Thursday, August 20, 2009

15 years

Today is my 15th wedding anniversary. That sounds so weird to me. It sounds so old and grown up and I still feel like the teenage bride that I once was. Most of the time anyway.
What an adventure marriage has been, and adulthood for that matter. We have been through so many of life's ups and downs together already. Births (we have 6 kids) and deaths (our 3rd child as well as extended family); marriage and divorce (my parents, soon after our marriage, his dad's); sickness (his mom's breast cancer and others) and health; poorer (living on 1 small income, failed business) and richer (thank goodness we don't have to live on dried pasta and beans anymore!); depression (both of us) and joys (innumerable).
I would love to say that through each roller coaster ride, we clung to each other and supported each other without fail. But that would not be entirely true. There have been times when we have turned our backs to each other, times when we have failed each other, times when we have not chosen to love with God's perfect love. We, as individuals, are not perfect and therefore as a couple, are not perfect. But we have persevered and God has protected us. When one of us felt like giving up, the other was there holding tight and refusing to let go. Refusing to let us fail. When one of us wanted to run away(usually me), the other gently closed the door and held the runner in his arms (usually him). When one of us could not take another step in life, when we felt overwhelmed with grief and circumstance, the other carried us on their backs and prayed us through the darkness.
Regardless of our individual failures, we as a couple have held fast, and with God's grace we have come out the other side stronger and better for it.
Marriage has not been an easy road for either of us, and over the last few years we have struggled often. I knew that we could stay together with God's help, but I had no hope of better than that. I had no idea of the redemption God had in store for us. What it would look like when we both saw each other as God sees us, when we loved each other with His love.
We have a marriage redeemed and sanctified in God. Now that is something worth celebrating! I can barely comprehend the difference in our relationship. I am so thankful for our life together and the man I married. He makes me beautiful, he is dead sexy, he protects and cherishes me and his unconditional love is the greatest gift he could and does give. I hope that I have many more years to show him my love, to be his biggest cheerleader, to give him my greatest respect and to watch our family grow up together.
Honey, I love you, I thank God for you every day, I can't wait to see what the next 60 years have in store for us and how we will succeed as a team. You make me weak in the knees every. single. day. I can't wait to see you tonight, tell you of my love and to be held in your arms once more. Forever and ever, amen.

This post is supposed to have some lovely photos of us taken over the years, but I can't find my darn mini usb cord and the card reader on this thing is broke. So maybe later. Or just maybe I don't have to be humiliated by my nineties hair today.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Oh My Aching Uterus

Have I mentioned my rampant hormones? Or maybe it just has to do with my baby turning 1 in less than a month. But I am starting to mourn the end of my baby years. So much so that I almost begged my hubby for a puppy. I am so not a dog person, so he figured that it must be baby cravings causing these mad ravings.
Then, this weekend, the accident. The dread condom accident. You know the kind, the one where you think you are all protected and stuff and it turns out that the birth control was faulty. Like broken faulty. Crap! and then, to make things worse? You ovulate the next day. And then you realize how insane those baby cravings are, because really? Who on earth could possibly think I could raise 6 kids. Not me! And hopefully no one in heaven does either, because, seriously?
Now I would happily raise a passel of kids. In a bigger house. With domestic help. And maybe if they were not all from my womb. Because my womb? She is tired. And the fear of labour has increased with each pregnancy. Because labour? It hurts. A lot. So.
Here is hoping that if God intends for this old girl to do the baby birthing one last time that he also intends to send a windfall my way, in the shape of a huge house complete with housekeeping and meal making.
Crossing my fingers for the negative pg test,
and crossing my legs until the VASectomy,
your overly fertile friend,
Mighty Morphin' Mama

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Mid-year Resolutions

We are trying some new things around here, like budgets. We are so many and we only have one income, my poor hubby can only work so much! So we are trying to reign in our spending so that we can afford the things we want, like new floors, vacations, books...
Our grocery bills have gotten out of control, what with teenagers and preschoolers that eat like teenagers. I think our biggest problem has been running to the store several times a week rather than meal planning and shopping accordingly. So.
Last week on pay day, I made a trip to Costco for meat and other essentials. I made it out of there having only spent $275! Amazing how much less you spend when you avoid the ready made foods and books,and clothes and other extras. Then I made a hundred dollar trip to the Superstore to get produce and a few other things. I assumed that I would have to make at least one more trip for produce this week as my teen eats 10 pieces of fruit a day at least. But I am going to make it until payday without having to go again. (Well I did make a stop into another store for the specific laundry detergent that we use, but we combined it with another errand.)
This week, I only need a few things like toilet paper, flour, and produce and milk, so I will be way under my allotted weekly grocery budget. Yea! (I was about a hundred over budget this week, but we were out of everything. EVERYTHING. All the overage will be snuck into savings before we can spend it.
We made a deal with the kids last night. We will forgo eating out and fast food and take-out and timmy's and VANILLA BEAN LATTES (oh the humanity!) for 12 months. And the money that we had been spending in that area will go into a vacation account. This was particularly timely as we told them that we will not be going to visit our best friends in Vancouver this year as we had planned. And boy are they motivated. My 11 year old was giving dad the gears about wasting time on the computer and using our electricity. Then he harrassed him about buying a case of Coke until Daddy pointed out that the case of pop for $2 was a huge savings over the $2 bottles of Coke he would be tempted to buy at work.
I am so looking forward to our success in this plan, not only will we take a fun vacation, but we should all be healthier and skinier. Plus, I am super motivated to cook wonderful meals. Last night I even made my hubby his favourite, scalloped potatoes. (I know, so not diet food) Something that I have only made once or twice in our whole married life. oops. I even precooked some things and threw them in the freezer to make life easier. I rawk! Domestic Diva-dom, here I come!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Spam prevention post

I can always tell when it has been too long between posts because the spammers take over my comments!

I still have no computer, I can borrow my kids' computer, but I tend not to bother. I have really felt little urge to have anything to do with the internet. I occasionally check facebook or twitter from my phone, but I haven't even read email in weeks. It is difficult to weed out all the spam from the real emails on the little screen of my phone, so I have basically given up.

Today I decided that it was about time I reconnected. I apologise if you have tried to get a hold of me and have been unable. I will try to get through as much as I can today and throughout the week. I miss my internets!

Life is progressing as usual around here. Kids growing like weeds, my teenager is about to hit 6 feet and my baby is walking. My little Girly is a big 4 year old now, and not my baby anymore. My 5 year old Monkey, on the other hand, is still my baby, and that is the way we both like it. The little three still end up in my bed occasionally, so my sleep is not that much better. On the flipside, Baby Zed is regularly sleeping through the night and will go down for a nap now, even if I put him to bed awake. Yea!

In fact he is napping right now and it is glorious! Well it would be if my 11 and 14 year olds weren't fighting with each other and then huffing and puffing at me. I am in desperate need of a break. If only they would go for a nap.

We are back at renovating, my hubby seems to have got bitten by the bug and progress if finally being made. We took out another wall, and are finally in the process of putting back together. Mudding and taping of the drywall is happening. I have a kitchen plan. I am choosing my finishes! I am so excited about my new kitchen and flooring, I can envision it all in my mind - room to store all our groceries; the ability to open the dishwasher and the stove at the same time; my new patio doors opening onto my huge deck; baby not getting slivers on his toes and knees from plywood floors; baby not finding and eating a hacksaw that his Dad forgot to put away after last nights work... Glorious!

So life as usual at Casa de Mighty. Hope it is for you too, can't wait to catch up with you all.

Here we all are, squinting into the sun at my sister's wedding:)

Happy summer all.