Thursday, July 10, 2008

Back from vacation.

Well we are home and it is taking me some time get back in the swing of things. I think I spent all of Tuesday sleeping!
We had a wonderful time with Shay and her family, as well as our family who visited. The week leading up to our leaving to travel to the lake, I was just dreading it. So many things to think about and do, packing and shopping and cleaning etc. Two days of traveling with small children...
But as soon as we arrived, that all melted away. Even though we still had to cook and clean, we were doing it together and it was all truly relaxing. We had lots of lazy time, just soaking up the sun and enjoying the children's laughter. We ate tons of yummy food, including our weight in potato chips and I still lost 5 pounds (oops). Must be that point in pregnancy I guess. One of my favourite things was lying on my tummy on an inflatable in the water. Haven't laid on that basketball in months!
We all truly enjoyed each other's company, even when we were just laying side by side in the sun, reading. The men had a blast on the boat, pulling the kids along on the tube and wakeboard. It was a great vacation and we are looking forward to doing it again next year. Though I am sure it will be far from relaxing for me then with an 11 month old. yikes!
Lunch on the beach.

Going tubing!

My hottie sister who was also at the lake.

My littles, my niece and Shay's youngest wading.

Shay's and my big boys, their friends and my nephew taking a break from pushing each other off the dock. fun.

Our littles dancing in the crazy lake house.

Our big boys ambushing Dad.

Girly playing in the sand.

Eating s'mores by the fire.

And no, I have no photos of either Shay or I in here. Isn't that the way it alway is? Actually there is one of me and Girly that I will put up on Immortality art, along with a bunch more shots from our holiday. Check it out!
And check out Shay's blog for more on our trip.


  1. Welcome back! It sounds like a wonderful time.... I think the one good thing about being pregnant in the summertime was being able to go to the pool and getting on a raft on my always felt so nice, feeling that pressure release....

    I'm so glad you were able to go!!

  2. Oh that looks like fun! I desperately need a vacation.

  3. Welcome back - looks like everyone had a fantastic time!

  4. Looks like fun!

    And you lost 5 pounds??

    Why didn't I EVER reach that point when I was pregnant.

    YUP!! That point must have skipped me all together--

    Both times. :)

  5. lost weight?!?!?! WHAT?!

    I still havent weighed myself because I'm too afraid lol.
    We are exhasted too and I still have one suitcase to unpack and bedding to wash. It was so great and worth it though. NOW I can't wait till Thanksgiving!

    We miss you guys already!

  6. welcome back, glad you guys had a good time. The pictures look like there was lots-o-fun

  7. I'm glad you're back and that you were able to relax and have so much fun, Triple M! YAY! You needed a break from everyday life, girl. Life with littles is stressful, and add homeschooling in, and I personally know what a struggle it can be! :-) I had a dream about the first day of school last night and all of a sudden my wonderful kids turned into little monsters that wouldn't obey a thing I said! What does that mean?

  8. Looks like FUN! And a beautiful setting.

  9. Wow! It looks like you had an amazing time! You make me want to go on vacation!

    Welcome home!

  10. What fun! And you'll have a great time next year with an eleven month old. Everyone will be enjoying the baby!

  11. It looks like a blast! I'm so glad you got to go!

    And what is it with boys thinking it is so fun to constantly man-handle one another and trying to throw each other into whatever body of water is handy? What is that?!?

  12. Vacations are always better in hindsight. Those pictures are great - I love s'mores and beaches...

  13. Hi, this is Debbie. I don't think we have blogged with eachother yet! It looks like you had a super time at the lake. I love summer vacations! Congratualtions on your pregnancy!

  14. Looks like you guys had a blast. What I wouldn't give to be relaxing in the water right now, what fun!

    Welcome back!

  15. The pictures are cute and I'm glad everyone had a good time.

  16. Looks and sounds like you all have a wonderful vacation. Welcome home. Hope you are feeling well. Kellan

  17. Glad you're back! It all sounds and looks like great fun!

    Thanks for sharing the pics.

  18. Wow, what beautiful scenery where you were! I love the lake views. Sounds (and looks!) like a great time with the family - how wonderful