Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Tuesday News

Ack! Sorry internets, I have not been absent on purpose. We are all well and fine, just running around like headless chickens. We moved the Monkey boy out of the nursery this weekend and tackled the dreaded family room. Yikes what a mess that was. And Girly had left a leaky milk cup in a bin for a couple days and the smell, oh.my.goodness. the smell! So this is just a quick update as we are on our way to the museum for the day.

Anyhoo, the worst part of my doctors appointment was when the, overweight herself, receptionist said, "Oh and you are, of course, a Mom care (maternity) patient?" Confirming that yes, my belly is still so big that I look obviously pregnant. Even with my 4 month old baby next to me. Nice.

So my thyroid, blood sugar and iron were all good. Doc diagnosed my tiredness as 'not getting enough sleep', 'having 5 kids', and 'not taking care of herself', to the first year med student she had with her. The student that asked me dumb questions like, "Are there things that make your symptoms better or worse?"
I was like, "Theoretically? Like if I slept for 8 hours, I might feel less tired... or if I wasn't awakened by kids 6 times per night... But the hair loss, doesn't seem to be anything that changes that..."
Of course, then I got to ask him some questions, like why did it take him 3 extra years of school to get into the MD program... he he he, poor guy:)

Doc also said that it could take up to a year for the hair loss to abate, that life changes/stress often cause hair loss, on top of the hormonal things. Which I knew.

Anyway, one of the other tests she did came back with abnormal results, so I am in for more blood tests and ultrasound. I won't be able to get in for the ultrasound for a couple months, so I am just praying that God will give me peace in the mean time. I really don't need two months of stewing and worrying. I am also praying that if it is something that needs attention right away that God will rush the health care system along a bit. My God is big enough for all my needs and he has me in his arms, so I needn't worry. I just keep reminding myself of that!

As for Becky's baby, she is doing well and is at home. They are still awaiting their specialist appointment to go over her test results, so keep them in your prayers. Becky and her family need some peace and assurance!


  1. we need to TALK girl! Like irl :) I miss you so much!
    I'm glad that everything came back mostly okay. I'm not getting enough sleep most nights even now so that maybe be an unattainable goal...
    The upside, you really have very little memory of the whole thing from day to day, induced from the lack of sleep.
    You just had a baby and he is your 6th so please don't be so hard on yourself about your weight! I think you're beautiful just to way you are!

  2. Sounds like sleep could be your new best friend if it could happen. I hope it does soon. And lots of it.

  3. I wish you could get those tests done sooner -- just so you don't have to worry about it. But, stay positive. If it WAS something to worry about, your doctor would have insisted you go in sooner.

    And, I totally still look preggers, 16 months later! ;)

  4. Yea for Aunt Becky and Baby Amelia!
    If I lived closer I would come over and let you take a nap while I held sweet baby Zeb and fed the kids banana bread and cream cheese.

    You honey need a good Sunday nap and a hot bath. I may have said this once or twice before....

  5. Kristen, I'm so sorry you have to wait on the test results. I'm praying for you to have peace too. I just found out that I need umbilical hernia reparation surgery due to a hernia I developed while pregnant. But like you said, our God is bigger than our brains can comprehend and I too, am sooo thankful. Hang in there and I hope you get some good sleep soon!

  6. you need just ONE night or ONE weekend in a hotel....alone.

    "Sorry, Hubby. It's all you this weekend. I'm going to a hotel! Good Luck!"

  7. Suzie hid her sippy cup once. I swear I looked in the drawer I eventually found it in atleast 3 times. But it was weeks before we found the stench.

    Glad your Dr appt went well (considering the Student Dr)lol- I had lots of hair loss after Suzie for up to a year.
    Sucks to be getting older doesnt it?

  8. Hi MMM! How have you been lately? I CAN NOT believe your baby is 4 months old already!!!! I have been thinking about you and wondering how the baby has been. I miss blogging so much! I keep hoping my own craziness will slow down soon so I can take up my "hobby" once again. Blessing to you and your family!

  9. I'm sorry you have to wait so long for the test. Hopefully a spot will open up sooner! Hope you guys had fun at the museum!

  10. I hope you start to feel better soon....

    I lost so much hair after I had Jake and Olivia I seriously thought I was going to be bald before it stopped. It was horrible. It lasted for over 6 months...and came out in clumps after clumps.

    Hang in there and just *try* harder to nap and go to bed as early as possible!

  11. I hope everything turns out ok with the new tests. That is so frustrating that you have to wait so long.

  12. So glad most everything came back okay. You're in my prayers on the other thing. :)