Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Today it rained on top of all our fluffy snow, I am sure the city is a skating rink now.
Well the potty thing did not happen today, not one time did the Monkey boy make it to the toilet. He is now wearing a diaper.
Baby girl (who needs a better nickname, don't you think?) said, "Grandma," last night, in front of Grandma-what a good girl!
School is going a bit better today, but Spiderboy is still working on math and spelling. I think I will go and sit with him and go through each question orally with him, I think that would be much quicker than watching him stare into space. It is not like he doesn't know how to do the questions, he just doesn't do them. grrr...
The Boy went to youth tonight and then Grandma stopped at Mc D's on the way home with him and didn't bring anything for Spiderboy, how rude-I hate that, Spiderboy often gets the short end of things. Dh's family seem intent on continuing the bad pattern they started with dh and his brother. Dh was the king and was spoiled rotten, and the younger brother was left to feel worthless and good for nothing. One told how he could do and be anything, how smart he was, and the other told that he was too dumb to make any decisions for himself. One has made a fairly successful life for himself and the other is still living at home at 30, no high school diploma, and afraid to move forward with his life.
Dh and I try to insulate our sons from this b.s. as much as we can, but it sneaks in every once in a while. I am not one of those parents who thinks that everything has to be fair all the time, but I do believe that you should not make children to feel like sh!t with blatant favouritism.
In general I love my inlaws a lot and appreciate all they do for us, and that they are interested in being part of my kids lives, just a few little things that get to me sometimes.

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