Thursday, August 02, 2007

Toys Recalled

Ugh. I am so frustrated. Why do toys companies with names I trusted keep cheaping out and having their toys manufactured by companies in China that are using lead paints? For the second time in as many months I found out that toys my toddlers play with, toys I decorated their birthday cakes with, were contaminated with lead paint. I put these things on their cakes! They licked off the icing!
It is not like I bought them at the dollar store, and we live in Canada, clean, modern, safety concious Canada. I kinda assume when I pay 20 bucks for one little toy Thomas train that it is safe to play with. I have always been a little overly safety and germ concious. I have been working to let go a bit actually. but seriously! When my little girl licked yummy icing off her little Dora figurine I thought that maybe she would get a little sugar high, not put herself at risk for a lowered IQ and behavioural issues. arghhhhhhhhhh.....
I am seriously pissed. Why the heck are there manufacturers out there still making and/or using lead paint? We have known about the dangers for years and years and years. Why are we still putting our children at risk?
I feel like ranting and ranting, but I am too tired out from being out in the sun with the kids all week, so I will go rant in my head now:)
for information on the Fisher Price Recall or the Thomas the Tank Engine Recall, click on the highlighted words.

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