he said, "No, I three!" Holding up three fingers while he said it. Then daddy told him that he was right and that baby girl was 1. So baby girl pipes up, "One, I one!" while holding up one finger! She is definitely my child, a total smartie. So cute.
Had to share this one, lol.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Well we are trying to make an effort to be more active with our kids, like we were in the old days of 2 and 3 kids. So tonight we went skating with them. I have maybe skated 3 times in the last 13 years. ummm.... yeah
So I have been bragging to the kids that I am a great skater, ('cause their Dad is not.lol) I haven't skated with them because I needed to get my skates fixed, one of the blades was on crooked, and we just never seen to get around to fixing it.
anyway, let's just say I am a bit rusty. and outdoor ice is much harder to skate on, yeah, that's it!
My legs are killing me, I am so out of shape. But I am determined to keep at it, hopefully we can get out there a few times a week. My legs should look great after not too long. Maybe I will even become a fairly good skater again. We'll see...
It was really fun though, especially chasing the boys around. The babies didn't like being cooped up in the Chariot, as long as we were moving fast they were okay, except for the 3 year old monkey biting Baby Girl. grrr.

Monday, January 22, 2007


We took the kids to the Science center today, and we could smell this amazing smell. Food! They were hosting some sort of event so dh asked an employee what was happening. Nosy guy! Turns out they were have the members only premier of the new Imax movie, "Hurricane on the Bayou." That yummy smell was jambalaya, mmmmm. So we went and bought some tickets and ate some yummy food and watched the film.
The film did not start out as a 'Katrina' film. It was a film about the wetlands and conservation. There is a beautiful young fiddle prodigy that they were filming and her and her fellow musicians were promoting wetlands protection. The hurricane just happened while they were filming. Turns out that the way they built the levees and canals back in the thirties, greatly impacted the wetlands. Add to that the pollution and development of the last 70 years and the wetlands are disappearing at an enormous pace.
Apparently the wetlands would have offered great protection from the flooding that absolutely devastated New Orleans. They of course absorb huge amounts of water and offer physical protection from the storms as well. If the wetlands were not so depleted, the effects of 'Katrina' would have been greatly reduced. I had never heard of this before now, all the coverage I watched, nothing was said about the effect of the missing wetlands. It was so interesting.
Watching the effects of the flooding on the city of New Orleans was so heart-wrenching. The devastation was so complete. Neighborhoods washed away. Livelihoods completely taken away. Homes, businesses were completely gone and the emotional devastation on the people there will take years to fade. I had to keep washing away tears as I watched this. I can't imagine how hard this must be for those who live there.
We learned so much and I can't wait to learn more about weather and the environment with the boys this year. This sparked an interest for all of us so I am anxious to kindle that.