Wednesday, August 29, 2007

adventure...or not

Life is full of adventure and opportunity for growth. Unfortunately my adventures are often frustrating and silly.
I bought a stroller off of a friend and I have been trying to pay her for it for a bit now. First the cheque I wrote her bounced because of some miscommunication between my dh, myself, and a mistake on behalf of our gym. So completely embarrassing, ugh. Then I tried to email transfer the funds to her, but her bank doesn't allow for that and she was on her way out of town for 2 weeks and I missed her email telling me that it didn't work. So she gave me her account number to deposit the money. It is a credit union, and there is only one branch here and it is on the opposite side of the city. But she was under the impression that she could make deposits at certain other banks and credit unions.
I went to one of them near me to make a deposit on Saturday, but I forgot the account number at home and by the time I got back to my place, the bank was closed. I meant to get there on Monday, I had to go get my sister across town and by the time I got back the banks were closed again. So yesterday I had a few hours in the afternoon and went to make the deposit. I go to the teller and she tells me that she can't take deposits for that bank, I could only do it through the instant teller. Of course it is not my account so I can't do that. I try the other bank my gf said would take deposits, it is just across the parking lot. Nope, they can't either. I ask for the phone book so I can find the actual credit union she uses.
I don't recognize the addy but I have google maps on my Treo. I punch in the addy and see where it is. I have never driven in that part of the city and have no idea how to get there. So I try to punch in the addy I am at, but it won't recognize it. By this time I am driving south, heading in the general direction and my sis is trying to figure out how to get the directions on my treo. Eventually we get them, but by this time I have missed turning onto the freeway. So I turn around and get on it going the right way. We drive and drive, I am totally impressed with myself for figuring out how to get where I need to be. But the traffic is crazy and time is running short-I have to go pick up my kids at the rec centre in the community to the northwest of our city. I am almost at the bank, 20 blocks to go, when the preschoolers need to go potty, NOW! and my gas light comes on! I stop and let them go and get some gas, by the time we are done, my dh calls and tells me I am gonna run into rush hour on the way home and there is no way I will make it back in time to get my big kids if I keep on. So I have to turn around. arghhh....!
So my gf still doesn't have her money. I now know how to get to Millwoods though, and how to use a freeway I have never driven on before.
My gf and I are gonna arrange a playdate when she gets home and I will bring her some cash. I like cash, it is easy and uncomplicated.

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  1. Sounds exactly like my life!