Thursday, August 16, 2007

Super Girl

My baby girl is playing 'super jump!' And she wants me to, "see me?" Meaning to watch her. She is standing on the couch and says, "Ready, set, go!" and hops up and falls onto the ottoman. She thinks this is the best game, and she occasionally stops to give me a big, slobbery kiss. (my fave part) She also called me Kristen Mommy. too funny!

The 'super' part of the super jump comes from her brother getting a super boy toy from McDonalds. He was very excited to have his very own superhero toy. And she thought a superhero toy was pretty cool too. She got a 'girl' toy, a mini build-a-bear, she said it was a super bear! She loves to be just like them, and is great at making the best of everything. She was just as excited to have a 'super bear' as she would have been to have a superhero toy like her brothers.

My goodness I am having fun having preschoolers again! I can see that having teenagers may be a bit harder, lol. My almost 13 year old is like a stranger to me already. I need to invest some real time with him this year, reestablishing our relationship before he is grown and gone. I am a little scared of the years to come, I just have to pray a lot for guidance, cuz I have no idea what to do with teenage boys. God help us please!

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  1. Apparently, I have a "two-nager" -- and, since I'm having another baby soon, my little monkey is really acting up, asserting her independence, etc (like a teenager, I'm told!). She senses the change. So, I feel a little like you -- gotta make sure the relationship stays strong even as it changes.

    You'll be great, though!