Saturday, July 07, 2007


DH informed me a little bit ago that it is 07.07.07 today, I am kinda in a cloud today as at 3 am I was still packing. I thought I had better blog on this 'once in a few lifetimes' date. Even if I have to do it from my treo. As I type we are driving from sleezy motel to sleezy motel looking for a place to lay our weary bones. We are doing the fly by the seat of our pants/leaving 2 days later than planned, thinking we weren't gonna drive this far today and therefore did not book a room on a summer weekend evening thing.The only thing left seems tobe a smoking room, but at least this lady isn't trying to price gouge us cuz its 10.30 on sat night. The babies have been amazingly great today. We made a lot of stops and let them walk for a few minutes each time and we made it ten hours with no meltdowns! I am so thankful. Baby girl is terribly reasonable for almost 2. If she wanted somethingand I told her she had to wait, she just said, "Okay Mommy." she is actually quite pleasant most of the time. We just got in the room and they all crawled into the beds and prayed and said goodnights. So cute, they are chattering away now, but cute nonetheless.This afternoon Daddy was trying to show the kids some mountain sheep that we were driving past. The toddlers kinda missed what they were supposed to be looking for, but baby girl saw an older lady and got very excited, "Mountain Grandma!" she shrieked! all day long she talked about mountain grandma.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007


My neighbors must be saying little prayers of gratitude today. I live in a little cul-de-sac, filled with older couples and a few families with older children. It is also filled with beautifully landscaped yards and lovely gardens. And then there is my yard. Our grass is gorgeous, thanks to fairly new sod and an inground sprinkler system. It is usually a little on the long side, but it does get cut with some regularity. The couple who owned this house before us must have loved gardening, because there are tons of flower beds with lots of nice perennials. Unfortunately I hate gardening. hate it and have no time or patience for it. I have lots of room in the beds for annuals, but have I ever planted any in the past 3 summers? no. not til today when I put in 4 little plants in the front.
Today is the first day this year that I did any weeding. That is why my neighbors must be thankful, the waist high weeds are finally gone. yikes! I have been so busy decluttering that I kinda left the weeding, ignored it. So today I had to get out the big shovel and dig those suckers out! Everyone helped and we made a big dent, I just have one bed to finish and one of the front beds has been invaded by the lawn so I need dh to put some muscle into that one.
Made a couple runs to the airport yesterday, about 50km each way, to pick up my dad on his way home from work in the NWT, and then later to pick up my Mom on her way back from New Brunswick. I finally got some alone time last night as I went to get mom, time to blast the tunes and just be, wheehaw!
This morning juju monkey made up a game with Papa. Run across the room and jump on the big ottoman, trying to flop on it before Papa's hands hit it. Mostly Juju won, he is not such a nice winner, lol. "You LOSE!!" as he jumps around. He must have played for at least a half hour, at one point stopping to tell me that it was a tiring game.
He has started talking like a valley girl lately. "Uh, yaw," he says with as much disdain as any teenager could pull off-I think it is adorable, if a little disrespectful, teehee. juju, did you put away your toys? uh, yaaawwww, ma

Monday, July 02, 2007

Canada Day

My girl waiting for pancakes at the church Canada Day breakfast.

Juju monkey playing golf with Daddy at the lpga display. The nice ladies gave my kiddos some of those clubs to take home since we were there at closing:)

My beloveds in front of the Legislature building.

Watching the fireworks.

JuJu Monkey fast asleep during the fireworks.

Hope everyone had a celebratory Canada Day! We haven't ventured far from home the last few years, but when I was in Calgary last month, Heidi and I took a little jaunt to Gymboree and I bought Baby Girl a cute Canada Day outfit. So of course I wanted to take her out and show her off;) After church and a shopping misadventure, we headed down to the arts festival downtown in the square. As I am walking around pushing the toddlers in the Chariot, a grandfatherly type-gentleman stops me and says, "They will grow up and take care of all your needs and desires when you are our age, it is wonderful." I start to smile and he says. "No they won't, but it is a nice dream to get your through the next few years." and he and his wife chuckled heartily. I had a great laugh. But now this morning as I think about it I think of it as a reminder to not forget the elderly people in my life. My parents are still really young, but I have grandparents and my dh's extended family that at least would like our attention if not our help.

The kids walked around enjoying the sights and sounds, then the kids took part in some activities. The babies golfed and the big boys played chess and we wandered city hall. When we came out our Spidey boy was not playing chess with his big brother anymore. We got a little freaked and had to go looking for him. Thankfully he was safe and sound, he was looking for us. So he got a lecture he has heard a few times in his almost 10 years. STAY PUT! don't wander! argh, scary for mommy.
All the kids couldn't wait to jump around in the water fountains. Daddy told them we would go back to the van and grab their swimsuits and come back and splash. We also wanted to go down to the Legislature grounds and maybe over to V. park to take in the festivities over there. We started walking, taking a detour through E. Centre to use the facilities. While we were in there, Daddy suggested feeding them supper since it was around that time. At first I resisted, thinking they had eaten not that long ago, but then I remembered they ate lunch early and it probably was a good idea.
Instead Daddy started walking and we followed. All the way to the Leg. without stopping to get the swimsuits or food or cash. By the time we got down there we were all hot, tired, and a bit surly. I stood in line for the bathrooms for half an hour, and when I came out the family was all gone. I called dh and found he had gone down the pedways to the lrt station looking for an atm-that wasn't there. argh.
When they made their way back to me, we wandered around outside for awhile. More fountains the kids want to splash in and still no suits. Vendors selling ice-cream and hotdogs and still no cash. So what do we decide to do? Take the lrt back to the van and get their suits and feed them. It was a day of indecision and time wasting. Dh decided that instead of going outside the car park and taking the kids for some food, and to splash in the fountains, we would walk through the pedways and back into Ed Centre to eat at the food court. Of course the food court was closed. Now I am a bit frustrated. Not feeling so celebratory. My feet hurt. I am surrounded by 4 hungry, tired and sweaty children. We need to stop and feed them. Dh starts back through the pedways. I put my foot down and insist we go outside and find some food. We walk 2 blocks down to the restaurant I saw on the way to the Leg. Huge line-up. So we head back towards the Churchill square to let them splash and eat from the food vendors there. We pass the movie theatre and half a block later dh suggests taking the kids to the movie and feeding them hotdogs and passing the few hours til the fireworks start. I ask the kids if they want to do this and get excited yes's! So we turn around again, lol.
We go watch Ratatouille, which is more than a little disturbing to me after this week, but cute movie. Daddy gets them some junk, the hotdogs sell out before he gets to the front of the line, argh. He does get some a bit later when they make some more. It was nice to sit for a bit, in the cool. I was sure the girl would go to sleep while we sat in the dark, but once Daddy brought some food, she was no longer sleepy.

She did eventually have a nap, so did my Monkey boy. When we loaded them back into the Chariot to walk down to the Leg ground for the fireworks, juju didn't even wake up. (this was after driving back home to change) We decided to watch the fireworks from in front of the fountain that sits at the bottom of the Legislature steps, so we could see the beautiful building with the fireworks behind. It was so pretty and far enough away that baby girl wasn't afraid of the noise-she loved the lights and juju slept through the whole thing. Spidey was bored and played in the fountain.

All in all it was a fun day celebrating Canada's birthday.