Wednesday, July 04, 2007


My neighbors must be saying little prayers of gratitude today. I live in a little cul-de-sac, filled with older couples and a few families with older children. It is also filled with beautifully landscaped yards and lovely gardens. And then there is my yard. Our grass is gorgeous, thanks to fairly new sod and an inground sprinkler system. It is usually a little on the long side, but it does get cut with some regularity. The couple who owned this house before us must have loved gardening, because there are tons of flower beds with lots of nice perennials. Unfortunately I hate gardening. hate it and have no time or patience for it. I have lots of room in the beds for annuals, but have I ever planted any in the past 3 summers? no. not til today when I put in 4 little plants in the front.
Today is the first day this year that I did any weeding. That is why my neighbors must be thankful, the waist high weeds are finally gone. yikes! I have been so busy decluttering that I kinda left the weeding, ignored it. So today I had to get out the big shovel and dig those suckers out! Everyone helped and we made a big dent, I just have one bed to finish and one of the front beds has been invaded by the lawn so I need dh to put some muscle into that one.
Made a couple runs to the airport yesterday, about 50km each way, to pick up my dad on his way home from work in the NWT, and then later to pick up my Mom on her way back from New Brunswick. I finally got some alone time last night as I went to get mom, time to blast the tunes and just be, wheehaw!
This morning juju monkey made up a game with Papa. Run across the room and jump on the big ottoman, trying to flop on it before Papa's hands hit it. Mostly Juju won, he is not such a nice winner, lol. "You LOSE!!" as he jumps around. He must have played for at least a half hour, at one point stopping to tell me that it was a tiring game.
He has started talking like a valley girl lately. "Uh, yaw," he says with as much disdain as any teenager could pull off-I think it is adorable, if a little disrespectful, teehee. juju, did you put away your toys? uh, yaaawwww, ma

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  1. oooo, "yawwww"! That's brutal! hee! And, I, too, LOATHE gardening. I let the hubby do it all!