Friday, August 31, 2007

Tea Parties

One of our favourite traditions when Auntie Ang comes to visit is to dress up and have a tea party. Today we had 7 guests at our little fete. Mac, the suave stranger also known as skeletorus (because of some new skeleton pj's she wears under her new school clothes) also know as my 5 year old niece. Cowboy, my littlest boy, with the suede chaps and vest. Eragon, the courageous dragon rider and his trusty named sword is the alter ego of my 10 year old boy. Pedro del fuego Constantina (he had about 20 names both Spanish and Italian), the man in the Hawaiian shirt and also know as my 12 year old came late to the party. Took awhile to get that shirt buttoned. Princess Petal is my 2 year old princess and was named by her cousin, Mac. She wore a beautiful tutu filled with flower petals and an adorable ponytail on the top of her head. Ronalda, our mysterious eastern beauty with the ever-changing accent looked curiously like my little sister, but hotter somehow with her bright blue headscarf was my final guest. I am, of course, Babushka, aka Auntie Ducky.
We talk in fun accents, drink tea and today we ate some terrific cupcakes! I entertained the crowd with a bit of belly dancing and Ronalda also provided some entertainment. As always we enjoyed a bit of boy storytelling/mystery solving and Eragon showed us how his sword worked. He had many requests to show off his dragon, but apparently he had left it at home.
When she left the table, Princess Petal said,"Bushca, tea fun!"
Yes it was, glad even the 2 year old thought so.
Can't wait til our next tea party, I think I need to get a fancy hat, maybe with fruit on it!

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