Monday, July 28, 2008

Weekend Update

It was a lovely weekend. The weather was sweltering, but punctuated by a couple of good thunderstorms. We continued working in our house, making some headway in our horrid basement. Brent even got some underbed boxes made for under the big boy's bunk bed. Big huge ones. I am going to pick up some handles at ikea tomorrow for them.

My mom thoroughly enjoyed her volunteering at the IndyCar race, she got to interview people about their race experience. My mom is extremely personable and lovely, people are attracted to her like a moth to a flame and she can make anyone she speaks to feel like a million bucks. Both days she was there, she got invited up to the luxury boxes by people to come and watch the races. She said it was a pretty awesome experience, even for someone who is not into car racing.

Before she left, my Mom took Girly on a little shopping trip for her birthday. Nana asked Girly if Mommy could come along. Nope, no way, this was her time with her Nana! My Girly felt like the most special Girl in the whole world. Nana took her for ice cream and then let her pick out some things for herself at the store. When they got back, Girly couldn't wait to show me her haul. A couple outfits, a fairy book and a stuffed hippo. She was beaming from ear to ear, lucky girl.

My Ultrasound on Friday was fine, she didn't actually let me see much of the baby or say much at all, which I find disconcerting. I hate that the docs keep sending me to different ultrasound places, there is one place I adore and the rest are blah. Oh well, I will soon hold this babe in my arms, right?
Here is my teensy boy, who is already around 5 lbs they estimate.

Oh and I have to share this photo of my friends who came and shared a bbq with us on Friday. I got to see another side of my girlfriend's hubby, it was fun! We were so thankful for their company and are continually thankful for their friendship. They also have 1 daughter and 4 boys, share our faith and home educate. It is amazing to have people to share this journey with.


  1. What a lovely, clear ultrasound picture. I had an (awful) non-chatty ultrasound tech once. I was certain there was something wrong with the baby, she was such a stone-faced grump.

    The story about your little girl with Nana made my heart melt. It's so sweet that she appreciates something as simple as time with a grandparent.

  2. Oh, what a sweet nose your baby boy has!

  3. Everything looked good though? He will be here before you know it!!

  4. yay for super nana!
    I bet your girlie had fun!

    Glad to hear you're making headway on the house.

    Can't wait till you can hold him safely in your arms! One month to go Woot Woot!

  5. My boobies ache looking at that handsome little boy of yours...what a great profile!

    thanks for sharing!

  6. What a sweet little nose! Does the baby look like you or your husband? (: I have a friend who is due in a couple of weeks! Babies are such a joy!

  7. He definitely has my nose;) And that gorgeous head shape is just like all my boys, they have the most beautiful craniums evah!
    In the 3-D ultrasound he definitely looks a bit like my third boy, who is a perfect cross-section of his older brothers - who don't look anything alike.

  8. I remember looking at Caleb after he was born and thinking how much his profile resembled the baby I saw in his ultrasound picture.

    Glad you had a good weekend

  9. I love ultrasound pictures! They make me all hormonal...

    36 days left?!? It's amazing how fast someone ELSE'S pregnancy goes, isn't it?

    Hope you're feeling well.

  10. That's cool about your Mom's experience!

    Look at that sweet baby! You only have a little over a month to go. It's gonna fly by now...

    Like the pic of your friends! ; )

  11. If your mom ever has questions about the Indy 500 down here, be sure to send her my way. I'm an open-wheel racing nut.

  12. I just LOVE ultrasound pics and it's amazing to me how we can pick out little traits like who's nose they have.

    It's so sweet that Girly gets a shopping day with her Nana. Those are memories she'll keep with her forever!