Sunday, November 19, 2006

Another week, a new start.

Well I am going to have to spend some time this afternoon coming up with a new plan for the week. Spiderboy, math and I are not mixing well. This child can sit at the table without doing anything at all for infinite amounts of time. He is so smart at math, but he just refuses to do anything. I get so frustrated with him, he could be off having fun, but instead he is sitting at the table for hours, with me saying, "Do your math, do you math, do you need help? Do your math!"
Our facilitator is coming on Wednesday, so I am looking forward to meeting him and picking his brain. Maybe he will have some advice. In the meantime I think we will take a week off math. Maybe we will spend a week doing science experiments and art projects. The kids will love that! Messy, but fun.
Started crocheting on Baby Girl's Christmas stocking that I meant to have done for last Christmas. I hope I finish it in time this year. I hope to get two done actually, one for my childhood girlfriend's little guy who is the same age as my baby. I had told her about it last year and then never finished it, so I won't mention it this time-just in case.
I can't wait to start Christmas shopping, I need to get my Secret Santa giftee something special this week, oh and my girlfriend Shay a birthday gift. Can't wait to go on our girls shopping weekend!

Oops, better go get my kids in bed!

Happy 12 Birthday to The Boy

My biggest boy had his twelfth birthday yesterday, wow. Time sure flies, I think about the baby I held in my arms as I sobbed for joy. The amazingly precocious toddler, who introduced himself to everyone he met and then proceeded to completely charm them. The little boy who ran off to kindergarten without a second look back at Mom. (Thank goodness, since she was balling unabashedly!) The insightful, brilliant, compassionate young man he has become, who can still charm the pants off the grumpiest old lady and make the prettiest young girl flutter her lashes. I am so amazed by the belief he has in himself, that he can overcome any hurdle, that there is no reason for him to not be terrific at anything he puts his mind to.
I remember when he was five years old and he was one of the mc's at a school assembly. The teacher had given him a sentence to say, but he said that and then he was off. Completely ad-libbing and he had the crowd rolling with laughter. Then when he was 8 or 9 he sang a beautiful ballad with a girl a few years older. He sang like an angel and had every mom weeping. He is everything I am not, and unfortunately for him-a few I wish neither of us were;0). I am so glad to be his mommy. He is such a cool kid!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Today it rained on top of all our fluffy snow, I am sure the city is a skating rink now.
Well the potty thing did not happen today, not one time did the Monkey boy make it to the toilet. He is now wearing a diaper.
Baby girl (who needs a better nickname, don't you think?) said, "Grandma," last night, in front of Grandma-what a good girl!
School is going a bit better today, but Spiderboy is still working on math and spelling. I think I will go and sit with him and go through each question orally with him, I think that would be much quicker than watching him stare into space. It is not like he doesn't know how to do the questions, he just doesn't do them. grrr...
The Boy went to youth tonight and then Grandma stopped at Mc D's on the way home with him and didn't bring anything for Spiderboy, how rude-I hate that, Spiderboy often gets the short end of things. Dh's family seem intent on continuing the bad pattern they started with dh and his brother. Dh was the king and was spoiled rotten, and the younger brother was left to feel worthless and good for nothing. One told how he could do and be anything, how smart he was, and the other told that he was too dumb to make any decisions for himself. One has made a fairly successful life for himself and the other is still living at home at 30, no high school diploma, and afraid to move forward with his life.
Dh and I try to insulate our sons from this b.s. as much as we can, but it sneaks in every once in a while. I am not one of those parents who thinks that everything has to be fair all the time, but I do believe that you should not make children to feel like sh!t with blatant favouritism.
In general I love my inlaws a lot and appreciate all they do for us, and that they are interested in being part of my kids lives, just a few little things that get to me sometimes.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Tomorrow is a better day.

Not quite. I need to vent!
This morning we have already had 3 potty accidents. And baby girl was playing in the toilet again. And her and monkey boy were playing in my very expensive facial creams and exfoliating scrubs. ( I am definitely starting to get some LINES! Really needing my expensive treatments, lol.)

It snowed a foot in the last 24 hours. Dh shovelled before he left yesterday, then it started to snow. I shovelled the first 8-10 inches last night, and then this morning you could barely tell I had shovelled at all. My elbow and back are killing me, my arms are shaking.... man am I out of shape. I bought a scale on the weekend, I figured I needed a reality check. Yep-10 lbs. heavier than I thought. YIKES! Baby Girl is more than a year old, can't blame her anymore, time to do something about this. Like wear out my treadmill. Start bench pressing the toddlers.

Oh yeah, I decided to donate a scrapbook for The Boy's hockey team's silent auction. I am kinda excited to scrap for someone else, I have done a few pages for friends but nothing too big. I need to put together an ad sheet and my portfolio. I keep meaning to get to it, but so far nothing. I will do it tonight.

School is not going well today, math is not done and it is almost noon. Time to go 'crack the whip', I think I will interupt them to do journals and reading. They can finish math on their own time, tired of them wasting mine.
Speaking of school, I should go and deal with that.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Potty training

Day 1: monkey boy is dry all day, used potty even while we were running around all day, Daddy was home and took care of it all.
Day 2: Out again all day, Daddy home again (thank goodness)! While at 'The Boy's hockey game Monkey Boy peed pants, Dad changed him, then he pooed pants, Dad put a diaper on him.
Day 3: Take Daddy to the airport, eat lunch at Micky-d's with Grandma and Grandpa, go home and use potty, dry dry dry.
Watch a video while mom takes a few minutes, poop pants. Mom puts some jammie pants on the Monkey, eat supper, poop pants! argh!!!!! Yuck. Shower and a diaper. Bed.
Oh well, the only reason he is training is because I told him that VJ is trained and she gets to wear cool big girl panties! He thought that sounded cool so we bought him some Elmo undies and hoped he would be inspired. I haven't pushed it ever because training is so much work, diapers are much easier, especially with baby girl and trying to teach the big kids too. But he will be three at the end of the year, so the time is coming that he needs to be trained.
We will try again tomorrow.
I am so proud of The Boy, he went to his first youth retreat on the weekend (he is almost 12), he told Dad that he had an amazing time learning about God and that he felt confirmation in his plan to become a missionary and a doctor. He talked about being a missionary at home as well, reaching out to those around him. Wow, I am in awe of God working in my child, and his openness to God, thank you God.
Last year as we read about missionaries, he and Spiderboy were so excited about doing that kind of work. Spiderboy wants to be a business man to support his missions, something that I have talked to them about a bit. I am trying to instill a bit of entrepreneurialism in them along with Godly values and lifestyle.
Man I love my kids, even if they drive me a bit batty once in a while, esp. when dh is working away.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Girl time!

I like the idea that I am more than the mother of 4 awesome kids. I am God's creation. He made me for a purpose, part of that purpose of course is to be a mother. I look forward to looking inward and discovering the other parts of me.
I am really enjoying scrapbooking as it is allowing me to be creative, something I have never really thought about myself. Something I have always wanted to be. I want to try other creative outlets as well, hmmm.... painting? sculpture? the possibilities are endless. There is a whole, huge world out there that I have been too afraid to discover. I have always been a perfectionist and therefore afraid to try new things for fear of failing or just looking stupid. That seems stupid, doesn't it?

Oh, I am so excited! I just booked a flight to Vancouver to see one of my best girlfriends! I will so need the break, dh is just about to leave again for two weeks of work, yuck. Shay and I will shop, shop, shop, and of course talk til we are blue in the face, I can't wait. I think we could both use the girly time, with 4 kids a piece and hubby's that work very hard, we need all the breaks we can get.

I should get back to my kids and teaching, I also need to clean up my house! Grandma is coming to watch the kids so that dh and I can get out for a few minutes, alone. I better go fire up my vacuum.

Monday, September 11, 2006

hmmm, maybe not everyday

I guess I was a little overly optimistic when I stated I would write everyday. Oh well, life happens.
Mom left for Europe today, well she left for TO and will leave tomorrow night for Paris.
How exciting!! I can't wait till I get to go there again. I want to take my darling hubby, maybe even my awesome brood. I can imagine standing at the top of the Eiffel tower, looking out over the city lights, arm in arm with my love. Cliche, I know, but I don't care. I didn't get to go there the last time I was in Paris. Mom is going to Italy as well,
Dad was here too last night and all day today. He decided it was cheaper to spend Monday nights at the hotel near the airport (where he can park for free while he is gone) then it is to pay to park at the airport. So that kinda sucks. I missed him when he left tonight. Although, I wasn't feeling all that much like visiting, probably because I have been staying up way too late like tonight.
Off to bed.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

The New Me

I am going to spend a little time each day recording my thoughts and practicing writing, a long ago forgotten art I once loved.