Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Beautiful Spring

What a gorgeous sunny day, almost spring. Luxuriating in the sunshine today, the warmth felt wonderful on my face and my back!
Had a Mommy time out today, dh dropped me off to go shopping without the kids. I strolled through all the stores I usually don't get to stop in, at least not for long. Tried on a dozen pairs of jeans, tons of shoes-ah, almost heavenly.;0) Looked at all kinds of breakables without fear of children breaking them, lol. I didn't buy much, just a few kitchen tools, a Jaime Oliver Italian cookbook, and some t-shirts for the little kids at Mexx. But it was nice anyway.
The only thing wrong was that my dh was supposed to pick me up at 2 after his half hour meeting with the accountant. Well I shopped my heart out til around 4, and then headed to Starbucks to sit and drink a coffee while I waited for him to get there-he said he was on his way. He arrived at almost 6. After 2 coffees, one being an Americano (with an espresso shot!) and reading half a big cookbook. I had quite the caffeine buzz by then, lol. And my kids were really missing me by then, and really hungry. He and the accountants were having some major issues with out computer, specifically with Vista, but they got it figured out eventually, lol.
So Daddy took us to Chuck E Cheese, lol. The kids had a blast, we ate terrible pizza and lots of fruit n veg, baby girl made some new friends-it was fun.
Great day on the site, and I missed it all. We got the store up and running yesterday! And today we hired a new designer! Dawn of Dawn's Digital Designs! So excited to have her on board, and her sister Karon is our newest Moderator! Welcome girls!
So come drop on by the site,!
And check out our brand new store, featuring our wonderful Canadian Designers!

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  1. Lucky you a shopping day to yourself! I want one too! heehee