Saturday, January 27, 2007

18 days

Well my Website building partner, Heidi, keeps giving me a 'number of days left til opening' reminder. Today it is just 18 days!!!! Yikes! I am so excited about our new Canadian Digital Scrapbooking website, I think it will be so fun to have a place to celebrate all the wonderful Canadian scrap artists. And a place to introduce this art form to thousands of others. I cannot wait until we are open and people are sharing their layouts with us, and we are making new friends and chatting. Yay! 18 days! Lots more work to do, but fun and lots of payoff-I hope.
Our in-house designer, Jane Atwell was just published in For Keeps magazine, so we are all very excited for her. She is so talented, with amazing style. Yay Jane!

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  1. LOL I dont scare you with that countdown do i? hee hee.