Friday, August 31, 2007

Tea Parties

One of our favourite traditions when Auntie Ang comes to visit is to dress up and have a tea party. Today we had 7 guests at our little fete. Mac, the suave stranger also known as skeletorus (because of some new skeleton pj's she wears under her new school clothes) also know as my 5 year old niece. Cowboy, my littlest boy, with the suede chaps and vest. Eragon, the courageous dragon rider and his trusty named sword is the alter ego of my 10 year old boy. Pedro del fuego Constantina (he had about 20 names both Spanish and Italian), the man in the Hawaiian shirt and also know as my 12 year old came late to the party. Took awhile to get that shirt buttoned. Princess Petal is my 2 year old princess and was named by her cousin, Mac. She wore a beautiful tutu filled with flower petals and an adorable ponytail on the top of her head. Ronalda, our mysterious eastern beauty with the ever-changing accent looked curiously like my little sister, but hotter somehow with her bright blue headscarf was my final guest. I am, of course, Babushka, aka Auntie Ducky.
We talk in fun accents, drink tea and today we ate some terrific cupcakes! I entertained the crowd with a bit of belly dancing and Ronalda also provided some entertainment. As always we enjoyed a bit of boy storytelling/mystery solving and Eragon showed us how his sword worked. He had many requests to show off his dragon, but apparently he had left it at home.
When she left the table, Princess Petal said,"Bushca, tea fun!"
Yes it was, glad even the 2 year old thought so.
Can't wait til our next tea party, I think I need to get a fancy hat, maybe with fruit on it!

Thursday, August 30, 2007


What a fun day!
Took my niece to the mall for a day of 'going to kindergarten' shopping. My sis and I loaded all 5 kids into the minivan and went to Big Mall for an afternoon of school shopping. Yes, we are a little nutty, but all in all it was a pretty good day. I did not plan on shopping, but the first store we stopped in was Gymboree and they had a 20% off sale as well as Gymbuck earnings.... so I picked up a couple things for my baby girl from the cute Clothes Horse line!
It was interesting shopping with my niece, because if anything was the least bit girly she did not want it. Hearts, no. Sparkle, no. Pink, NO. now she sometimes will wear pink, because at day camp this summer the boys said pink was cool and if you were a boy and you wore pink, it meant you were strong. But even the pink camo pants were a no. Even though she was wearing a pink, camo, snowboarding cap.
My sister and her still managed to find some great outfits, she is gonna be one of the 2 cutest kindergartners ever! (My other niece would be the other one)
We had a bit of difficulty finding her a backpack though. She specifically wanted a one-strapped backpack. Well we found the cutest, small, Adidas, one-strapped backpack in the sports store. It had pink stripes..... but since it was the only one-strapped one they had, it passed the test. Yay! Mission accomplished!
Having homeschooled the last few years, we don't really do a back to school shop. We kinda wait and buy stuff when we need it and often hit the end of September sales. Usually the only shopping we do at this time of the year is for hockey equipment. It was kind of fun to re-enter the back to school hustle and bustle for a day. Really glad I don't have to do that for real, especially for four kids. All of you with kids going to school have my sympathy-it is crazy out there! All these kids dragging their harried parents around, shoving through Abercrombie and Fitch to get the perfect shirt, pushing that girl out of the way before she grabs the last Lululemon hoodie in your daughter's size. Finding the perfect 200 dollar sneakers for your teenage son who goes through 2 or 3 new shoe sizes a semester. Yikes! Thankfully my kids aren't at the age where they care about brands, I have to yell at them to actually put on something clean.
After the mall, we watched the boys at their first day of sparring at taekwondo. Man they had fun hitting and kicking their opponents!
To finish the day, we took my niece to Chuck E Cheese, she had never been. The last time she came to visit, Uncle promised he would bring her to the place where a kid can be a kid next time she came. She remembered! The whole way there the 3 little ones kept chanting, "CHUCK E CHEESE!" They had the best time and my cutie niece kept thanking me and telling everyone how fun it was. "Even more fun than I imagined," she said.
A perfect end to a terrific day. I am adoring having my family here, now sis and I are gonna pig out and watch Blades of Glory. Ahhh..

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

adventure...or not

Life is full of adventure and opportunity for growth. Unfortunately my adventures are often frustrating and silly.
I bought a stroller off of a friend and I have been trying to pay her for it for a bit now. First the cheque I wrote her bounced because of some miscommunication between my dh, myself, and a mistake on behalf of our gym. So completely embarrassing, ugh. Then I tried to email transfer the funds to her, but her bank doesn't allow for that and she was on her way out of town for 2 weeks and I missed her email telling me that it didn't work. So she gave me her account number to deposit the money. It is a credit union, and there is only one branch here and it is on the opposite side of the city. But she was under the impression that she could make deposits at certain other banks and credit unions.
I went to one of them near me to make a deposit on Saturday, but I forgot the account number at home and by the time I got back to my place, the bank was closed. I meant to get there on Monday, I had to go get my sister across town and by the time I got back the banks were closed again. So yesterday I had a few hours in the afternoon and went to make the deposit. I go to the teller and she tells me that she can't take deposits for that bank, I could only do it through the instant teller. Of course it is not my account so I can't do that. I try the other bank my gf said would take deposits, it is just across the parking lot. Nope, they can't either. I ask for the phone book so I can find the actual credit union she uses.
I don't recognize the addy but I have google maps on my Treo. I punch in the addy and see where it is. I have never driven in that part of the city and have no idea how to get there. So I try to punch in the addy I am at, but it won't recognize it. By this time I am driving south, heading in the general direction and my sis is trying to figure out how to get the directions on my treo. Eventually we get them, but by this time I have missed turning onto the freeway. So I turn around and get on it going the right way. We drive and drive, I am totally impressed with myself for figuring out how to get where I need to be. But the traffic is crazy and time is running short-I have to go pick up my kids at the rec centre in the community to the northwest of our city. I am almost at the bank, 20 blocks to go, when the preschoolers need to go potty, NOW! and my gas light comes on! I stop and let them go and get some gas, by the time we are done, my dh calls and tells me I am gonna run into rush hour on the way home and there is no way I will make it back in time to get my big kids if I keep on. So I have to turn around. arghhh....!
So my gf still doesn't have her money. I now know how to get to Millwoods though, and how to use a freeway I have never driven on before.
My gf and I are gonna arrange a playdate when she gets home and I will bring her some cash. I like cash, it is easy and uncomplicated.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Well I had another parking adventure yesterday. I told the story to my dh last night while my Mom was here and my mom said, "Does this story have an end?" So I won't torture you with it here.
Mom is on her way to Europe right now with a friend. I wish she had waited a few months so I could have gone with her, I am aching to travel. Mom and her boyfriend came in last night and spent a few hours here before they left for the airport at 4 am. She, once again, told me about her will and the codicil she wrote recently. Now that I am a full fledged grown-up I am the executor of her estate. One of the suckier parts of being a grown-up in my opinion, talking with my parents about their eventual deaths. ugh. My parents are young and vibrant-my mom is beautiful and vivacious, really hard to think that one day she won't be with me anymore. Hopefully she will cuddle her great-great grandbabies first like her Grandmother.
My cousin and her adorable little boy left yesterday, we had a nice visit-spent our morning coffee together and a few hours in the evening. The rest of the time she was with a friend who just had a baby and shopping while in the big city. It was perfect.
Now my sis and her daughter are here for the week and we are planning all of our adventures. I also want to go to the hardware store and get the stone wallpaper to build my son's castle in his room. He is into all things medeival, and I think he will flip out when he sees it!
I also need to plan out the year for my ss class, call all the teachers and get them scheduled, and plan out my own school year with my boys. Busy week, but should be fun. Gotta go get started, have to hit the bank first thing this morning.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

My Oasis

What a blah day. It has been really gray outside for the last couple weeks, with some brief, shining sunny skies. I just want to crawl into my gorgeously appointed bed and snooze and read. Did I mention how gorgeous my bed is? I bought some finishing touches for my bedding last week. A light teal quilt, shams and striped sheets to go with my chocolate and teal duvet cover and all the other accoutrement purchased from the Nate Berkus stuff at L 'n' T's. It looks so awesome and is super comfy with my new featherbed, duvet and memory foam mattress. I can hardly make myself get out of bed anymore and I used to be a morning person. Love, love, love it!
The boys are all playing outside and the girly is taking a nap, perfect time for a little mommy time. My house is even fairly tidy. My cousin and her adorable little guy are visiting for the weekend, but out for the day. My mom and sis and niece all arrive tomorrow, so I will do a big clean tonight, bedding in the morning I guess. So nothing to do but plan school for the year, and be by myself. Yay!
hmm.. Maybe I should grab a vanilla bean latte first. No, I will brew some tea. k, talk at ya later-off to enjoy my oasis.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Scared and Mad

I am so upset. My husband just called from work. He had to hang up earlier to deal with an emergency and was calling back to touch base about our children's taekwondo testing tonight.
He told me that someone has be sabotaging their safety equipment and rigging. He is a welding contractor and is doing repairs out at a chemical/fertilizer plant. Things keep blowing up out there, hmm... weird....
Anyway, dh was a member of a union, which basically acted as a job placement agency and backs you up with safety concerns and organizes benefits and such. It was a good thing, and he made some good friends there. Last year he decided to start his own company, right now it is just him and his equipment and he subcontracts to other larger companies. He tries not to do work that his union hall did, he doesn't want to step on toes but he has still taken a lot of flak from union members. (mostly the old, crusty guys who have been in for 40 years as did their fathers before them) I really don't understand why people have issues with other people who want to better themselves and their lives, but apparently some do.
At the site he is working there are union workers and non-union workers. The work my dh is doing does not fall under the union's type of work, but ever since he started this job, he has taken a lot of flak and been called a scab etc. He and other guys were harassed a bit and there was graffiti on the subject on the bathroom walls, etc. He was told he was too entrepreneurial. wtf?? since when is being entrepreneurial a bad thing????
Unions, on the surface, are all about everyone being treated the same, so I guess I understand why certain people feel threatened by someone who steps away from the pack. But honestly, my dh missed out on a lot of work when he was a member because he was not a lifetime, generational member and did not drink and smooze with the right people. grr, I digress.
back to my story.
So today my dh is working under some stuff ( I didn't understand what it was) and a guy he knows from the Union comes down and tells him that he was coming down to warn the safeties about some awful violations he spotted. He tells dh that the stuff he is working under is not tied off properly. Lines and tethers have been cut, slings compromised, all sorts of obvious sabotage! He tells dh that he needs to be really careful, he knows he has a family at home and some people really have it out for these contractors.
Dh also found out that another company on site reported similar circumstances yesterday.
My husbands life was directly endangered! Because of some sort of male pissing match! I am so enraged right now. I am terribly frightened for my dh. Honestly is someone's life not worth more than this? I really don't get it.
I have nothing against unions. The union played a very important role in our lives. Without union presence on industrial sites workers lives are much less safe. When you work under the union umbrella you can feel free to report safety violations without fear of losing your job. You have the complete right to refuse work you find unsafe. And you can receive a good wage for your efforts. There are many issues with unions that I won't go into here, but overall I think they are a good thing.
The only reason I even mention the union as part of this post is that these idiots who are putting my husband and many other men in grave danger are using the union as an excuse for their inexcusable behavior.
I get that these members may feel that their jobs are endangered by non union workers on the sites. I understand that they feel threatened by those who go against the grain, who leave the fold. But my husband and the men he works with are not doing anything wrong. There is no strike, they are not crossing picket lines, they are not taking jobs from union members. They are filling gaps, they were called in to help do emergency repairs because either there weren't enough union members available to do the work or the work did not fall under the unions' mandates or there were not other qualified people to do the job.
These men are trying to make a better life for their families and do something proactive with their live. They are not trying to screw anyone over.
Please, if you have complaints, take them through the proper channels. Vote for pro-labour government, support your brotherhood and fellow workers in whatever positive way you can.
Please do not take daddies away from their children, husbands from their wives, I beg you. Unions were created to protect the working man and woman. Please don't endanger the safety of your fellow man.
God please protect my husband and the other people he is working with. Please let the offenders be found, so as not to cast a black shadow on the rest of their fellow members and to keep everyone safe.
I need to go have a shower and a good cry. My chest is all tight and my teeth are clenched in anger and fear.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

My little piece of heaven

My Belle can read! Seriously! She took Fox in Socks by Dr. Seuss down from the bookshelf this morning and sat down and started reading. I hear her adorable little voice saying, "Fox. Socks. Box. Socks Fox." and various other combinations of the words. So cute! Of course I then had to read that and 7 other books to her and her brother. If she thinks the book is boring then she turns the pages too fast to read them (Hop on Pop for example), but if she likes the book she will sit for quite a long time and listen.(Like for this terribly long Thomas the train story, ugh) They are both a bit territorial of me though and there is often some pushing or hair pulling involved in story time. Little girl doing the pulling and my boy doing the yelping.

So I am no longer a hockey mom. I really pushed at the end of last season for them not to play competitive hockey this season. It is such a huge time commitment, every weekend is entirely taken up with hockey, as well as a few weeknights. With taekwondo 3 or 4 times a week, I really didn't see how we could fit in 3 or 4 ice times per kid as well. And it is a flippin' pain dragging toddlers to the arena all the time. We told them it was their decision though, and they both decided not to play. I was surprised, I even said, Are you sure you don't want to play? You really enjoy it." They are sure. And I am sad. I will really miss it. It is so fun to watch them out there and to visit with the parents, meet new people and see familiar faces. So as much as I may have complained, I am now disappointed. But they said they want to try indoor soccer, so that should be fun. I feel a bit bad though, because they have no idea how to play soccer. Every year, by the time the hockey season was over, I was too burnt out to think of putting them in another team sport. So they haven't played at all. My eldest played in kindergarten, that is it. ugh. Oh well, they are not afraid to try new things, that makes my heart swell with pride, cuz I totally am. Getting better as I make myself stretch, but I let fear keep me from a lot over my life. NO MORE though:)

It was our 13th wedding anniversary on Monday! Wow, it feels like a lifetime ago. We were really children, I was only 19 and dh was 20. Now we are in our 30's with 4 children! Our life is not exactly what we imagined it would be when we were fresh-faced college kids with infinite possibilities stretched out in front of us. There have been many disappointments and times of mourning, but overall it is better than imagined. We have come through so many things and come out together, and with some gorgeous little blessings to fill out our home. I still see infinite possibilities stretched out in front of us. I can't wait to show our children the rest of the world, that is my dream and I know we will make it happen.
It is kinda funny, I usually expect a big deal to be made of our anniversary, I always think I want the big gesture, and therefore I am often disappointed. This year I was just really thankful to spend some time with dh, to spend it just enjoying each other's company. He came home from work and we ate dinner with the kids and he put them to bed as I got pretty. And then we just went out to a pub (where we thought there was a band playing, but it ended being football) and had a few drinks. And smiled and flirted and chatted. It was perfect.
I think it felt so good to just do something simple because 2 nights before we had a huge fight. I mean major. A quiet fight, the worst kind, and it was not resolved before we fell asleep. I hate that. I felt so hurt and upset all day Sunday. When we finally went to bed Sunday night, dh apologized and we talked and I cried. And then he sang me the song he sang to me at our wedding. And I balled. And then I felt infinitely better as he held me and soothed me to sleep. So on Monday, I was just feeling thankful for him, and thankful for how he sees me and helps me see myself. I didn't need any grand gesture, I was just grateful to have his time.

This is the song he sang:

If You Could See by Geoff Moore
All of my life I have dreamed
That somehow love would find me.
Now I can't believe you're standing here.
If beauty is all in the eye of the beholder
Then I wish you could see what I see
The love for you that lives in me.
And you would know, you have my heart,
If you could see what I see;
That a treasure's what you are,
If you could see what I see;
Created to be the only one for me;
If you could see what I see
I know there are days when you feel
So much less than ideal
Wondering what I see in you.
It's all of the light and the grace
Your belief in me drives me to say
That promise you a faithful love forever true.
And you would know, you have my heart,
If you could see what I see;
That a treasure's what you are,
If you could see what I see;
Created to be the only one for me;
If you could see then you'd understand
Why I fall down to my knees;
And I pray my love will be worthy of
The One who gave His life so our love could be.
If you could see what I see.
If you could see what I see.
You're created to be the perfect one for me,
If you could see what I see
If beauty is all in the eye of the beholder
Then I am beholding true beauty.

Isn't amazing to have someone look at you that way way? I am so thankful for his love.
this is the card I scrapped for him

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Girly Girl

It was pointed out to me recently that I am a girly girl. Now to those who know me this should come as no surprise, but it did to me. I felt self-consciously girly at the time, but was not aware how typically girly I really am. Sure I love pink, in fact I just bought a pink Peg Pereggo stroller for my little girl. (gently used) I really wanted this peg because it has the steps on the back for a preschooler to stand on, and this one my friend had just happened to be pink. Okay, I really wanted the pink one. I had 3 boys for Pete sake! There was no pink in my life for 10 years! I wanted the flippin' pink stroller, so sue me!

Okay, I am a bit defensive about the girly thing. I don't know why I thought it was a negative thing. I am a girl, well a woman now, that is the way God made me. I happen to be feminine and appreciate feminine things. There, I said it. I AM GIRLY!

I grew up in a time when it wasn't really PC to be girly. And when I started having children, 12 long years ago, there was a huge push to raise your children androgynously (sorry, not a real word, but ykwim). Buy trucks and swords for your girls, a dolly and apron for your boy. Don't push stereotypical roles on your children. Which is great! completely impossible, but great. My sons had dolls and dinosaurs. Never mind that they would make the dinos attack and eat the little baby dolls. Or use them for sword practice. I was not gonna be the mom that made her little boy grow up to be a macho man! He is gonna be sensitive to woman's needs and know how to change a diaper.

Oh, you may have noticed the sword reference in there. What, she bought her child toy weapons?!? cuz that is definitely not PC. Well no, I did not allow toy weapons of any sort in my home. I was raised in a home with girls and knew nothing of the world of boys. I may have fancied myself a tomboy growing up(which is complete and utter horse shite, btw, I was as girly as they come), I had male friends, but I was completely ignorant as to the inner workings of little boys. I fancied I could raise well-behaved, non violent little boys, who never played with guns or swords.
Boy was I wrong. Before he could talk, my eldest man-child could fashion a gun out of duplo or barbie or his hands and make shooting sounds. Just about anything could turn into a sword and many of mommy's things became targets for sword practice. Now I did not allow television for my preschooler, nor did he have older siblings or playmates to learn from. We did go to the playground occasionally, but I am pretty sure that along with that Y chromosome came the inborn ability to turn any innocent toy into a weapon. Boys will be boys goes the saying, and I swear that it is true. I have since done some reading on this, drudged through a lot of psycho-babble and have come to the conclusion that although the way we raise our kids has a ton to do with who they grow up to be, there are some things that are just there when we are born. And there is nothing wrong with being masculine or feminine as the case may be.
3 boys and a little girl later, I have relaxed my ideals quite a bit. My little boys play swords and wrestle and I try to restrain from yelling, "BE CAREFUL!!!!" and, "Put down those sticks!" at the top of my lungs 24/7 and let boys be boys. It goes everything in my Mommy/feminine nature to let them go and do what boys need to do, but I am learning. (thanks to my patient husband and an awesome girlfriend) And my little girl has pink, nurses her dolly's, pretends to be a dinosaur with her brothers, and lets her 3 year old brother borrow her pink princess stroller to push around a dolly and then they have crash-up stroller derby. I am loving the girlyness. Loving buying pink and dresses for my little girl who LOVES to dress up and when given the choice, picks the ruffliest dress in the closet to wear. I revel in this as much as I have revelled in my blue world of hockey and knights and rough-housing.
I have 4 beautiful kids who are themselves, irregardless of gender. The big boys are wonderful big brothers who treat their younger siblings with kindness and gentleness, and their elders with respect. When they wanted Polly Pockets for Christmas, their terrific Daddy had Santa bring Polly and her car and put it under the tree. By dinner, Polly had married Venom (from spiderman) and they were populating the earth with hideous monsters with cool rubber interchangeable clothing and accessories. And when they want to create a make believe world of knights and monsters and fighting, I listen carefully to learn what I can of the world of boys, that mysterious place I always wanted entry into.
My daughter will play sports and learn how to dance. She will go to university and be encouraged to have a career she loves and she will learn the joys of motherhood and being a wife. I would no more limit any of them in their choices than I would stifle who they are in any way. Boys will be boys and my girl may be girly. And so am I. And I like it.

Friday, August 17, 2007

A legend in my own mind.

I find with each passing day I am living a bit more in my head. I have begun blogging in my head, thinking of what I would be writing if I was blogging at any particular moment in time. Then I sit down to write and it is all gone. mind blank. Not that any of it is that exciting or amusing to anyone but myself of course.
When I was a girl and had to spend any time sitting still with nothing to occupy my mind, (like sitting on the toilet, after I read all the shampoo bottles) I would pretend I was on television. I would even open the cupboard door beside me so no one could see I was nekkid from the waist down. My tv show was usually a talk show format, like the Donahue show my mom would turn on when we weren't in the room. I would interview literary characters, my favorite author's, the cute boy from school. All of this took place quietly in my head, never spoken aloud. I made myself laugh, silently of course, kept myself amused. Now, I find myself doing the same thing as a 32 year old mom of 4. Having this dialogue in my head, like I am speaking to an audience. Maybe it's cuz I no longer have a baby to talk to. At least when I am talking to my babies it is out loud. My baby is 2 now, and she likes to do the talking. A lot of talking. Maybe I just need to get out more. hmmm...

Speaking of getting out more, I had a really nice time with my girlfriend last night. We went to check out the fringe festival, but it was the first night so not much was happening down there. We hopped over to Chianti's for some appies and then across to O'byrn's for a pint and live music. Well I sipped some cola, as I am still a probationary driver and have a zero alcohol tolerance clause on my license. I so needed to just hang out with my friend, unload for a bit. She is one of those rare people that you can be completely honest with. She doesn't judge, she knows enough of human frailty, especially that of mothers and wives that she just listens and accepts you for who you are and where your heart is. I love her to pieces, her friendship is a rare gift. Thank you girl! I hope I can be that kind of friend for you too. Sorry for being caught up in my own crud so much lately.

I think I need to do something active tonight, maybe I can convince dh to go for a run with me. then maybe I can stop thinking so much...

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Super Girl

My baby girl is playing 'super jump!' And she wants me to, "see me?" Meaning to watch her. She is standing on the couch and says, "Ready, set, go!" and hops up and falls onto the ottoman. She thinks this is the best game, and she occasionally stops to give me a big, slobbery kiss. (my fave part) She also called me Kristen Mommy. too funny!

The 'super' part of the super jump comes from her brother getting a super boy toy from McDonalds. He was very excited to have his very own superhero toy. And she thought a superhero toy was pretty cool too. She got a 'girl' toy, a mini build-a-bear, she said it was a super bear! She loves to be just like them, and is great at making the best of everything. She was just as excited to have a 'super bear' as she would have been to have a superhero toy like her brothers.

My goodness I am having fun having preschoolers again! I can see that having teenagers may be a bit harder, lol. My almost 13 year old is like a stranger to me already. I need to invest some real time with him this year, reestablishing our relationship before he is grown and gone. I am a little scared of the years to come, I just have to pray a lot for guidance, cuz I have no idea what to do with teenage boys. God help us please!

Spell check? what's that?

Wow, what a terrible blogger I have become:)
Grande Prairie was awesome, so great to visit my family. Hayley and I usually don't get to see each other a lot when I come to Grande Prairie because I am lazy. I always stayed at Mom's with Mom and Ang and Elib, and would spend most of my time there. Hayley would have to drag her kids over to visit me or we would go there for dinner once or twice. cuz I am lazy, we wouldn't get out to do much of anything while I was there. Anyways.. this time I stayed at Hayley's, just me and the toddlers, it was awesome! Just got to hang out with my sis and my niece.
My nephew and my boys and Ang's friend Stacey's boys went to day camp all day with Angela. The 4 out of town boys, (my 2 and Stacey's 2) stayed at Ang's for the week and I drove them all to camp each day. Ang ran those kids hard! They were complaining of sore legs and backs from all the physical activity. Woohoo! It was perfect for them. Thank you Ang!
I was supposed to drop them all off on Sunday and then come home on Monday, but Tuesday was my niece's 5th birthday. There was no way I could leave before that! So Wednesday comes and I get up thinking I may leave at some point.... We still don't know how Stacey's boys are getting home, she had appendicitis the week before and her recovery from surgery is not going all that well either. So I begged my sis to let me stay til Friday so I could bring all the boys home myself. Originally my boys were to come home with Papa. Papa was coming in on Sunday to fly out to work on Tuesday, so it worked perfectly.
I have to say I really enjoyed the drive home with the 3 ten year olds, my 12 year old and my toddlers. Those 4 boys have the most amazing brains! They play this game called Narration, in which they role play and story tell. It is a game that can go on for days, each episode picks up where the last one left off. I heard them telling of the life of a knight in training, man, do I ever learn a lot from my kids!

I keep taking breaks from writing this post to deal with the kids and read some parenting forums. I am continually amazed at how many spelling errors people make and how that colours my opinion of them. Isn't that terrible? I make tons of spelling errors and typos, every day I catch myself hitting send and then realizing I made an error. But a lot of people honestly still spell like 6 year olds, it is incredible. This woman was saying something about the water being shut off, and she wrote, "chut down." shut with a ch. What really gets to me is when I am reading home educating forums and people are using terrible spelling and grammar. My grammar is atrocious, I know. But I just cringe sometimes reading posts that are actually quite difficult to decipher. It is like we think that writing emails or forum posts don't count as real writing so we don't need to write with care. What we forget, me included, is that our writing is a reflection on us. In this cyber world, it is really the only impression most people have of us. Most of the people who read our thoughts and ideas over the internet do not know us in person, so they have no other way of gathering information on who we are. hmmm... maybe I should take a little more care in the way I write. Ahhhh, who am I kidding? That would take too long, I prefer to just hit send when I am done spilling my thoughts. And then cringe later as I read it back to myself.;D
ps: I admit to hitting the spell check button on this post. I misspelled niece. argh. and internet is supposed to have a capitol I, but I refuse to change it. so there. And of course my grammar sucks, but this is blogging, it is supposed to be random, stream of conciousness writing anyway. How am I supposed to do that and use proper grammar? Impossible I tell you. now get off my back...

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Crazy days of summer

Ahhhh.... I am just finishing off the first, 'more than 24 hours in a row at home', of the summer! So nice to be home for a bit, I spent the last day cleaning and doing laundry so we can leave for Grande Prairie today.
We have either been out of town or out for the day almost every day since early July. Lot's of out of town company too, usually only here for a day or 2, but lots of cleaning up for company and visiting. It has been awesome and fun, but I have totally shirked all responsibilities! I meant to spend my summer planning for the coming school year. hmm... I better get on that. I also am responsible for coordinating the 4 year old class at church. I have to call all the teacher's, get their curriculum to them and decorate my classroom. I am almost anxious to hurry back from Grande Prairie so I can get all my stuff done. but not too anxious:) It will be so wonderful to spend some time with my sisters and my mom. I am even considering making a day trip out to Tumbler Ridge to show the kids my home town.
The kids are so psyched that they get to spend the week with one of their fun Aunties, going to her day camp and visiting with their cousins. I am too, it will be nice to only be responsible for 2 kids for a few days.
My poor little cousin was mauled by a cougar this week. What a freak thing to happen, can you imagine? Thank God he is alright, I don't know what the doctors have said about all the bites and scratches, but he doesn't seem to have sustained any damage from the teeth biting into his skull. I can tell you there has been a lot of praying in this family for this little boy. His poor Mom and grandparents, I can't imagine what they are going through. There hasn't been a cougar attack in BC since 1995, and my cousin goes to the lake with his friends family, takes a trip to the bathroom and is mauled! He was saved by a very brave man who kicked the cougar and then choked it til it let go. The family then rushed him to the rcmp detatchment, who got ems. Everyone did exactly the right thing at the right time to save his life. Thank God for looking out for him and for the friend who saved his life.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Toys Recalled

Ugh. I am so frustrated. Why do toys companies with names I trusted keep cheaping out and having their toys manufactured by companies in China that are using lead paints? For the second time in as many months I found out that toys my toddlers play with, toys I decorated their birthday cakes with, were contaminated with lead paint. I put these things on their cakes! They licked off the icing!
It is not like I bought them at the dollar store, and we live in Canada, clean, modern, safety concious Canada. I kinda assume when I pay 20 bucks for one little toy Thomas train that it is safe to play with. I have always been a little overly safety and germ concious. I have been working to let go a bit actually. but seriously! When my little girl licked yummy icing off her little Dora figurine I thought that maybe she would get a little sugar high, not put herself at risk for a lowered IQ and behavioural issues. arghhhhhhhhhh.....
I am seriously pissed. Why the heck are there manufacturers out there still making and/or using lead paint? We have known about the dangers for years and years and years. Why are we still putting our children at risk?
I feel like ranting and ranting, but I am too tired out from being out in the sun with the kids all week, so I will go rant in my head now:)
for information on the Fisher Price Recall or the Thomas the Tank Engine Recall, click on the highlighted words.