Saturday, July 07, 2007


DH informed me a little bit ago that it is 07.07.07 today, I am kinda in a cloud today as at 3 am I was still packing. I thought I had better blog on this 'once in a few lifetimes' date. Even if I have to do it from my treo. As I type we are driving from sleezy motel to sleezy motel looking for a place to lay our weary bones. We are doing the fly by the seat of our pants/leaving 2 days later than planned, thinking we weren't gonna drive this far today and therefore did not book a room on a summer weekend evening thing.The only thing left seems tobe a smoking room, but at least this lady isn't trying to price gouge us cuz its 10.30 on sat night. The babies have been amazingly great today. We made a lot of stops and let them walk for a few minutes each time and we made it ten hours with no meltdowns! I am so thankful. Baby girl is terribly reasonable for almost 2. If she wanted somethingand I told her she had to wait, she just said, "Okay Mommy." she is actually quite pleasant most of the time. We just got in the room and they all crawled into the beds and prayed and said goodnights. So cute, they are chattering away now, but cute nonetheless.This afternoon Daddy was trying to show the kids some mountain sheep that we were driving past. The toddlers kinda missed what they were supposed to be looking for, but baby girl saw an older lady and got very excited, "Mountain Grandma!" she shrieked! all day long she talked about mountain grandma.

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  1. Hope you are having a good time. You are missed!