Monday, November 13, 2006

Potty training

Day 1: monkey boy is dry all day, used potty even while we were running around all day, Daddy was home and took care of it all.
Day 2: Out again all day, Daddy home again (thank goodness)! While at 'The Boy's hockey game Monkey Boy peed pants, Dad changed him, then he pooed pants, Dad put a diaper on him.
Day 3: Take Daddy to the airport, eat lunch at Micky-d's with Grandma and Grandpa, go home and use potty, dry dry dry.
Watch a video while mom takes a few minutes, poop pants. Mom puts some jammie pants on the Monkey, eat supper, poop pants! argh!!!!! Yuck. Shower and a diaper. Bed.
Oh well, the only reason he is training is because I told him that VJ is trained and she gets to wear cool big girl panties! He thought that sounded cool so we bought him some Elmo undies and hoped he would be inspired. I haven't pushed it ever because training is so much work, diapers are much easier, especially with baby girl and trying to teach the big kids too. But he will be three at the end of the year, so the time is coming that he needs to be trained.
We will try again tomorrow.
I am so proud of The Boy, he went to his first youth retreat on the weekend (he is almost 12), he told Dad that he had an amazing time learning about God and that he felt confirmation in his plan to become a missionary and a doctor. He talked about being a missionary at home as well, reaching out to those around him. Wow, I am in awe of God working in my child, and his openness to God, thank you God.
Last year as we read about missionaries, he and Spiderboy were so excited about doing that kind of work. Spiderboy wants to be a business man to support his missions, something that I have talked to them about a bit. I am trying to instill a bit of entrepreneurialism in them along with Godly values and lifestyle.
Man I love my kids, even if they drive me a bit batty once in a while, esp. when dh is working away.

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  1. definitely hard to take care of the little ones by yourself!
    I have been trying to potty train my brooke too, but she absolutely refuses, lol! she giggles and tells us no, she likes her diaper! i have bought crazy underwear that i thought she would like, but nothing works, hehe. kids can makeyou batty! :)