Thursday, August 30, 2007


What a fun day!
Took my niece to the mall for a day of 'going to kindergarten' shopping. My sis and I loaded all 5 kids into the minivan and went to Big Mall for an afternoon of school shopping. Yes, we are a little nutty, but all in all it was a pretty good day. I did not plan on shopping, but the first store we stopped in was Gymboree and they had a 20% off sale as well as Gymbuck earnings.... so I picked up a couple things for my baby girl from the cute Clothes Horse line!
It was interesting shopping with my niece, because if anything was the least bit girly she did not want it. Hearts, no. Sparkle, no. Pink, NO. now she sometimes will wear pink, because at day camp this summer the boys said pink was cool and if you were a boy and you wore pink, it meant you were strong. But even the pink camo pants were a no. Even though she was wearing a pink, camo, snowboarding cap.
My sister and her still managed to find some great outfits, she is gonna be one of the 2 cutest kindergartners ever! (My other niece would be the other one)
We had a bit of difficulty finding her a backpack though. She specifically wanted a one-strapped backpack. Well we found the cutest, small, Adidas, one-strapped backpack in the sports store. It had pink stripes..... but since it was the only one-strapped one they had, it passed the test. Yay! Mission accomplished!
Having homeschooled the last few years, we don't really do a back to school shop. We kinda wait and buy stuff when we need it and often hit the end of September sales. Usually the only shopping we do at this time of the year is for hockey equipment. It was kind of fun to re-enter the back to school hustle and bustle for a day. Really glad I don't have to do that for real, especially for four kids. All of you with kids going to school have my sympathy-it is crazy out there! All these kids dragging their harried parents around, shoving through Abercrombie and Fitch to get the perfect shirt, pushing that girl out of the way before she grabs the last Lululemon hoodie in your daughter's size. Finding the perfect 200 dollar sneakers for your teenage son who goes through 2 or 3 new shoe sizes a semester. Yikes! Thankfully my kids aren't at the age where they care about brands, I have to yell at them to actually put on something clean.
After the mall, we watched the boys at their first day of sparring at taekwondo. Man they had fun hitting and kicking their opponents!
To finish the day, we took my niece to Chuck E Cheese, she had never been. The last time she came to visit, Uncle promised he would bring her to the place where a kid can be a kid next time she came. She remembered! The whole way there the 3 little ones kept chanting, "CHUCK E CHEESE!" They had the best time and my cutie niece kept thanking me and telling everyone how fun it was. "Even more fun than I imagined," she said.
A perfect end to a terrific day. I am adoring having my family here, now sis and I are gonna pig out and watch Blades of Glory. Ahhh..


  1. Your shopping image cracked me up! My kids are too young to care about brands, styles, etc., except that my boy insisted that he have a "Cars" shirt for his first day of Junior Kindergarten. Given that it was $7.98 and kind of cute, he got his wish!

  2. Obviously there is no surprise that I am leaving a comment, because you just saw my screen, but I really enjoyed reading your blog about yesterday. Shopping was a hoot, but only cause you were there...
    Elib and I have had too much fun staying with you and my amazing kids...and Brent of course!
    Thanks for CEC as it was a memory I will always cherish...crappy pizza and noisy brats, my idea of heaven! Well lets go and enjoy our tea party and stop emailing eachother while we are sitting right next to eachother!

  3. Mmmm...pig out! NICE! I had a comment, but I forgot what it was when you mentioned pigging out.... I just think that having a sister is the best when you both have kids. My sister and I have never been closer. :) Your niece sounds adorable -- too bad no sparkles, though...I love sparkle....