Thursday, August 16, 2007

Spell check? what's that?

Wow, what a terrible blogger I have become:)
Grande Prairie was awesome, so great to visit my family. Hayley and I usually don't get to see each other a lot when I come to Grande Prairie because I am lazy. I always stayed at Mom's with Mom and Ang and Elib, and would spend most of my time there. Hayley would have to drag her kids over to visit me or we would go there for dinner once or twice. cuz I am lazy, we wouldn't get out to do much of anything while I was there. Anyways.. this time I stayed at Hayley's, just me and the toddlers, it was awesome! Just got to hang out with my sis and my niece.
My nephew and my boys and Ang's friend Stacey's boys went to day camp all day with Angela. The 4 out of town boys, (my 2 and Stacey's 2) stayed at Ang's for the week and I drove them all to camp each day. Ang ran those kids hard! They were complaining of sore legs and backs from all the physical activity. Woohoo! It was perfect for them. Thank you Ang!
I was supposed to drop them all off on Sunday and then come home on Monday, but Tuesday was my niece's 5th birthday. There was no way I could leave before that! So Wednesday comes and I get up thinking I may leave at some point.... We still don't know how Stacey's boys are getting home, she had appendicitis the week before and her recovery from surgery is not going all that well either. So I begged my sis to let me stay til Friday so I could bring all the boys home myself. Originally my boys were to come home with Papa. Papa was coming in on Sunday to fly out to work on Tuesday, so it worked perfectly.
I have to say I really enjoyed the drive home with the 3 ten year olds, my 12 year old and my toddlers. Those 4 boys have the most amazing brains! They play this game called Narration, in which they role play and story tell. It is a game that can go on for days, each episode picks up where the last one left off. I heard them telling of the life of a knight in training, man, do I ever learn a lot from my kids!

I keep taking breaks from writing this post to deal with the kids and read some parenting forums. I am continually amazed at how many spelling errors people make and how that colours my opinion of them. Isn't that terrible? I make tons of spelling errors and typos, every day I catch myself hitting send and then realizing I made an error. But a lot of people honestly still spell like 6 year olds, it is incredible. This woman was saying something about the water being shut off, and she wrote, "chut down." shut with a ch. What really gets to me is when I am reading home educating forums and people are using terrible spelling and grammar. My grammar is atrocious, I know. But I just cringe sometimes reading posts that are actually quite difficult to decipher. It is like we think that writing emails or forum posts don't count as real writing so we don't need to write with care. What we forget, me included, is that our writing is a reflection on us. In this cyber world, it is really the only impression most people have of us. Most of the people who read our thoughts and ideas over the internet do not know us in person, so they have no other way of gathering information on who we are. hmmm... maybe I should take a little more care in the way I write. Ahhhh, who am I kidding? That would take too long, I prefer to just hit send when I am done spilling my thoughts. And then cringe later as I read it back to myself.;D
ps: I admit to hitting the spell check button on this post. I misspelled niece. argh. and internet is supposed to have a capitol I, but I refuse to change it. so there. And of course my grammar sucks, but this is blogging, it is supposed to be random, stream of conciousness writing anyway. How am I supposed to do that and use proper grammar? Impossible I tell you. now get off my back...

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