Sunday, November 19, 2006

Another week, a new start.

Well I am going to have to spend some time this afternoon coming up with a new plan for the week. Spiderboy, math and I are not mixing well. This child can sit at the table without doing anything at all for infinite amounts of time. He is so smart at math, but he just refuses to do anything. I get so frustrated with him, he could be off having fun, but instead he is sitting at the table for hours, with me saying, "Do your math, do you math, do you need help? Do your math!"
Our facilitator is coming on Wednesday, so I am looking forward to meeting him and picking his brain. Maybe he will have some advice. In the meantime I think we will take a week off math. Maybe we will spend a week doing science experiments and art projects. The kids will love that! Messy, but fun.
Started crocheting on Baby Girl's Christmas stocking that I meant to have done for last Christmas. I hope I finish it in time this year. I hope to get two done actually, one for my childhood girlfriend's little guy who is the same age as my baby. I had told her about it last year and then never finished it, so I won't mention it this time-just in case.
I can't wait to start Christmas shopping, I need to get my Secret Santa giftee something special this week, oh and my girlfriend Shay a birthday gift. Can't wait to go on our girls shopping weekend!

Oops, better go get my kids in bed!

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