Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Why I may continue to be a crappy blogger:

Girly threw a toy across the room and it hit my laptop screen. I yelped and she said, "But I made Zed laugh!"
Like that made it all okay.
sigh. But I could barely muster any anger, just resignation.
So my screen is hooped. No scrapbooking for me. Even logging on is a crapshoot. I think I will be saving my pennies for a repair or a new laptop. Maybe I can convince my hubby I need a new macbook pro...

What an adventure yesterday was. Girly and I baked cookies and bread and while I was kneading the bread, I knocked a whole gallon of canola oil off of the counter and spilled it all over the floor. And wall. And the exersaucer. The grossest mess evah! Then I put another roast in the oven for supper and today's sandwiches. And I forgot to turn off the oven when I made the 2 hour trip to get the boys from daycamp and their dad from work. Oops!
It was a wee bit dry! And somehow, the rice turned out soggy. Oh, well, no one complained. Well no one but me.
Now I am off to run and get them all again. I am not leaving anything cooking today . And praying that the threatening tornadoes hold off. Don't want to run into any of that action!
I still plan on sharing my weekend with you, including Zed's big news. Which all of you who follow me on facebook or twitter already know...
I look forward to catching up on your lives too, I hear there is some baby news out there...

Monday, July 06, 2009


Wow, it is so quiet around here today. All 3 of my big boys are gone for the week. The two eldest boys, 12 and 14, are camp counselors for the week at our church day camp. And my Monkey Boy (5) is attending the camp, so it is just Girly, Baby Zed and I for the whole week.
By the time I had driven the long, muddy detour home from drop-off this morning, I had a whole laundry list of stuff that I could get done this week while I only had 2 kids. Then I got home and reality hit. No big kids around means that not only do I have to do their chores, I have no one to hold the baby while I get stuff done. And no one to run and open the baby-gates for Girly every 5 seconds. And no one else to blame for the disaster zone that is my house. Sigh. I guess I need to modify my list a little.
When we arrived home last night, I realized that I had nothing to send with my boys for their lunches all week. Home educating usually means that I don't have to worry about such things as packing lunches, so when they do have to take a lunch it is a big deal and I like to make it special. So what did I do all night? I baked. Muffins for breakfast and cookies for their lunch, all while cooking a roast so that they have meat for the their 'peanut free' sandwiches.
I love my hubby, he came in as I was putting the cookies in the oven and remarked that I was a 'supermom'. I was all, "Whatevah! These cookies were from frozen cookie dough I had in my oven..."
And he was all, "Whatevah! We just got back from a very busy weekend out of town and you are making a roast for sandwiches, you made yummy, berry muffins for their breakfast and here you are making cookies so that they have a treat. Anyone could see that you are a supermom!"

I really do love him, he didn't even mention that I totally overcooked the first bunch of muffins (I forgot while dealing with a moody tween) AND the cookies (Baby HAD to nurse when they were almost done). And he didn`t complain when I asked him to put on a load of laundry and he went to the store to get bread and cut up the roast when it came out of the oven at 11pm.
Of course I had to disappoint him when later when I told him that if I had some spare cash, I would have bought the kids Subway for lunch and skipped all the cooking. So much for honesty!

I can hardly believe that I been away from you all for so long. I have missed you so!
Check back later this week to see what I was up to this weekend!