Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Well I had another parking adventure yesterday. I told the story to my dh last night while my Mom was here and my mom said, "Does this story have an end?" So I won't torture you with it here.
Mom is on her way to Europe right now with a friend. I wish she had waited a few months so I could have gone with her, I am aching to travel. Mom and her boyfriend came in last night and spent a few hours here before they left for the airport at 4 am. She, once again, told me about her will and the codicil she wrote recently. Now that I am a full fledged grown-up I am the executor of her estate. One of the suckier parts of being a grown-up in my opinion, talking with my parents about their eventual deaths. ugh. My parents are young and vibrant-my mom is beautiful and vivacious, really hard to think that one day she won't be with me anymore. Hopefully she will cuddle her great-great grandbabies first like her Grandmother.
My cousin and her adorable little boy left yesterday, we had a nice visit-spent our morning coffee together and a few hours in the evening. The rest of the time she was with a friend who just had a baby and shopping while in the big city. It was perfect.
Now my sis and her daughter are here for the week and we are planning all of our adventures. I also want to go to the hardware store and get the stone wallpaper to build my son's castle in his room. He is into all things medeival, and I think he will flip out when he sees it!
I also need to plan out the year for my ss class, call all the teachers and get them scheduled, and plan out my own school year with my boys. Busy week, but should be fun. Gotta go get started, have to hit the bank first thing this morning.

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  1. Hey tell your sister I said hi! I didn't know your mom was going back to Europe, where this time?