Thursday, March 01, 2007


Well we have been stressing over the site for weeks, sleeping little, working late. A few more bugs to fix in the store and that part will be over, ahhhh. I have been so tense, my back is aching from sitting at my desk so much. So tonight we went to the rec centre, I was supposed to go with a friend to a water fit class, but she wasn't able. So we all went, dh took the kids swimming and I joined them later. So nice, playing with the kids, exercising, especially sitting in the hottub with the jets hitting all those tense back muscles! I feel so much better, finally relaxed. ahhhhh.
I just want to spend some time with my kids tomorrow, enjoying them. Their mother has been so preoccupied, we all need to just be with each other. I have been making myself spend time playing with them each day, as I have been tending to get caught up in my to do lists. Ara has been so clingy, so I know she could use some extra cuddle time! And what is better than cuddling up with your kids?
Dh went with his brother to pick up his first vehicle today, he just got his driver's and bought a truck all in the same week. Dh took a bunch of photos, so I am gonna look for a very guy kit and scrap them for him!
Wow it is late already, back to work!

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