Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Why I may continue to be a crappy blogger:

Girly threw a toy across the room and it hit my laptop screen. I yelped and she said, "But I made Zed laugh!"
Like that made it all okay.
sigh. But I could barely muster any anger, just resignation.
So my screen is hooped. No scrapbooking for me. Even logging on is a crapshoot. I think I will be saving my pennies for a repair or a new laptop. Maybe I can convince my hubby I need a new macbook pro...

What an adventure yesterday was. Girly and I baked cookies and bread and while I was kneading the bread, I knocked a whole gallon of canola oil off of the counter and spilled it all over the floor. And wall. And the exersaucer. The grossest mess evah! Then I put another roast in the oven for supper and today's sandwiches. And I forgot to turn off the oven when I made the 2 hour trip to get the boys from daycamp and their dad from work. Oops!
It was a wee bit dry! And somehow, the rice turned out soggy. Oh, well, no one complained. Well no one but me.
Now I am off to run and get them all again. I am not leaving anything cooking today . And praying that the threatening tornadoes hold off. Don't want to run into any of that action!
I still plan on sharing my weekend with you, including Zed's big news. Which all of you who follow me on facebook or twitter already know...
I look forward to catching up on your lives too, I hear there is some baby news out there...


  1. I would have FLIPPED out!!! You are much nicer mommy that I am!!! :)

  2. Oh no!!! That's quite an arm Girly has! Sign that girl up for softball immediately! :)

    Hope today is a little smoother...


  3. Your are back! I missed ya! You need a helmet for your laptop! LOL!

  4. Gage once got mad/frustrated about something, and whacked my laptop. It was on the couch. It fell to the floor, and landed sideways on the charger. Broke the charger.
    Know what we did?
    Went straight to his piggy bank, dumped it all out, and rolled coins. I then took HIS money to Staples & bought a new cord. I brought back the remainder of his money & we returned it to the piggy bank. Seriously---that got his attention more than any time out, any spanking, etc.
    He hasn't touched it since!

    Now, did he have enough to buy me a new laptop? no. He barely had enough for the cord---but he got the point.

  5. Oh I'm sorry about the laptop and the oil spillage. Both are NOT fun. Hope you get a new laptop soon!

  6. Ok- that is not good! Poor you!

  7. Oh man, what a disaster for you! Cleaning that oil would have been the end of me.

    Been missing you. I need to look for you on FB. This way we can keep in touch more.

    xoxoxo Bren

  8. Hey what's the twitter address?
    Mine is ellenstimson

  9. I had a similiar morning today, dumped the kettle of water into the pot drawer, then dropped the PB on the Brita water jug and busted the lid....I am waiting on pins and needles for the 3rd thing....

  10. Oh my goodness! The computer little heart went pitter pat when I saw it. My sister's screen on her laptop just stopped working a couple of weeks ago. My brother in law ordered a new screen and installed it. It wasn't cheap, but cheaper than buying a new one. If that ever happens to me, I'm getting one of those 500 dollar lapbooks. It doesn't have the power or memory this one does, but it's way, way lighter and is great for using Word and getting on the internet, which is all I would need it for. Is that what you are talking about when you say Macbook?

    Anyway, glad your house didn't burn down and hope you have a better cooking day today! So when are you starting school? We're starting Monday. :-( It's coming up way too fast!