Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Tomorrow is a better day.

Not quite. I need to vent!
This morning we have already had 3 potty accidents. And baby girl was playing in the toilet again. And her and monkey boy were playing in my very expensive facial creams and exfoliating scrubs. ( I am definitely starting to get some LINES! Really needing my expensive treatments, lol.)

It snowed a foot in the last 24 hours. Dh shovelled before he left yesterday, then it started to snow. I shovelled the first 8-10 inches last night, and then this morning you could barely tell I had shovelled at all. My elbow and back are killing me, my arms are shaking.... man am I out of shape. I bought a scale on the weekend, I figured I needed a reality check. Yep-10 lbs. heavier than I thought. YIKES! Baby Girl is more than a year old, can't blame her anymore, time to do something about this. Like wear out my treadmill. Start bench pressing the toddlers.

Oh yeah, I decided to donate a scrapbook for The Boy's hockey team's silent auction. I am kinda excited to scrap for someone else, I have done a few pages for friends but nothing too big. I need to put together an ad sheet and my portfolio. I keep meaning to get to it, but so far nothing. I will do it tonight.

School is not going well today, math is not done and it is almost noon. Time to go 'crack the whip', I think I will interupt them to do journals and reading. They can finish math on their own time, tired of them wasting mine.
Speaking of school, I should go and deal with that.

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