Friday, February 27, 2009

Just checking in...

We are all fine and well and dandy. Life has kind of rushed in and overwhelmed me and I am finding that time is a precious commodity these days. And blogging has become difficult as opposed to enjoyable; another thing on my to do list, as opposed to the lovely break it had been. I have actually been avoiding my computer a lot...
Even though my words have stopped coming, I have still needed to express myself in some way. I managed to do a lot of scrapbooking this month, if you want to have a look, it is all over at immortality art or over on my facebook.
I have not forgot about you, my lovely blog friends. You have been in my heart and mind, I know some of you have really been struggling lately and I have truly been praying for you.
I hope to get back in the habit of blogging and building relationships with you in this coming month, thank you guys for remembering me and checking in, I so appreciate your friendships.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

My Name is Mud...

'Mudder,' that is. After months of adorable 'Mama's,' my Girly has now started calling me Mudder. "Right, Mudder?" "Did you know, Mudder?" "Get me a snack, Mudder!"
Uh huh.

My Monkey got his first pet last week. My sis bought him an adorable little fish tank for Christmas, and we finally set it up. The little turquoise beta he picked has got to be the most phlegmatic creature on this planet! I have never met a more boring pet. He just sits on the bottom of the tank, utterly still, and just when you are about to flush him, he swims to the top for a nice gulp of O2.
I think we will get a mirror for the tank and put it in occasionally so we get to see his beautiful fins flare up, but not too often, it is stressful for him!

Life here is beautifully boring, thank goodness. The weather is gorgeous, making it that much easier to get out and about. The kids have new activities starting and new friends to hang out with, and so do we. I feel like it is the beginning of spring here, even though I know we have some real winter to go through still.
Here is a baby fix for you all, me and my gorgeous boy! Kit from we are storytellers.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Tuesday News

Ack! Sorry internets, I have not been absent on purpose. We are all well and fine, just running around like headless chickens. We moved the Monkey boy out of the nursery this weekend and tackled the dreaded family room. Yikes what a mess that was. And Girly had left a leaky milk cup in a bin for a couple days and the smell, the smell! So this is just a quick update as we are on our way to the museum for the day.

Anyhoo, the worst part of my doctors appointment was when the, overweight herself, receptionist said, "Oh and you are, of course, a Mom care (maternity) patient?" Confirming that yes, my belly is still so big that I look obviously pregnant. Even with my 4 month old baby next to me. Nice.

So my thyroid, blood sugar and iron were all good. Doc diagnosed my tiredness as 'not getting enough sleep', 'having 5 kids', and 'not taking care of herself', to the first year med student she had with her. The student that asked me dumb questions like, "Are there things that make your symptoms better or worse?"
I was like, "Theoretically? Like if I slept for 8 hours, I might feel less tired... or if I wasn't awakened by kids 6 times per night... But the hair loss, doesn't seem to be anything that changes that..."
Of course, then I got to ask him some questions, like why did it take him 3 extra years of school to get into the MD program... he he he, poor guy:)

Doc also said that it could take up to a year for the hair loss to abate, that life changes/stress often cause hair loss, on top of the hormonal things. Which I knew.

Anyway, one of the other tests she did came back with abnormal results, so I am in for more blood tests and ultrasound. I won't be able to get in for the ultrasound for a couple months, so I am just praying that God will give me peace in the mean time. I really don't need two months of stewing and worrying. I am also praying that if it is something that needs attention right away that God will rush the health care system along a bit. My God is big enough for all my needs and he has me in his arms, so I needn't worry. I just keep reminding myself of that!

As for Becky's baby, she is doing well and is at home. They are still awaiting their specialist appointment to go over her test results, so keep them in your prayers. Becky and her family need some peace and assurance!