Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Birthdays and such.

I figured since it has been so long, photos and cake were in order. So here goes.

September held Superboy and Baby Zed's birthdays. Superboy's was on the third and we had a little family celebration on the day. With my messy but yummy Black Forrest cake, Butter Chicken and Naan Bread.

Then we had a huge Labour Day bash to celebrate all of our September birthdays. Superboy, Baby Z, 2 Uncles and an Aunt.
Black Forrest cake was once again called for, in size ENORMOUS. Baby Zed had his own yummy cake, with ganache poured over top. The ganache ended up a little thick as I wasn't sure what the 'drip down the sides, but not pour everywhere' consistency would be. Poor thing was almost in sugar shock by the time we wrenched it from his delicious fingers. All the relatives brought food so we had yummy Ukranian along with our BBQ burgers and stuff.
We had an amazing day with our friends and family, what blessings they all are to us.
3 of our birthday celebrants, they span 9 decades!

"Yay! Cake!" Happy 1st Birthday Baby Zed! (the cake is chocolate and blue to match his room)

"Hmm. Pretty good stuff."

"Yum!" I just wanted to eat him up! But definitely time for a bath and some milk.

Thanks Grumps! (He usually runs away from Grumps and hides behind my leg, but he gave it a go with Eeyore. It lasted 15 seconds before he yelped for me.

On the ninth, for Baby Zed's real birthday, I tried to cut back on the insulin OD's so I just make some carrot cupcakes. He was just as excited about cake part deux as he was the first time.

But these people, these were the best evah! For Superboy's friend party, I made these cupcakes. I found them on Bakerella's site and they were so very cute. Love!