Sunday, August 26, 2007

My Oasis

What a blah day. It has been really gray outside for the last couple weeks, with some brief, shining sunny skies. I just want to crawl into my gorgeously appointed bed and snooze and read. Did I mention how gorgeous my bed is? I bought some finishing touches for my bedding last week. A light teal quilt, shams and striped sheets to go with my chocolate and teal duvet cover and all the other accoutrement purchased from the Nate Berkus stuff at L 'n' T's. It looks so awesome and is super comfy with my new featherbed, duvet and memory foam mattress. I can hardly make myself get out of bed anymore and I used to be a morning person. Love, love, love it!
The boys are all playing outside and the girly is taking a nap, perfect time for a little mommy time. My house is even fairly tidy. My cousin and her adorable little guy are visiting for the weekend, but out for the day. My mom and sis and niece all arrive tomorrow, so I will do a big clean tonight, bedding in the morning I guess. So nothing to do but plan school for the year, and be by myself. Yay!
hmm.. Maybe I should grab a vanilla bean latte first. No, I will brew some tea. k, talk at ya later-off to enjoy my oasis.


  1. Yum.

    That vanilla bean latte sounds great... depending on where it comes from. Second Cup makes the best, closly followed by Starbucks.

    If you had tea, and you drink black tea - you should try (if you have not already) the maple vanilla tea from Celestial Seasonings, I believe. It is decaf and awesome.

    I also like the vanilla creme sold at the Second Cup. I need to go buy a box of that... yum!

    No I need to go make a cup of tea.


  2. the second cup lattes are the best!
    Vanilla creme tea sounds yummy, I will have to try that.
    I like to buy tea here at the Tea Place. They have tons of terrific loose teas.
    Enjoyed my tea time, but now it is time to put my book down, close the laptop and go make dinner. I am thinking Cajun chicken fettucine, yummy comfort food:)
    Enjoy your tea.

  3. Mmmm ... Now I totally want a Vanilla Bean latte.
    Did you know that they make a sugar-free version? I'm totally addicted.

  4. I'm a Starbucks, Chai Latte, half sweet, non-fat, 120 degree girl myself ;)