Sunday, August 05, 2007

Crazy days of summer

Ahhhh.... I am just finishing off the first, 'more than 24 hours in a row at home', of the summer! So nice to be home for a bit, I spent the last day cleaning and doing laundry so we can leave for Grande Prairie today.
We have either been out of town or out for the day almost every day since early July. Lot's of out of town company too, usually only here for a day or 2, but lots of cleaning up for company and visiting. It has been awesome and fun, but I have totally shirked all responsibilities! I meant to spend my summer planning for the coming school year. hmm... I better get on that. I also am responsible for coordinating the 4 year old class at church. I have to call all the teacher's, get their curriculum to them and decorate my classroom. I am almost anxious to hurry back from Grande Prairie so I can get all my stuff done. but not too anxious:) It will be so wonderful to spend some time with my sisters and my mom. I am even considering making a day trip out to Tumbler Ridge to show the kids my home town.
The kids are so psyched that they get to spend the week with one of their fun Aunties, going to her day camp and visiting with their cousins. I am too, it will be nice to only be responsible for 2 kids for a few days.
My poor little cousin was mauled by a cougar this week. What a freak thing to happen, can you imagine? Thank God he is alright, I don't know what the doctors have said about all the bites and scratches, but he doesn't seem to have sustained any damage from the teeth biting into his skull. I can tell you there has been a lot of praying in this family for this little boy. His poor Mom and grandparents, I can't imagine what they are going through. There hasn't been a cougar attack in BC since 1995, and my cousin goes to the lake with his friends family, takes a trip to the bathroom and is mauled! He was saved by a very brave man who kicked the cougar and then choked it til it let go. The family then rushed him to the rcmp detatchment, who got ems. Everyone did exactly the right thing at the right time to save his life. Thank God for looking out for him and for the friend who saved his life.

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  1. Hey! I can finally 'see' your blog - it's been months since I've been able to read it - woohoo!! :) Sounds like you're keeping busy! Talk to you soon!