Sunday, November 19, 2006

Happy 12 Birthday to The Boy

My biggest boy had his twelfth birthday yesterday, wow. Time sure flies, I think about the baby I held in my arms as I sobbed for joy. The amazingly precocious toddler, who introduced himself to everyone he met and then proceeded to completely charm them. The little boy who ran off to kindergarten without a second look back at Mom. (Thank goodness, since she was balling unabashedly!) The insightful, brilliant, compassionate young man he has become, who can still charm the pants off the grumpiest old lady and make the prettiest young girl flutter her lashes. I am so amazed by the belief he has in himself, that he can overcome any hurdle, that there is no reason for him to not be terrific at anything he puts his mind to.
I remember when he was five years old and he was one of the mc's at a school assembly. The teacher had given him a sentence to say, but he said that and then he was off. Completely ad-libbing and he had the crowd rolling with laughter. Then when he was 8 or 9 he sang a beautiful ballad with a girl a few years older. He sang like an angel and had every mom weeping. He is everything I am not, and unfortunately for him-a few I wish neither of us were;0). I am so glad to be his mommy. He is such a cool kid!

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