Friday, November 10, 2006

Girl time!

I like the idea that I am more than the mother of 4 awesome kids. I am God's creation. He made me for a purpose, part of that purpose of course is to be a mother. I look forward to looking inward and discovering the other parts of me.
I am really enjoying scrapbooking as it is allowing me to be creative, something I have never really thought about myself. Something I have always wanted to be. I want to try other creative outlets as well, hmmm.... painting? sculpture? the possibilities are endless. There is a whole, huge world out there that I have been too afraid to discover. I have always been a perfectionist and therefore afraid to try new things for fear of failing or just looking stupid. That seems stupid, doesn't it?

Oh, I am so excited! I just booked a flight to Vancouver to see one of my best girlfriends! I will so need the break, dh is just about to leave again for two weeks of work, yuck. Shay and I will shop, shop, shop, and of course talk til we are blue in the face, I can't wait. I think we could both use the girly time, with 4 kids a piece and hubby's that work very hard, we need all the breaks we can get.

I should get back to my kids and teaching, I also need to clean up my house! Grandma is coming to watch the kids so that dh and I can get out for a few minutes, alone. I better go fire up my vacuum.

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  1. Good for you, getting creative I mean. We are a creative and smart bunch. Just don't think about it too much. You talk yourself out of way too much. I am the same, but once I sit down with some flowers and other junk, I usually come up with a beautiful finished product.
    I am listening to this relaxation cd and all I can think of when I am listening is, "I can play this, I better get a flute. It can't be that hard, I can read music, a flute doesn't have that many pieces. I can definetly learn to play a flute." So I don't really get to relaxing much , but I am pretty convinced that I should look into how much a flute costs! I also want to learn to blow glass. I think that coloured glass is so beautiful, and I would love to create something that people would want. Maybe another career avenue?